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Designing and deploying DLP solutions to mitigate security vulnerabilities for a global automobile manufacturer’s R & D Center

Value Point designs and deploys DLP solutions to mitigate security vulnerabilities at the R & D Centre of a global automobile manufacturer


The captive R & D unit of a leading automobile manufacturer has an employee strength of more than 8,000. This global centre in India develops designs for newer models of cars, buses and trucks for the coming years. Value Point supported the organisation in protecting their designs from known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Few challenges encountered by the R & D Centre

The organisation asked Value Point to deploy robust Data Loss Protection (DLP) solutions to protect sensitive data and designs and also provide insight into the use of content within the organisation. This business challenge had to be addressed at the earliest. Another issue to be addressed was the safety and security of data exchange between employees of different business units.

DLP Solutions designed and deployed by Value Point

Value Point participated in the conversation with the automobile client from the evaluation component onwards and the Client shared their requirements on the need for a robust and secure solution to prevent any loss of data. The enterprise had already recognised the need for security to protect their intellectual property, which were the designs and certainly was a top priority for an organisation of that scale and repute!
Value Point approached the problem by conducting an evaluation of the client environment, teams, expanse of infrastructure, vendors and the capabilities of Data Loss Protection (DLP) solutions. It then architected a suitable solution and deployed it at the organisation.
The solution delivered visibility and protection across the enterprise. This entire large-scale deployment of the solution was done in two months’ time frame, followed by a month of stabilization phase as Value Point continued to manage the entire project. The goal of the DLP solution was to protect content and designs throughout its lifecycle.

These DLP solutions passively, but in real-time monitored data that was traversing in the network and physical endpoints, assessed exactly where the data loss occurred blocked sensitive data from being transferred and defined future prevention too. The solutions protected sensitive data in motion, in use and at rest. Sensitive files on laptops and desktops could be tagged, deleted or quarantined as per the requirement.
Accurate integration of all capabilities of DLP solutions were configured by Value Point, which would have been a challenging task otherwise.

Value Point also engaged with data classification teams to define policies to protect critical information. The deployed solutions identified, tracked and reported any security threat, which in turn supported the administrators to setup the most suitable policies to detect and manage different types of content.

Benefits and business outcomes

The enterprise’s concern on liability, negative exposure and eventual revenue losses were addressed with the deployed DLP solutions. Maintaining policy compliance and improving it while saving time and resources were also possible. The automobile client now developed a more competitive edge in both brand value and brand reputation.

Key differentiators of Value Point

Very large-scale implementation of the solutions with all processes put in place, in record time was a significant achievement by Value Point. In addition, Value Point supports in the Ongoing Operations Management.

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