WFH with Windows Virtual desktop in times of covid-19

With the onset of the second wave of Covid-19 ravaging our lives, working from home or remotely has become a part of our lives. While for many IT folks, this is easy and also familiar to them, for most non-IT businesses, this is becoming more difficult any unclear how this process works. Handing our laptops to many staff is not just expensive, but for short duration ‘lockdowns’, this is almost unfeasible. Renting laptops for shorter durations could be one possibility, but there are other issues concerning data security, helpdesk staff to help setup, provide IT assistance and transport these laptops to the users.

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So what’s the solution?

If the responses to any or all of the above points is a resounding ‘Yes,’ we at Value Point have the perfect solution for you – Windows Virtual Desktop – WVD, which is an incredible service offered by Microsoft from their Azure public cloud, which delivers Windows 10 as a service via a browser to any device (iPad, Macbook, older Windows PC or Android Tablet).

This solution helps your users to work from anywhere, use any Windows 10 compatible App and securely store and work from the cloud – all from the comfort of their homes. The best part is that your company data is secure in the cloud, your users can use any device they have with them and no laptops need to be rented or procured for them to use this solution. Use it for 2 weeks, a month, or longer for any number of users, pay per month and if you don’t need the service, discontinue it at any time. The even better part of this service is that the users require no training of any kind since most users are familiar with using Windows 10 and/or Microsoft Office. This is truly a ‘plug-and-play solution for your company.

Starting from as low as Rs. 900 /user/month, you can ensure amazing employee productivity from any device or location. Deploy a user in seconds, rather than days. If you need to add or remove users, do so without incurring capital equipment costs.

It is the only Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that delivers:


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