Digital Platform | Social Media Analytics For a Large Media Company

Digital Platform

Social Media Analytics for a large media company to analyze their customers’ Competition Brands, Consumer Sentiments, Digital Spends, Volume Buzz, Share Of Voice, Interaction Rate, PTAT Comparison & Trends.


World-wide leading Media house intended to provide the Social Media Analysis to its customers’ and provide an edge over their competition. Challenge was with managing multiple data sources, unstructured data, semi-structured data, multi-frequency data, repeat treads of data, duplicate data, non-relational data, etc.

  • To better understand the behavior of brands over wide customer base on the social media platforms, it was essential to develop an efficient & scalable solution.
  • Requirement Understanding — understanding of more than 40+ data sources
  • Identify Data relativeness — study of unstructured, semi structured & structured data to define relativeness
  • Proposing Solution – High Level Architecture, data preparation, cleaning, transformation & modeling methodology
  • Defining analytical models, development & Implementation Methodology, Support deliverables, etc Design, Develop, Test, implement & Training
  • Go Live, Post Go-Live Stabilization Support Operations and Maintenance Support
  • Integrated Digital Platform. 360 Degree overview of brand & its competitors.
  • Save productive hours of manual work & ensure error free data
  • Process standardization for unified approach and experience
  • Scalable solution to support the emerging technologies
  • Facilitate paperless working and enable customer decision making with deeper insights into Business.

Java, PH P, Ajax, Talent ETL, MySQL, Tableau, Windows Server