Strengthening Cyber Security measures of a leading Indian public sector bank with Value Point’s Managed Services


A public sector bank with Pan-India presence has 2,600 branches and a total of 21,000 endpoints. The overall business transaction of the bank is in excess of Rs.3 lakh crores. It partnered Value Point to strengthen its end-point security measures with the latter’s robust Managed Services.

Challenges faced by the Bank

To counter the increase in incidents of cyber fraud and end-point security threats, the Bank had antivirus deployed across all its branches. The employees at the Bank had to cater to the demands of banking and banking transactions, which was their core business activity and giving time to regularly update antivirus software took a back seat. Most of them were non-IT users and not equipped to understand cyber-security risks. With less exposure in this domain of end-point security by the employees, regularly updating the antivirus remained a challenge and only 65% of it was managed to be achieved by the Bank. This situation gave rise to more cyber security issues where endpoint security management was a challenge.

Managed Services solutions (end-point security) provided by Value Point

As soon as Value Point was on board, it assessed the existing security posture and provided recommendations for improvisation on specific technology controls. Post assessment, the expert team at Value Point designed and deployed relevant process changes and technical configurations in the AV Solution. It formed a task force to address the critical processes and monitored progress continually till the operations stabilised and the AV Signature levels across the enterprise was at acceptable limits.

Value Point delivered endpoint security as part of its managed services mandate and ensured this was done by taking into consideration the prioritization of the usage of machines during business hours for transactions. It ensured adherence to the defined SLA compliance and pro-active incident response. It provided multi-dimensional robust endpoint protection with advanced security solutions against malware attacks and other unknown security threats.

Value Point ensured the platform remained highly available as it moved away from single instance, implementing required number of backups. It also successfully managed the uptime of the platform, and the availability of the endpoints reporting to the console. It further defined Standard Operating Procedures and best practices on Support Management.

The percentage of computers reporting to the console shot up from 65% to 95%, with the enhancement of cyber security measures.

Benefits and business outcomes

Implementation of cyber security measures was used to protect the data from being corrupted, thereby saving time, effort and money to the organisation. They increased the speed of the computer and de-cluttered cached threats. Shared networks across all the branches of the bank were protected.

Key differentiators of Value Point

The time taken for implementation of cyber security measures for the Bank across its branches was only about 6-8 weeks and the percentage of computers reporting to the console went up to 95% from the earlier 65%.