Sampath Kumar HR

Co-Founder & COO

Friends represent the family you choose; Confidants who share the same core values and principles, the calm in your storm. Shanbhag found in Sampath Kumar, a co-founder who understood his dream perfectly and supported it, a counterpart with whom he had many shared experiences. Buddies in school and college too, their special bond became the secret ingredient to Value Point’s phenomenal success. Joining Value Point in 1993 after briefly working for an ICIM (International Computers Indian Manufacture) dealer, and equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from Karnataka University, Sampath Kumar brought in complementary and supplementary strengths and skills. As Shanbhag focused on building the company, Sampath Kumar, a sales enthusiast, concentrated on sales. Aligning their goals and aspirations, they consistently endeavoured to realize the long-term vision of the company, becoming a formidable force to reckon with.

Sampath initiated the business development team, striving to create an environment where experimentation was encouraged and failure, an opportunity to think differently. A complete team player, he was actively involved in implementing daily objectives and tackling tough decisions with finesse. Leading by example, he moulded an open-minded team who excelled in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Service operations. Equally passionate about the global expansion of Value Point, he led technology partnerships across industry segments, not just succeeding but scaling Value Point’s growth exponentially. Always channelling his adventurous spirit into further productivity, he was rightfully awarded the ‘Partner Leadership Award’ by ITPV in 2011. He is an active Council member of HP Partners Advisory Boards, APJ among others.  

Thirty years of industry experience has not diminished his thirst to constantly improve and deliver excellence. For him, age is just a number. His dedication, coupled with the desire to learn, keeps him keenly focused on taking Value Point beyond visible boundaries into uncharted territory.