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SOC - Security Operations Center in Bangalore

Technology and automation are increasingly integral parts of a workforce and a driving factor to businesses. Businesses use technology as a powerful form of engagement and allow workplace flexibility. The onset of the pandemic has also caused a steering shift of the business operations to digital mode and helped drive a digital transformation impacting businesses across industries.

The intensity and the large structure of tasks that have to be accomplished while running effective businesses can be tiring and overwhelming, especially in today’s digitally connected society. In the context of successful business management, complying with enhanced data systems has been at the top of every business game plan. Protection of hardware and software data from cyber threats and potential data breaches needs the hour, given the increase in digital threats.

Value Points System is one of the leading IT integration companies, having a remarkable experience of over 3 decades. It has been at the top of its game in outsourcing credible SOC solutions to IT companies.

The impact SOC Security Operations Center in Bangalore holds on your business organization

A Security Operations Center is an integral unit of a business system and functions as a command facility for a team of high IT professionals. It is a functionalized center unit for a business consisting of an encrypted information security team that regularly responds, detects, and analyses cybersecurity threats.

security operations center in Bangalore

There is a global need for expertise in the management of complex IT security infrastructures. The packed hub of IT businesses can make it difficult for CTOs and business owners to oversee side-line IT services and confront any potential problems that may arise.

Value Points System goes a greater mile in alleviating cybersecurity and data security problems in businesses by providing credible solutions and unique advantages that include implementation, authorization, monitoring to a safe status.

Billions of people are negatively affected by cyber-attacks and data breaches every year. Cyber-attacks have been a major setback and have been increasingly damaging to organizations. With growing talents but shrinking talent pools, businesses have compromised their data vulnerability unless it has reached an end-stage. Using a complacent and mature SOC system for your business effectively reduces the threat landscape for businesses.

Value Points System engages as a major contributor in this segment. Having a remarkable experience of over 30 years, it is highly differentiated from other service providers in providing highly flexible and credible solutions for cybersecurity threats.

Services offered by a potential SOC Security Operations Center in Bangalore to your business credibility

From host systems and applications to network and data security devices, the SOC team closely monitors the system data generated throughout the organization. A SOC is specifically designed to assist cybersecurity analysts in constantly checking on the IT security infrastructure and deciding how to effectively respond to threat events.

A SOC team engages in providing vital functions such as

  • To provide security device management and maintenance.
  • To provide risk-based vulnerability management.
  • To provide threat intelligence management.
  • To provide security event monitoring, detection, investigation, and alert triage.
  • To provide security incident response management.

An efficient Security Operations Center revolves around focusing and dwelling on modern SOC components such as –

  • Incident response and potential threat hunting.
  • Detection engineering.
  • Monitoring and detection of cybersecurity threats.
  • Threat intelligence.

Hiring a SOC instead of depending on your traditional hardware in-house staff ensures that you put forward what matters the most.

Effective strategies can be securely implemented by some of the best network security companies in Bangalore, like Value Point Systems, owing to the quick series of solutions offered by professionals here. With these services, you can completely assure that the IT technological infrastructure is in good hands.

Here’s why you should consider hiring the best Security Operations Center in Bangalore for your business

System security and data management prevail as a major loophole in digital businesses of the modern era, especially in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, given the huge IT traffic and the software hub. Despite the rising concerns for system security measures, business organizations tend to adapt to a SOC after facing the brunt of data breaches and security risks.

Hiring a Security Operations Team to your business panel not only lessens the vulnerability involved in maintaining system data but also shifts the entire business spectrum to advancing goals.

Value Points System is one of the trustworthy Gold Certified Microsoft partners for enhancing cybersecurity systems in Bangalore. It can be reliable for bringing out scalable, secure cybersecurity infrastructure to the business.

Tools used in the efficient SOC Security Operations Center in Bangalore technology stack

SOC’s basic foundational tools are established by Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). It is primarily used to correlate rules against dispersed data and detect the potential threats imposed to risk. An Intrusion detection system (IDS) is a pivotal tool used for Security Operation Centers for efficient detection and identification of cyberattacks at the initial stages.

security operations center in Bangalore

Efficient detection of systems for vulnerabilities is an essential component of the Security Operations Center to protect your IT environment.

User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) is an addon on the SIEM platform and uses machine learning, behavior modeling to help security teams for effective detection.

Value Point Systems is a certified cybersecurity partner that uses many strategies to ensure your business gains overall protection. It aims at providing a more advanced and sophisticated technological vigilance in safeguarding data from potential cybersecurity threats and avoiding data breaches in companies.

A highly business accelerated global IT solutions company that is primarily based on digital transformation, here are some services offered:

  • Encryption and Behaviour Data Analytics.
  • IoT Server Security Service.
  • Identity and Vulnerability Management.
  • Visibility and Decryption.
  • Network Access Control.
  • Device Security and Micro-Segmentation.
  • Anti-APT and Anti-DDoS Deception.
  • SIEM and Application Security.
  • Data Loss Prevention.
  • Web Application Firewall.
  • Cloud and Server Security.
  • Backup, storage, and recovery.
  • Monitoring of firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.
  • Patch management and whitelisting.
  • Deep analysis and protection of security log data from various sources.
  • Enforcement of security policies and procedures.

Benefits of hiring Value Point Systems as a Security Operations Center in Bangalore SOC  to your business board.

Value Point Systems provides the major advantage in your business by effectively analyzing cyber intelligence findings and network activity through continuous monitoring and improvement of security incident detection.

