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Penetration Testing Companies in Bangalore

With the integration of IT and digital infrastructure, the chance of emerging vulnerabilities is quite high. They might even go unmissed and cause application flaws and several servers, network, and mechanism problems.

Value Point Systems is a leading penetration testing company in Bangalore with credible and trustworthy service and an established partnership with companies. We’ve grown our expertise to serve our customers better for over three decades with consistent performance and well-developed technological advancements.

Digitization is an integral part of business development today and plays a vital role in enhancing the performance and growing utility in the IT industrial aspects of any business. Penetration testing companies in Bangalore offer strategic partnerships and a specially curated evaluation plan for maintaining the security of your technology.

Top-Tier Penetration Testing Companies in Bangalore

A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is carried out to evaluate and manage the security of a company’s IT infrastructure and architecture. The process includes scrutinizing the network servers and applications by trying to safely exploit and investigate any vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing companies in Bangalore attempt to point out vulnerabilities and flaws in the systems, services, applications, operating processes, and configuration. Penetration testing also includes detecting risk end-user behaviour and other faulty and suspicious activity in the network pool.

Value Point Systems helps securely maintain the network and assess the vulnerabilities in the system with quick series of solutions and professional opinions. With many years of experience, we offer effective validation and application management for scalable and developing companies.

Why are Penetration Testing Companies in Bangalore Essential?

Penetration testing involves extensive assessments that are commonly attested to validate the defence mechanisms to help with the safety and security of the company system. It helps detect the extent of end-user adherence to security policies and measures.

Usually performed to create a strategic and systematic plan to compromise the network servers, user endpoints, web, and mobile applications, wireless networks and devices accessing them, and such weak links and points of exposure that can stir up trouble or leak access, penetration testing companies in Bangalore generally use manual or automated technologies.

By using such methodologies, Value Point Systems offers a unique set of advantages to incentivize increased demand and competition with better service and quality. We implement, monitor, and maintain authorized and advanced technology to exploit the links in small, particular parts to test any compromised points.

Once a link has been established,  penetration testing companies in Bangalore take up a specific attempt to infiltrate subsequent systems and locate vulnerabilities in other systems and resources. Penetration Testing helps enhance your level of security and bring up deeper access to your digital system and assets.

Value Point Systems brings up important information regarding the vulnerabilities in your network system and helps resolve the problem with a strategic plan to work out the remediation. Penetration testing also helps companies measure how feasible their systems and security would be for the end-user compromise and thereby evaluate the potential threat, fallacy, or any such established consequence.

Ethical hacking

Similar to how A/B testing helps figure out the right pathway from a few choices, penetration testing lets you understand the vulnerabilities from a perspective outside your company and users. Penetration testing companies in Bangalore act as partners in ethical hacking by permissibly corrupting your system server to point out the flaws in your IT infrastructure.

This happens via a controlled and monitored environment that lets the professional penetration testing companies in Bangalore safely interrupt, attack, and identify the vulnerabilities in the servers and network testing.

Penetration Testing Stages Processed in Bangalore

Planning, Exploration, and Reconnaissance

Before beginning the testing to exploit vulnerabilities, penetration testing companies in Bangalore begin by investigating the existing network. Value Point Systems works to define the scope of development and establish the goals to be accomplished by the end of the testing. Planning involves all systems to be infiltrated and the testing method to utilize during the process.

The stage involves looking into the different aspects of your company network and gathering intel on the security and servers to find out how it can be a point of target and pose as vulnerabilities that can potentially affect the server.


Value Point Systems takes a unique approach to penetration testing. With the use of advanced scanning tools, we can understand the target and mode of intrusion and how the server responds to it. Any application, network, server, or end-user device will respond to attack attempts, and this needs to be understood before trying to resolve the vulnerabilities in place.

Penetration Testing companies in Bangalore take up one in 2 routes for scanning. Static analysis when you’re planning to inspect the code for the network and contemplate an estimate for the behaviour. Such tools don’t divide the code into parts but go through it entirely. Dynamic analysis is conducted when the code is inspected while the application is running. This helps get a real-time live view of the performance and the vulnerabilities in action.

Safely Attacking and Infiltrating

The third stage in the process requires gaining access to the network. This can be done by ethically hacking through the security systems by using tools for web application attacks. This included cross-site scripting, SQL injections,  finding backdoors, and using such tools to target and uncover weak links and vulnerabilities in web applications.

The next step is exploiting the vulnerabilities or penetrating through the security layers to escalate the privileges and see if stealing unauthorized data is possible. The possibility to intercept traffic, affect the database and cause damage to the devices accessing the network is all isolated using the infiltration and access gained.

Maintaining Access

Value Point Systems are dedicated to getting your network free of any vulnerabilities and open sources for the prevention of attacks from malware or viruses. Similar to other penetration testing companies in Bangalore, we test to see if the vulnerability can be used to gain and maintain extended access to the company’s data and network.

The objective here is to see if the exploitation can be used for persistent access and deeper infiltration with due time. Through several tools, testers tend to imitate advanced persistent threats that can exist in the servers and web applications for extended periods to maintain access to the server’s most sensitive and undisclosed data.

