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SOC Service Providers in India

A contemporary SOC is more essential than ever due to the growing security vulnerabilities, alert tolerance, and the lack of cyber expertise. In a study of IT and security professionals, 80% indicated their SOC was crucial for 2020. Although the market is changing for the better, there are still obstacles. With the exception of a few firms, creating, hiring, and managing an efficient SOC takes time, money, and complexity. Organisations are increasingly turning towards SOC service providers in India to clear the way.

SOC service providers in India provide all the advantages of a dedicated 24/7 SOC without the exorbitant prices, complications, and hassles associated with setting one up, staffing it, and operating it. Organisations can use a managed SOC service to outsource the personnel, operational procedures, and technological requirements for a SOC, which is run and managed remotely and provided as a cloud-based service.

Value Point Systems leverages cybersecurity, cloud services, data centres, networking, digital workspaces, and IT-managed services to assist businesses in accelerating their technological transitions as part of the solutions it provides pertaining to SOC. Value Point Systems uses cybersecurity approaches to protect companies’ best interests, retain their data and operations with the strictest confidence, assist with virtual negotiations, and ultimately result in their economic expansion.

What do SOC service providers in India do?

A SOC is a consolidated department inside a firm that engages personnel, procedures, and software to detect, identify, analyse, and react to security breaches while continually monitoring and enhancing the business’s security posture.

The role of the security operations centre (SOC) is to continuously observe, stop, identify, look into, and react appropriately to cyberattacks. SOC teams are responsible for keeping an eye on and safeguarding the corporate resources, along with its property rights, customer information, business operations, and brand consistency.

Although the number of members on SOC teams varies depending on the scale of the company and the sector, most share a similar set of duties.

  • Protection and recognition: A SOC monitors the network constantly rather than reacting to risks as they arise. The SOC team is then able to identify harmful actions and stop them before they have a chance to do any harm. The SOC analyst gathers as much data as they can for a more thorough inquiry when they see something suspicious.
  • Investigations: The SOC analyst examines the suspicious behaviour during the process of investigation to ascertain the type of threat and the degree to which it has infiltrated the infrastructure. The security analyst looks at the company’s network and activities from an attacker’s standpoint, searching for important clues and vulnerable spots before they are taken advantage of. By comprehending how attacks develop and respond effectively before they spiral out of control, the analyst may identify and perform triage on the many security issues. For a successful triage, the SOC analyst integrates knowledge of the organisation’s network with the most recent global threat data, which includes insights on offender tools, strategies, and patterns.
  • Responding to the attack: After conducting the assessment, the SOC team then plans a course of action to address the problem. The SOC serves as the first responder as soon as an occurrence is confirmed, taking steps including isolating endpoints, stopping malicious activities, prohibiting them from starting, deleting data, and more.

The SOC strives to improve the mechanical properties and retrieve any destroyed or exposed data following an event. In the event of ransomware attacks, this can entail installing workable backups to get around the ransomware, erasing and resetting endpoints, or restructuring systems. If successful, this process will put the network back in the condition it was in before the event.

SOC service providers in India are essential to a firm’s capacity to preserve operations, continue to be lucrative, and accomplish and keep compliance with pertinent legislation in light of the increased threat of cyberattacks. However, establishing an internal SOC and reaching a high degree of security maturity can be costly and time-consuming. Due to this, many businesses are thinking about utilising SOC service providers in India and other outsourced protection services.

Value Point Systems can help you get started with the greatest SOC services for your organisation and then manage and update your network in the most efficient way possible.

Why are SOC service providers in India important?

A firm transfers its responsibilities pertaining to safety and privacy to a group of security professionals when it uses SOC service providers in India. A firm can benefit from these kinds of managed SOC services in a variety of ways, including:

  • Better Security Staffing: Due to the continuous cybersecurity skills gap, it is difficult for many firms to recruit and keep qualified security staff. By collaborating with a managed SOC provider, a company can strengthen and fill in the holes in its current security team.
  • Reduced Total Expense of Possession: It can be costly to deploy, operate, and manage a full SOC internally. Firms can split the cost of hardware, licensing, and salaries with the other clients of their provider when employing SOC service providers in India. As a result, robust cybersecurity requires less money for both capital expenditures and operational expenses.
  • Ability to access specialised security knowledge: Access to specialised security expertise is occasionally needed by organisations, including crisis investigators, malware experts, and cloud-based security engineers. Such competencies can be hard to find and keep on staff. SOC service providers in India could give their clients access to knowledgeable cybersecurity experts when necessary.
  • Enhanced Security Sophistication: It takes time to develop the organisational knowledge and technical solutions for a sophisticated cybersecurity program. By giving an organisation access to their provider’s current solution bundle and security specialists, partnering with such SOC service providers in India could assist in speeding up this process.

