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A BPO industry global leader’s significant gains after opting for Value Point’s Smart Data backup solutions

A global leader in the BPO industry reaped significant gains after opting for smart data backup solutions provided by Valuepoint


For close to two decades, an established business process outsourcing leader has been providing end-to-end next-generation technological and digital transformation for its clients, across the globe. Its business solutions and services enable users to increase productivity, reduce costs, accelerate innovation and optimise asset utilisation. With around 200 satisfied customers and more than 30 delivery locations across 13 countries, the organisation has nearly 40,000 employees with revenues exceeding US$ 600 million. The BPO has partnered Value Point for data backup solutions that are customised and thereafter deployed them.

Challenges encountered by the BPO

Similar to other ITeS organisations, the BPO’s business operations also depended on retaining data for clients over lengthy time periods as per the latter’s requirement. The BPO was running back-up in silos using tape based systems within each of its offshore dedicated centre (ODC), which had its own limitations. With around 40 customers, the tapes generated were in high volumes with high transportation costs incurring from moving them to and from site to vault. With the mandate to store old data of customers for additional number of years, the BPO was paying a heavy price for doing so in using traditional and dated technology.

In addition to this, customers wanted their data to be segregated for timely access. This brought about the need for a more stable and scalable backup solution. A solution that helped in maintenance and delivery of data integrity with long term retention and recovery capability.

Then again, the BPO’s 9 geographical locations, across continents had to be connected and ensured data was replicated across. Finally, operational complexity and costs on backup over WAN were high and significantly impacting profits margins.

What was achieved with solutions provided by Value Point

At the outset, Value Point suggested to the BPO to move to disk-based backup as data, where segregation of data in the storage was easily accomplished by the organisation. With disk-based backup, data could be easily copied onto a hard drive in the same format unlike in the tape with limited access by any designated employee only. Here, Value Point architected and deployed a multi-locational disk-based backup with central monitoring and management platform.

To address the issue of recovery of data when any of the location goes down, Value Point implemented multi-tier replication for Disaster Recovery (DR) across these multiple geographical sites. Value Point thus co-ordinated global rollout with stakeholders across continents efficiently in an effective manner.
Value Point also made operations easy and simple by creating manuals and policies written for specific requirements of BPO’s customers.

Role-based access was enabled for down the level staff too, enabling them to carry out specific tasks at different ODCs with the disk-based backup solutions.

Benefits and business outcomes

The AMC costs came down significantly by switching to disk-based back-up from the traditional tape backup. Given its benefits, technological advancements and demand for disk-based backup systems, the costs for these will be further brought down in future too. The disk systems were able to store much more on a single device, at one place, thereby accessibility by users became easier.

IT professionals and users vouch that disk backup systems are very much faster than tapes and have the capability of data de-duplication, meaning it will not copy data already stored on the backup appliance, yes, speed is one of the advantages of disk-based systems.

Last but not the least, ease of use is another factor with the disks, which can be replicated offsite at a secure location as compared to tape backup that has to be physically moved from one place to another, open to security threats, in addition to consuming more time and manpower in the process!

Key differentiators of Value Point

Valuepoint’s delivery included a detailed prerequisite and architectural study and thereafter providing a customised design and managing the entire project efficiently.

For ensuring that relevant security solutions were deployed, a thorough study was done on the landscape of users, infrastructure and technologies that were in existence, in addition to the standards the organisation was already following.

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