Analyzing and Reporting

All results and conclusions from the previous steps are coordinated here into a report compilation. This usually consists of specific details of the vulnerabilities accessible to hackers and attackers and those that were susceptible to exploitation.

Then, the data accessible through each vulnerability and the time it takes to infiltrate each layer of security to reach more and more sensitive information is also recorded. The last part recorded is the station of undetected intrusion, as in the time the pen tester remained in the application without being affected by the security systems installed.

Penetration Testing Methods  Popular in Bangalore

External Testing: To gain access to hidden, valuable, and sensitive data that isn’t a part of the public server, testers perform external penetration on the readily available targets- the assets of the company public to all users available online. This includes the entire web application, the official company website, emails sent or received, and Domain Name Servers alike.

Internal Testing: This happens with a preexisting access point since the tester uses an authorized entry into the company’s application. The tester functions as malware software inside the security firewall and can help you find your success against an employee on the inside or against phishing and spear-phishing attacks where the credentials or access details might be leaked or stolen.

Double-Blind Testing: The test is conducted without prior information to the security team of the organization. Without any knowledge of the attack, the testers attempt to patch vulnerabilities in the application and stimulate a malicious access attempt. In real-time, they will have to fight the attack with already existing resources and wouldn’t have enough time to build an extra layer of security to prevent any data breach.

Targeted Testing: A collaborative effort between the security team and one of the penetration Testing companies in Bangalore, targeting Testing works in an appraising manner where both sides keep updating each other about their actions and efforts to attack and defend. This offers real-time ideas from both perspectives on different target methodologies and the extent of success when it comes to the defence. This functions both as a training mechanism and a Testing mechanism to draw out vulnerabilities.

How Do Penetration Testing Companies in Bangalore Carryout Pen Tests?

Value Point Systems helps your company detect vulnerabilities effectively, owing to the multilayer approach and attention to detail with versatile testing options and concentrating on preventing unauthorized access and infiltration.

A pen test usually begins with the 1st stage of surveillance, where the tester gains all possible information to plan and strategize the stimulated attack. Once all needed access points and Intel on vulnerabilities are gathered, finding a way to access and maintain the intrusion in the server is the main focus for the tester.

Usually, penetration testing companies in Bangalore commonly use tools that offer brute-force attacks and SQL injections, along with hardware especially utilized for pen-testing.

These hardware tools can be plugged into the device with access to isolate and gain remote access to the application. Another method is testing using social engineering techniques to find possible vulnerabilities and exploit them. This includes phishing emails, disguised attacks, and other such facilitation to gain access to the server.

The final part covers the tracks of infiltration. It removes any embedded software or hardware left behind so that the security team can’t detect the targeted attack or find the vulnerability or access point, the duration of infiltration, or the data compromised.

Once the whole process is done, the tester compiles a report of all the problems and weak links and where the security needs to be strengthened. The IT personnel from the penetration testing companies in Bangalore or the in-office team can then implement the necessary upgrades, including rate-limiting, robust WAF rules, improved DDoS mitigation, and other validations.

Value Point Systems as a top Penetration Testing Companies in Bangalore

Value Point Systems, one of the most famous and certified penetrative testing companies in Bangalore, uses a unique combination of testing techniques to implement intrusions in different areas and gain control over the application’s security. Owing to the scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure, Value Point Systems uses a lot of service insight and analytical decision-making skills to map out the vulnerabilities, their effects, and how to counter them.

We offer expert service and advanced coping strategies with great experience and effective customer interaction. Value Point Systems also lets you enforce better security policies in your computer network and segment the software and network traffic to help control and monitor the overall access to web applications.

Our cloud security services include:

  • Firewalls
  • Penetration Testing
  • Obfuscation
  • Tokenization
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • 0365 Advanced Threat Protection
  • Cloud Apps Security
  • Cloud-Native SIEM
  • Cloud Access Security Brokers
  • DDoS on Cloud
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Intune Mobile Device Mangement

Unlike other penetration Testing Companies in Bangalore, Value Point Systems additionally practice decryption and behaviour analytics to help organizations reject abnormal authorization. Privacy and security are 2 important aspects of any business, and we have over 70 certifications to enunciate our experience fighting against infiltration and potential threats that can restrict or overload traffic and leak or delete data from the server.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Of Penetration Testing Companies In Bangalore

Are Penetration Testing companies In Demand?

Technological advancements have become vital parts of all industries today. With the increasing demand to ensure security for your company, it is essential that you point out vulnerabilities and also implement effective security strategies to curb their effect. The demand for penetration companies in Bangalore, the IT hub in India, is surely growing and requires quite the skill to infiltrate the network openly or blindly.

How Do I Choose a Penetration Testing Provider?

Choose the right test for your company and counter the ability of the security team. Value Point Systems offers both manual and automated testing along with retest options and liability insurance for companies.

Is it Legal To Do Penetration Testing?

Since penetration testing requires mutual consent and only happens through safe attacks that don’t compromise the safety or data of any network, ethical hacking is Legal and authorized in all countries.

How do You Scope A Pen Test?

Summing all boundaries of engagement gives you a combination of all items to be tested. There might be some things out of scope for an engagement or pen test, which penetration testing companies in Bangalore will be specified.

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