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Cyber Security Companies in India

Value Point Systems uses cybersecurity, cloud computing, data centres, networks, digital workplaces, and IT-managed services to help businesses accelerate their digital transitions.

In the 21st century, humans need to know the basic know-how of computers, if not in-depth. Moreover, ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, since everything has shifted to the virtual or online mode, computers and information technology, or IT, have grown to become an essential element of one’s knowledge and life.

When using computers, one also needs to know how to protect them from any threat or malice that may occur virtually. The protection of computer systems and networks from disclosure, theft, or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they offer, is known as cybersecurity, computer security, or information technology security. To help users with these security and preventative measures, there has been an exponential increase in the number of cyber security companies in India.

What is the cyber security provided by cyber security companies in India?

Value Point Systems uses cybersecurity techniques to safeguard the interests of businesses, keep their data and operations confidential, help with their digital dealings, and ultimately lead to their growth.
The technique of protecting networks, computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, and data from hostile intrusions is known as cyber security. It is often referred to as computer security or information technology security. The terminology can be broken down into a few basic categories and is used in various applications.

Network security provided by cyber security companies in India

The act of protecting a computer network from intruders, including malicious software that seizes opportunities or targeted attacks, is known as network security.

Application security provided by cyber security companies in India

Application security aims to keep devices and software safe from harm. Data meant to be kept confidential may be accessible otherwise. Effective security starts at the stage of designing equipment long before a program or gadget is put into use.

Information security provided by cyber security companies in India

Data integrity and privacy are safeguarded during storage and transmission through the use of information security.

Operational security provided by cyber security companies in India

Operational security covers the procedures and choices used to manage and safeguard data assets.

Disaster recovery systems provided by cyber security companies in India

How a company reacts to a cyber-security attack or any other situation that results in the loss of operations or data is determined by disaster recovery and business continuity.

End-user education provided by cyber security companies in India

End-user education deals with the most unpredictable cyber security aspect: people.
Cyber security is needed in every computer-based sphere of our life. This is why cyber security companies in India are on the up & rise. They aim to protect your computer system from threats, viruses, or other types of malicious software that might disrupt your virtual experience.

Why are cyber security companies in India needed?

India is at a crossroads, and we need to incorporate cyber security into our national agenda and major projects on the strategic and socio-economic fronts.

For employment generation

The rise in the number of cyber security companies in India will open up job opportunities in this industry. By 2025, there will be over 1.5 million employment openings in the cyber security industry, according to the most recent reports.

For citizens’ safety

India needs a strong cybersecurity strategy that protects citizens, the citizenry, and the economic ecosystem to do. This will assist in defending citizens against cyber threats and increase investor faith in the economy.

To safeguard infrastructure

Cyber security is also essential to ensure that crucial infrastructure systems do not fail under any circumstance.

For business continuity

Cyber security is, thus, the most important element to ensure a business’s continuity and protect its interests.
The aforementioned reasons contribute to why cyber security companies in India are in such high demand.

Types of cyber threats that cyber security companies in India help eliminate

Computers become equally vulnerable to dangers because they can perform many purposes under one roof. Due to the swift succession of remedies provided by experts here, safety against such dangers can be securely maintained by some of the top cyber security companies in India, like Value Point Systems.
You may expose your gadget to several threats without employing a proper safeguard mechanism.


Malware also goes by the names malicious software or malicious code. Software called malware is added to a system to jeopardize data availability, confidentiality, or integrity. It can impact your data, apps, or operating system and is done covertly. One of the biggest external threats to systems today is malware, which cyber security companies in India strive to protect. Malware involves significant effort from most businesses and has the potential to cause extensive harm and disruption.


Ransomware demands that you use online payment methods to pay a ransom to recover access to your system or your data.
It enters computer networks and uses public-key encryption to encrypt files. This encryption key stays on the cybercriminal’s server, unlike other viruses. The secret key will be demanded as ransom by online crooks. Data is being held hostage by cybercriminals who are exploiting encryption as a weapon.

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

DDoS attacks disable an online service by saturating it with traffic from many places and sources. A website’s response time slows down during a DDoS attack, blocking access. Cybercriminals install malware to create massive networks of compromised machines known as Botnets. The DDoS assault may not be the main cybercrime. The attacks frequently serve as a diversion while other frauds and cyber breach attempts are made.

Spam & Phishing

Unwanted, uninvited, or unpleasant emails and texts are considered spam. Phishing, which includes attempts to get sensitive information, is a type of social engineering. Malicious hackers send users an email or text message with an alert about their account information while posing as an official representative. Frequently, the message may request a response by clicking a link to a bogus website or email address, where you might provide sensitive data. The message’s format will often appear legitimate, using official names and logos. Any data placed into the fraudulent link is sent to the online criminal.

Corporate Account Takeover

CATO is a type of business entity theft in which online criminals send a fraudulent wire and ACH transfers while posing as the company. Unauthorized payments are transferred to accounts under the cyber-criminal’s control.
Numerous companies are susceptible to a CATO attack, reiterating the need to employ cyber security companies in India. Institutions with little control over internet banking systems and lax computer security are easy targets. Losses from this type of cybercrime may be substantial. Online thieves use Malware to infect a computer through email, websites, or malware that looks like software.