Value Point Systems has a wealth of experience in assisting large international enterprises in maintaining their security in the face of increasing cyber-attacks. With certifications like CISA, CISSP, CISM, and more, VPS’s Managed Security Services team has extensive domain knowledge. Its targeted strategy for enhancing security posture and powerful management tools for cyber security are intended to generate long-term, sustainable business benefits. Along with SOC services, it also offers Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) services to benefit enterprises (Security Operations Center).

What are the challenges faced by SOC service providers in India?

Although a SOC offering has many advantages, outsourcing data security cannot always be an easy task. Companies choosing among SOC service providers in India frequently face the following difficulties:

  • Onboarding Procedure: Before beginning to supply services, managed SOC providers often have to deploy and configure their internal security architecture within their clients’ environments. A firm may be exposed to cyberattacks during the transformation due to the lengthy onboarding procedure.
  • Lack of sophisticated cybersecurity skills: Numerous SOC teams are undersized and lack the capability to recognise threats and take prompt, appropriate action. According to an (ISC)2 Workforce Study, a 145% increase in cybersecurity manpower is required to address the skills gap and enhance enterprise defences globally.
  • Organizational Data Protection: To recognise and address potential threats, SOC service providers in India need a thorough understanding of the network of the enterprise. The company must submit to their service provider a significant amount of sensitive data in order to gain this knowledge. Corporate data protection and risk administration may become more difficult as a result of the requirement to pass over control of a substantial portion of potentially confidential material.
  • Too many notifications: As businesses invest in innovative threat-detection techniques, the number of security alerts keeps rising. Threat weariness may result from the overwhelming volume of threat notifications given the workload security personnel already face. Many of these warnings are also false positives or don’t offer enough context or insight to warrant further investigation. False alarms waste both money and time and can divert teams’ attention from actual situations.
  • Log Delivery Cost: SOC service providers in India frequently use market data and network tapping from their clients’ networks to execute their latest tools and technologies on-site. This indicates that the provider’s systems and network produce and store log files as well as other alert data. A managed SOC provider’s access to complete log data can cost a company money.
  • Expenses: Different independent security tools are used by numerous businesses. As a result, security operations become expensive, complicated, and ineffective since security staff must interpret security warnings and policies across various contexts.

One of the top SOC service providers in India is Value Points System. It has impressive experience spanning more than three decades. It has been at the forefront of India’s networking allies in the fight for IT networking and integration.

How do you choose among the SOC service providers in India?

There are a number of crucial variables to take into account when selecting a SOC-as-a-Service provider. Let’s examine each of them individually.

  • Platform with advanced technology: Your choice of services among the SOC service providers in India must integrate a wide range of crucial tasks onto a unified, cloud-native software system in order to be effective. The threat identification, tracking, analysis, assessment, crisis intervention, and mitigation processes must be sped up and made more effective by the platform. The system should also be capable of quickly identifying the data that is most important to forensic inquiry among the vast amounts of data collected from numerous sources.
  • Robust diagnostics: As many pertinent sources of logs, information, and other telematics as feasible should be ingested by your provider. With more data, the system’s (data science/automated detection engine’s) capacity to recognise legitimately suspicious or fraudulent behaviour for further investigation will be strengthened.
  • Automation and data science: The leading SOC service providers in India, like Value Point Systems, are prepared to use cutting-edge computational methods to computerise and enhance the identification process in order to make significant correlations, lower the number of false positives, and boost credibility in the occurrences that need to be examined.
  • Collaboration skills: While technology is crucial, a tool’s effectiveness depends on a team of talented security experts. The knowledge, skills, expertise, and competence that are an essential component of any security force should also be provided by the SOC partner company you choose.
  • Right-sized price prototype: SOC service providers in India provide a wide range of pricing structures, some of which are more advantageous and flexible than others in terms of value. Take a look at the license fees’ charging schedule. Find out whether there will be any capital expenses related to the services being given and if a pledged contract has a minimum duration (time).

Collaborating with a service supplier may be a wise move to enhance your firm’s security operations department efficiently and cost-effectively. Outsourced SOC services can be a significant component of your firm’s information security program when deployed and maintained properly. Make sure to thoroughly assess SOC service providers in India to ensure that your business receives the ideal services.

FAQs about SOC service providers in India

What is SOC service?

A SOC is a centralised department inside a company that employs personnel, procedures, and software to anticipate, identify, analyse, and react to security breaches while constantly analysing and enhancing the organisation’s overall security.

Why is SOC service important?

A SOC is a crucial component of the data security and safeguarding system that lowers the degree to which information systems are exposed to internal and external hazards. A SOC offers your company personnel and tools that are available round-the-clock to recognise, contain, and respond to potential threats to your company.

How can Value Point Systems be the first choice?

With constant performance and the most recent innovations, Value Point Systems is one of the most reputable and well-known SOC service providers in India and has enjoyed success with clients for the past three decades. Value Point Systems provides a special collection of vital benefits, including the implementation and upkeep of highly advanced, continuously authorised, and monitored network security software.

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