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Network Security Companies in Bangalore

Value Point Systems is one of the most credible and is an established Network Security partner with consistent performance and the latest advancements, successful among customers since the last three decades. Living in an online world, an important aspect of businesses is the need to focus on security. Cyber security is the protection of computers, network servers, applications, and electronic systems from attacks and malicious targeting.

The Information Technology (IT) security system is crucial for businesses and has several aspects of consideration and can be performed effectively by network security companies in Bangalore since the growing utility and IT providence here has been the best in India. One such category is network security. Network security involves the practice of protecting your computing network from targeted attacks and widely deployed malware that doesn’t allow intruders to hack into your company network. This can be securely maintained by some of the best network security companies in Bangalore like Value Point Systems,  owing to the quick series of solutions offered by professionals here.

Who are Network Security companies in Bangalore?

network security companies in Bangalore

Network security is the set of practices that follow policies to protect from, detect and monitor forbidden access, changes made in the computer network. The process mandates and authorizes access to the database by assigning a unique ID and password to access the information and programs within the network.

We use network security in our day-to-day life in almost every collaborative computer action that requires 2 parties. These include transactions, communications, and other cross-networking, be it private or public access. This is an important component in business organizations, work institutions, and co-working enterprises.

Why Do Businesses in Bangalore Need Network Security?

Certified cloud service companies in Bangalore have seen an increase in demand and competition, bringing the advantage of the best service to the table for businesses. Value Point Systems offer a unique set of much-essential advantages, from implementing and maintaining a well-authorized, constantly monitored, and advanced network security software. Using such services of network security companies in Bangalore offers several benefits like:

  • Protection of business data and private networks against cyber security attacks and data breaches.
  • Helping protect the network and access users have to it with authentication strategies.
  • Preventing unauthorized access, restricting specific services to certain users only.
  • Reducing the recovering time after a network breach or security compensation.
  • Provision of privacy protection for end-users and device data stored by people accessing the network.
  • Ensuring that organizations comply with regulations and laws provided for network services.
  • Offering uninterrupted, continuous business access to all users.
  • Establishing credibility and trust for everyone accessing the network, no matter the reason, and thereby increasing company reputation.

Types Of Threat Protection Popular in Bangalore

Value Point System, one of the best network security companies in Bangalore offers several services that help keep up with newer advancements while providing threat intelligence and protection from several cyber threats. Thanks to the developments and strategic growth in India’s Silicon Valley, cloud service companies in Bangalore do offer a relative advantage for businesses through protection from threats like:


These are malicious software that can be downloaded through any files and programs or can enter your system through links. These are harmful fostered that include worms, viruses, and similar Trojans, some of which might seem helpful in the beginning but cause harm later in the form of data breaches or leaked access.


One type of malware, the software if installed can lock out the network owner by encrypting the computer system files. To give access to data, the attacker usually demands a payment since the unique decryption can only unlock the files safely without losing any essential information.


A type of social engineering fraud, phasing is the act of tricking communication recipients through emails and messages that mirror or resemble authoritative sources in order to gain information that will let attackers access private networks through the sensitive data acquired. These can include credit card credentials or log-in details like passwords and unique IDs.

Spear phishing:

This type of phishing essentially targets businesses and organizations or tends to have specific intentions and targets instead of randomly spamming several networks and users at once. Network security companies in Bangalore help you recognize and prevent both kinds of phishing since they have an impressive workplace that facilitates such attention to detail.

Denial of Service Attacks:

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) threatens multiple networks and systems to disrupt or restrict the traffic of a business server. This is done by spamming the messages and connection requests that will potentially crash the network by preventing legitimate contacts and interactions.


A type of advertising software, aware is the popups and attractive windows that come up on the network server which becomes a potential threat that can harm your device and slow down the traffic. Adware can be the means for installing malicious software like viruses and Spyware.

Server Worms:

These computer Worms replicate themselves, create multiple copies and deploy themselves across the network or through a common internet used. Network security companies in Bangalore help identify these Worms that detect vulnerabilities in the defense or security and infect the servers to thereby access data from the device used, thanks to the focus on customer service for better networking. They also consume a lot of bandwidth and thereby overload the system. Worms can also be used to corrupt files download malware.

Value Point Systems can get you started with the best network security for your business and move from there by managing and updating your network in the most effective way.

While basic home systems and smaller offices can manage with basic security, larger businesses and network dependant organizations demand higher skill, better protection, and constant maintenance with the latest and advanced software usage. This is due to the fact that hacking into such large networks can cost a lot.

Minimizing the susceptibility to threats and spam remains the number one focus of such companies and the security features need to protect companies from active and passive attacks.

How Do Network Security Companies in Bangalore Work?

Value Point System pays attention to the many layers to network security for the whole organization to all parts of the network. Typically, network security companies in Bangalore use three different controls, namely physical technical, and administrative since the competitive environment here brings out the best content and versatile service options.

Physical Network Security

The physical aspect of Value Point System’s network security concentrates on preventing unauthorized access, especially from physical access to components like the wifi routers. Through biometric locks and password protection, companies can control access to secure networks.

This can be done within the organization by making sure that the company disks and hardware are disabled on the server when not in use.

Technical Network Security

This encryption by network security companies in Bangalore like Value Point Systems helps meet demands quickly and is in place to compellingly prevent infiltration and protect data stored on network servers which are used along with the network and between servers to transmit data and information in and out of the network. This includes protecting data from some company employees who can gain access to confidential files and perform malicious activities.

Administrative Network Security

The administrative layer includes Security policies and processes that help restrict user behavior and control the access to information they have in the network. The level of authentication they have depends on the role they play in the organization.

How Do Network Security Companies in Bangalore Protect Your Data?