ATM Cash Out

ATM fraud with a high financial value is known as ATM Cash Out. Cash-outs include multiple ATM withdrawals of significant amounts of money at once from various locations. It might also involve multiple hefty ATM withdrawals.
Typically, small- to medium-sized financial organizations are impacted by Cash Out. The hack entails altering web-based control panels for ATMs. Cybercriminals change the dispensing function control of the ATM to “Unlimited Operations.” The “Unlimited Operations” setting permits withdrawals of amounts greater than the balance in the customer’s account or the ATM’s cash capacity. It’s common practice to withdraw money using stolen ATM or debit card information. Your banking institution may consequently sustain large monetary losses.

How do cyber security companies in India work?

Value Point Systems can help you get started with the greatest cyber security for your organization and then manage and update your network in the most efficient way possible.

Outsourced IT & Managed Services

Through this service, any non-technical corporation can outsource the technical support duties and expenses that would otherwise be handled internally to cyber security companies in India. This service is provided by cybersecurity firms that frequently refer to themselves as MSPs or managed service providers.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is when a business contracts a cybersecurity firm to examine the security of its computer systems to identify which ones are vulnerable to an attack or a hacker. During such a penetration test, the infiltrating entity will attempt to enter the client’s network, ascertain what systems and resources are accessible, and raise their privilege based on the agreed-upon measures.

Systems Auditing

A client may request an audit from a cybersecurity organization to ensure that their security procedures and policies are being implemented securely or following the requirements necessary for their industry.

Outsourced Chief Technological Officer (CTO)

In such an agreement, cyber security companies in India offer the client company only a few services but serve as their technology manager on paper and in talks. Reviewing security guidelines, negotiating software acquisitions, and representing the business in front of other parties during any technology issue are all possible parts of an outsourced CTO service.

What are the ways to protect data, apart from employing cyber security companies in India?

Those passionate about protecting their data against cyber threats can seek help from Value Point Systems, one of the leading cyber security companies in India.
However, on an individual level, users can adhere to the following tips to ensure data privacy:
1. Make a list of all of your private information.
2. Make sure redundant security procedures are in place to protect data.
3. Conduct a risk assessment to ensure that you know every risk that could affect your organization and every consequence resulting from each risk.
4. Make a plan to reduce risks, deal with them, and recover from them all.
More elaborate steps can be followed at both an individual level and that of a firm or organization.

Make a policy for cyber security

It’s crucial to teach people the importance of data security. All firm data should be kept private and secure, whether it’s passwords for social media sites or credit card information.
Cyber security companies in India are the way to go if you are, in the slightest, confused about what policy would work best for your organization.

Purchase antivirus software

Investment in computer security is essential for businesses as part of their cybersecurity strategy and data protection.
Several cyber security companies in India seek to provide users with total internet security, or at the least, antivirus systems.

Maintain Strong Passwords and Use Two-Factor Authentication

Make a secure password for your organization’s data protection so that hackers cannot access important files.

Install firewalls, antivirus programs, and malware protection

High-quality firewalls, antivirus programs, and anti-malware must be installed on all of the devices used by remote workers, including mobile ones. Before a security problem happens, these preventive techniques aid in risk assessment and enable real-time virus scans.

Secure Networks Using VPNs

Apply VPNs. By establishing an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the internet, a commercial virtual private network is a technology that enables you to establish a private connection across a less-private network.

Encrypt your data

Another way businesses and their remote workers can be safe is by using encryption software. Data from the company can be protected by encryption software, preventing illegal equipment access. Businesses should employ end-to-end encryption with caution.

Cyber security is a growing concern in today’s day and age. Users might see pop-up ads on websites they access during their time on the Internet. When clicked, these pop-up ads may lead them to dark places regarding cyber threats.
This is primarily why cyber security companies in India are crucial and where Value Point Systems can help greatly.
Value Point Systems provides professional assistance with reliable anti-viral software, efficient coping mechanisms, and first-response measures to purported dangers. With a complete traffic analysis that can identify external users, malicious attackers, and prospective risks, this can track intrusions and anomalies in your network.

FAQs about cyber security companies in India

What are some challenges faced by cyber security in India?

The 10 most common types of cyber-attacks are:
• Attacks using ransomware
• IoT assaults
• Cloud strikes
• Attacks through phishing
• Attacks against cryptocurrencies and blockchain
• Software weaknesses
• AI and machine learning assaults
• BYOD guidelines
• Insider threats
• Outdated equipment

What issues can one face while trying to secure their system?

The following are some ways in which cyber security can show drawbacks:
• It takes skill to correctly configure a firewall.
• Inadequately built firewalls may prevent users from engaging in specific Internet activities until the firewall is properly configured.
• The system can become even more sluggish as a result.
• The new program needs to be updated often to maintain security.
• It can be too expensive for the typical user.

What are the advantages of cybersecurity?

The benefits of cyber security can be enumerated as follows:
• It will protect your computer system.
• It allows people to work in a laid-back setting.
• It keeps up efficiency as well.
• This results in the mechanization of numerous vocations.
Users should, thus, employ cyber security companies in India to avail themselves of these benefits.

How can Value Point Systems help mitigate these issues?

Value Point Systems has a wealth of experience in assisting large international enterprises in maintaining their security in the face of increasing cyber-attacks. Our Managed Security Services team has extensive domain knowledge with certifications like CISA, CISSP, CISM, and more. Our targeted strategy for enhancing security posture and powerful management tools for cyber security are intended to generate long-term, sustainable business benefits. Along with SOC services, we also offer Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) services to benefit enterprises (Security Operations Center).

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