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Monitoring Productivity at Work: Transition from “Survive to “Thrive”

The explosion of remote work since the outbreak of COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how businesses are functioning on a daily basis. Even as states begin to reopen, there are many indications that things will not return to the way they were in the next few months. How people conduct work when they return to offices may forever be changed by the work-from-home stint, which spurred the need for more remote tools, better collaboration platforms, and boosting productivity.

Companies are in three areas—survive, alive, and thrive. There have been three phases in that experience. Phase I was survival when all this started: ‘we’re going to do what we’ve got to do to keep customers satisfied,’ with the initial enthusiasm as commutes disintegrated and productivity soared and people working 3-4 more hours per day, on average. Phase II is where we realized that the initial harmonious period is over. Now people are starting to move into Phase III, where people are planning for the stay-alive portion when the opening starts. While that remains elusive, enthusiasm around greater visibility and measurement is growing. The reason? Recognition.

In a scenario where users are currently working from home, trust is a vital aspect of employee effectiveness. Productivity, in a remote work culture, is a primary concern for not just managers – but also for employees. Visibility is the key factor in delivering and measuring productivity. A majority of employees are open to their employers having greater insight into their daily productivity. Productivity and visibility are directly linked.


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The crisis around coronavirus has also prompted many enterprises to rethink what they use to get their work done. It is imperative for businesses to choose the right applications and software that will help them increase productivity. Additionally, these tools can help employees stay connected no matter the place or the time they log in to work. For the remote workforce, greater visibility might be the most important tool for the manager, team – and the organisation.

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It’s more important than ever to provide the tools, training and resources to ensure employees perform, stay connected and continue to thrive.

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