Value Point Systems is one of the certified Network security companies in Bangalore, that uses a combination of techniques by implementing different types of security controls. Among several reasons, cloud service companies in Bangalore have the upper hand due to the benefits of scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure. Some important methods used include:

3- Factor Authentication Techniques

The most common method we use to authenticate networks is by assigning an ID and password

to each user who needs access to your company network.

Value Point Systems like other network service companies in Bangalore have readily available solutions and also use a two-step or two-factor authentication, where another detail the user has access to, be it a verification code through a mobile number, a security token, or an ATM card.

For an added layer of protection, a three-factor authentication is used which verifies something owned by the user or suffices as a biographical authentication. Usually, for mobile security, cyber security details use the Fingerprint scanner on phones while in more secure environments, an iris or retinal scanner may be used.

Network Access Control

network security companies in BangaloreNetwork Security companies in Bangalore use a comprehensive method to ensure that potential attackers don’t gain access to your company’s personal data and private, secure files. Owing to the fact that being a certified partner like Value Point Systems here takes a lot of service insight, analytical decision making, and accurate mapping. With the use of comprehensive policies that control the access users have. This system uses control policies that can be set from the most basic level which lets you customize the access and authority different users have to the data in the network.

Another added advantage offered by Value Point Systems is SIEM and log management with close scrutiny of every aspect. While most employees have access to the server, administrators and technicians can have full access to all files, including confidential and personal information.

Virtual Private Networks

By using such Private servers, network security companies in Bangalore, among the upsurge of IT security here, create connections from one site to another with safe encryption that needs authentication on both ends to establish communication. VPNs create Private connections for organizations to protect all aspects of a business network as they can disguise online traffic and protect it from external access. By using a VPN, no unauthorized personnel can decipher the encryption key which is essential for decryption.

Firewall Enforcement

The next step after authentication is firewall enforcement which allows and restricts certain service access based on the necessity of the network user. The firewall is effective to prevent unauthorized use but can’t prevent Trojans and worms.

Implementing Anti-Viral Software

Value Point Systems offers expert service with effective coping strategies and first-response provisions to alleged threats through fool-proof anti-viral software. This can track intrusions and anomalies in your network with a full traffic analysis that can identify external users, malicious attackers, and potential threats.

Preventing such harmful content requires installing anti-viral software and Intrusion Prevention Systems by network security companies in Bangalore since the leading popularity here can be attributed to first-hand modernization in the use of newer applications and software.

Decoy Honeynet

A decoy technique used by some security companies is the usage of Honeypot surveillance tools which ate meant to look like undefended networks which are actually placed in an isolated server with constant monitoring. This lets companies understand the technique used for exploration and analyze how the security measures can be customized.

These intentionally placed decoys are meant to attract and distract attackers who target businesses in order to look at the techniques and methods used by potential targeted. Instead of simply using a honeypot, network security companies in Bangalore tend to utilize a network of a few, named a honeynet.

 These services with a trusted partner like Value Points Systems don’t easily come to all and demands experience, clarity, and effective customer interaction. They also add anti-ATP and anti-DDoS deception practices that function in a similar manner to prevent the risk of DDoS threats.

Email Security

Email gateways are easy ways to threaten the Security of network servers. The threat factor is high since attackers can use emails to facilitate security breaches, leakage of personal information, and phishing campaigns that deceive recipients. These emails are used to install malware and Spyware into the system and thereby exploit and corrupt the vulnerable parts of security encryption.

By using the latest Email security applications, Value Point Systems and similar network security companies in Bangalore aim to block potential attackers and encrypt sent mails to prevent the loss of sensitive data.

Network Segmentation

Value Point Systems offer network device and security migration network micro-segmentation.

To enforce the security policies better in the company network, segmenting the software and dividing network traffic into many classifications creates better control and monitoring to give access rights to users. This helps keep any infiltration contained and remediate suspicious data within segments.

Application Security

Network Security companies in Bangalore help you with the provision of software applications that can cover holes and vulnerabilities in the hardware, software, and processes used to formulate the service network. This software helps protect from attackers and infiltration by encrypting the best safety standards for your application.

Behavior Analytics and Data Loss Prevention

network security companies in BangaloreValue Point Systems helps organizations need to detect abnormal authorization in the network via constant monitoring and analytics that can help remediate problems and threats as and when they occur. This should also use DLP technology that can stop users with access from uploading and leaking critical information to unauthorized sources or to people outside the network.

Network Security companies in Bangalore also use software like Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), ensure mobile device security, web security, and wireless security with effective practices, constant monitoring, and expert experience. Value Point Systems additionally practice decryption and visibility with behavior analytics.

Privacy and security are essential priorities for online functioning or companies. Using the expert service of network security companies in Bangalore like Value Points Systems with over 70 technical certifications helps prevent any infiltration, avoid potential threats and restrict malicious attackers from entering the network, overloading the traffic, and leaking or deleting important data from the server.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Of Network Security Companies In Bangalore

What is the function of network security for businesses in Bangalore?

Network Security is a series of processes that protects data in your network from unauthorized breaches and intrusions. This includes protection from threats via practices like access control, implementing antiviral software, etc.

Is maintaining and monitoring cyber security hard?

The process of establishing cyber security is a hard process especially for companies that demand a lot of authorization and networking. In this case, availing of the help of network security companies in Bangalore, with a reliable and credible reputation like Value Points Sytems, makes the job manageable.

What do network security companies in Bangalore use for protection?

There are many types of software and security tools that can be put in place to scan for malware, threats, and malicious activity, alert the user and prevent these threats from infiltrating the main network or server. These tools also constantly monitor and maintain the security of your company’s network.

How do I determine the right network security for my company?

With a plethora of Cyber security companies in Bangalore to choose from, Value Point Systems offers cybersecurity services according to your business and has the industry insight and reputation. 

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