RS Shanbhag

Founder & CEO

Taking the road less travelled as a “first-generation” entrepreneur who rose from humble beginnings, founding Value Point Systems in 1991, he realised the company’s vision of becoming a leading and empowering Digital Transformation Catalyst. His resonating passion for creativity and innovation established Value Point as a leading IT infrastructure services company. Three decades later, overcoming three recessions and insurmountable hurdles, he meticulously built his futuristic vision, directing the company’s linear growth in an upward trajectory. His persistence for innovative strategies saw the emergence of the Value Point group as a globally recognized company, a dominant leader in everything digital.

His dream of empowering Rural India began with a meagre sum of Rs10,000. He realized his dream by ensuring 90 percent of company employees hailed from rural backgrounds with an 85 percent women workforce. This endeavour reaped its benefits as employee attrition was close to zero, and continues to this day. His ability to inspire and his integrity led to an effective team of entrepreneurs and leaders who have excelled on all counts. His superior adaptability as a global leader continues to create wealth for his stakeholders.

His aspiration to make a difference in peoples’ lives leads him to be actively involved in several CSR, Social and Cultural Services. As the Managing Trustee of ‘Value Point Trust’, he is engaged in providing education and healthcare for economically challenged children. He is also a trustee of Kalashree Sur Sangeet Pratishthan, Udupi, an active volunteer of Saatvika Cultural Foundation, the Executive Committee Member of AIT (Association for IT Dealers in Karnataka), Chair and Council member of HP Partner Advisory Boards, APJ among others.

His humble demeanour and determination to adapt to constantly changing technologies has inspired everyone around him to dream more, learn more and become more by doing more. This has created a global business model with a diverse portfolio, enabling Value Point to always stay ahead of the curve.