The major benefits that drive an efficient SOC include –

  • Establishment of the chain of custody for cybersecurity data used in forensics.
  • Decreasing the gap between the time of threat compromise and the time of threat detection.
  • Analysis for suspicious activity by providing uninterrupted monitoring.
  • Improved incident timing and incident management practices for efficient threat detection.
  • Centralization of hardware and software assets for a much-needed holistic approach.
  • Providing clear transparency and complete control over security operations.
  • Reduction of expenses associated with security incidents.

The key importance of holding a Security Operations Center for your business operations offers a wider perspective such as –

Minimizing costs – Recovering the breached data and the losses incurred can be quite difficult from a business point of view; hiring a SOC for the same task can reduce the burden to a great extent and reduce the costs by a mile.

Protection of consumer trust and privacy – The establishment of digital businesses gives rise to a door of doubts and ambiguities in terms of data protection and data privacy. Creating a trustworthy consumer platform for efficient threat detection is major leverage of using the Security Operations Center.

These are some of the major benefits that are utilized for data protection and prevail as the driving factors for business management.

Using Value Points System for enhancing cybersecurity and as a component of SOC helps in constant monitoring of potential threats by decreasing the gap between attacker’s time to compromise and the time of detection that helps the business organizations to stay at the top of the game in reducing cyber risks and data breaches.

What does a structured Security Operations Center in Bangalore look like?

security operations center soc BangaloreA highly equipped SOC consists of professional data analysts, engineers, and supervisors that ensure the smooth running of digital business operations. They are professionals that are specifically trained and equipped to manage security threats.

They are highly skilled professionals having the versatility of security tools and are complacent to solving cybersecurity problems. A hierarchical approach is used for the management of data security issues and analysis of cybersecurity threats.

There are many levels of hiring a SOC team to your business panel:

  • The first level consists of venturing out data analysts and beginners who are simply acknowledged for their problem identification skills.
  • The second level panel consists of a much broader spectrum of professionals hired to get into the root of the threat and analyze the attacked infrastructure for threat management.
  • The third level consists of high-level expert security analysts for problem-solving and problem detection purposes. It includes forensic investigators, compliance auditors, and cybersecurity analysts.
  • The fourth level or the final level is the last level of the SOC panel hierarchy and consists of top-notch managers solely responsible for micromanaging the data threat and effective issue management in case of any data breach.

Partnering with Value Points System’s SOC services efficiently handles many areas of the cybersecurity network and enhances the system security by a mile.

Once the hiring process is done and the initial evaluation of hiring a Security Operations Center is completed, a reliable SOC comes forward to deploy strategic methods such as

  • Vulnerability Scanning.
  • Email and cloud security.
  • Security Information Event Management platform.
  • Endpoint protection software.
  • Vulnerability intelligence.
  • Threat scanning.
  • Identity Access Management.

Roles included with the Security Operations Center in Bangalore for the effective hiring process.

Being considered as the IT hub, Bangalore is one of the IT-developed metropolitan cities of India. With a rapid pace of constantly growing technology, outsourcing a SOC team to your business panel is important, and Value Point Systems is at the leading edge of it.

The entire SOC panel framework in Value Point Systems is established by professional screening and effective identification methods The various roles that can come under Security Operations Center includes

  • Investigator – As the name suggests, an investigator is responsible for close monitoring and detecting potential cyber threats.
  • Data Manager – Acts as a leader and has responsible for overviewing and double-checking the entire system’s security compartment and enhancing data privacy of the system.
  • Auditor – Has responsibility for maintaining the legislation involved in data management and detection.
  • Analyzer – Has the responsible for compiling and analyzing the data for the effective screening process and data management.

The unglamorous role of SOC Security Operations Center in Bangalore and the challenges faced by the panel

Maintaining an organization’s digital security is indeed a complex and tiring task, given the huge data driving behind it.

Some of the major challenges faced by the SOC team are –

  • Lack of talent but plenty of baseless opportunities- Limited availability of system security and cybersecurity professionals has just increased their existing demand by a mile and made it a lot more challenging to hire.
  • Volume and Complexity – The intensity and the depth of each task management process are huge and require intellectual skills that are to be effectively leveraged.

This also emphasizes the need to equip advanced tools and modern technologies, and automation, and a hub of cybersecurity professionals.

Why choose Value Points System for the hiring of a fully equipped SOC Security Operations Center in Bangalore to your business cap

Data is the driver for any business organization and strategic planning of the businesses. Enhancing and protecting the data has been given the utmost priority, especially in metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, which is primarily considered the IT hub. Currently, leading businesses must have a proactive approach to their data security.

Value Point System, one of the best network security companies in Bangalore, offers several services that help keep up with newer advancements while providing threat intelligence and protection from several cyber threats and prevails as one of the best and leading SOC partners for your business organization.

Value Point Systems, one of the remarkable business solution companies, considers the latest advancements in the industry, analyses all possible threats to provide overall security, and uses the best updates to enhance the business strategies. The practices and the different strategies adopted have been implemented for customer satisfaction for a long time and protect the client’s interests to a great extent. 

This Bangalore IT solutions company works on an outcome-based approach and gives more importance to the process than the result.

If you are a perfect example of a hardworking opportunist and a person driven by constant improvement in business strategies, this article is penned for you. Hiring a team of well-equipped Security Operations Center in Bangalore to your business architecture is now made easy by adopting the Value Points System for your business strategies.

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