Ashok Prabhu

Chief Executive - Sales

A zeal for diving into untested waters and a zest for effortlessly enhancing his skills, Ashok is an indispensable asset to Value Point. Exceptional at delivering extraordinary results, he has donned many hats in his career spanning over thirty years. With a background in B.E Electronics & Communications from Malnad College of Engineering, he joined Kinfotech as a Sales Executive in 1990 and steadily rose to the esteemed role of Senior Vice president. A flair for foraying into the unknown, he began selling IT Hardware and Software. Here he discovered his remarkable acumen for product sales and his prowess to effectively explain software functionality to customers. Never one to back away from challenges, he cleared CISSP, the esteemed certification for security professionals.

In 2012, Ashok joined Value Point and in collaboration with Shanbhag and Sampath Kumar, launched Value Point Techsol, the Cyber Security focused Organization. His honesty, integrity, reliability and his endeavour to always protect clients’ interests earned him a special place in the hearts of innumerable clients. Successfully forging lasting partnerships has led to numerous awards from OEM partners and clients. From “Most Promising Partner Award” in 2013 to “Best Regional Partner of the Year” in 2014, “Channel Partner of the Year” and “India Partner of the Year” in 2015 to “The Best Cyber Security Company of the Year in 2018”, “Security Partner of the Year FY20 & SAARC, Partner Confluence 2021”, “Best corporate partner India 2020 “and “Partner of the year India 2020“, these prestigious accolades validate his superiority in the industry.

His vision of building up a seamlessly running Security Operations Centre (SOC) was realized in 2019. Under his efficient and visionary leadership, the Cyber Security portfolio continues to exponentially flourish, and as a direct result, Value Point has secured its place among the leading Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) besides Risk Management and Technology Solutions. During the year of the Covid-19 Pandemic 2020 – 2021, he doubled the revenue of Cyber Security receiving praiseworthy recognition from five leading OEM partners. This herculean feat that he accomplished is outstanding by any standards.

A multifaceted individual, Ashok sings Kannada and Hindi film songs as well as devotional songs on Karaoke, and is a gifted tabla player. He is an ardent fan of Late Bhimsen Joshi, a legendary Indian vocalist, and is a Marathi Abhang enthusiast.