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VAPT services in Bangalore

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) VAPT is a combination of two procedures: vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. The first is a method to find all kinds of errors or weaknesses in the System Under Test (SUT), and the second goes deep and tries to exploit all these weaknesses to cause damage to the SUT.

VAPT services in Bangalore

Value Point Systems is one of the most credible and is an established VAPT service provider with consistent performance and the latest advancements, successful among customers since the last three decades.

Living in an online world, an important aspect of businesses is the need to focus on security. Cyber security protects computers, network servers, applications, and electronic systems from attacks and malicious targeting. The Information Technology (IT) security system is crucial for businesses and has several aspects of consideration and can be performed effectively by VAPT service providing companies in Bangalore since the growing utility and IT providence here has been the best in India. One such category is VAPT services. VAPT services encompass a wide range of security assessment services designed to identify and remediate cybersecurity risks in a company’s IT department. This can be securely maintained by some of the best VAPT companies in Bangalore, like Value Point Systems, owing to the quick solutions offered by professionals.

A penetration test is an in-depth, expert-led activity that aims to identify several possible routes an attacker could use to enter the network. In addition to vulnerabilities, it also identifies potential damage and additional internal compromise that an attacker could make once they have passed the perimeter.

What Is VAPT Service in Bangalore?

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is a security testing method that detects security vulnerabilities in a software program, computer network, server, or system infrastructure. Both tests have different testing purposes and are therefore often misinterpreted as 2 different tests.

A vulnerability assessment is a rapid, automated review of network devices, servers, and systems to identify key vulnerabilities and configuration problems that an attacker could exploit. It is usually carried out within the network on internal devices and, due to its small size, it can be carried out as many times as necessary.

Why Do Businesses in Bangalore Need VAPT Service?

VAPT services provide organizations with a broader application assessment than any test alone. Value Point Systems offer a unique set of much-essential advantages, from implementing and maintaining well-authorized, constantly monitored, and advanced VAPT services.

Using the VAPT method gives the business a more granular view of its applications’ threats and enables it to better protect its systems and data from harmful attacks.

 VAPT services should produce the following results:

  • Executive Report: A summary of the activities carried out, including the problems identified, risk assessments, and actions are taken.
  • Technical Report: A detailed report that explains each identified issue, step-by-step POC for each issue, code and configuration samples to resolve the issue, and reference links for more details.
  • Real-time online dashboard: An online portal that enables your teams to monitor audit progress in real-time, take immediate action on high-risk issues, track bug fixes and completion status, and more.

Types of Popular VAPT services in Bangalore  

Vulnerability brings into many aspects various environmental factors.

VAPT services in Bangalore

Network-based vulnerability assessment tools perform automated, distributed, or event-driven

scans of geographically distributed network services, operating systems, routers/switches, mail servers, web servers, firewalls, and applications, and displays scans and correction information results.

Network vulnerability scanning tools can be divided into the following:

-vulnerability database This element is the brain of the vulnerability scanner. It contains a list of vulnerabilities for various systems and describes how these vulnerabilities should be verified.

 -User Configuration Tool by interacting with this component of the Vulnerability scanner, the user selects the target systems and identifies which Vulnerability checks to run.

– Scanning Engine This item is the scanner arms and legs for the vulnerability. Based on the vulnerability database and user settings, this tool formulates packets and sends them to the target to determine vulnerabilities.

-Current active scan knowledge base This item behaves like the short-term memory of the tool, tracks the current scan, remembers the discovered vulnerabilities, and feeds data to the scan engine.

How Do VAPT services Companies in Bangalore Work?

As the cyber world becomes more vulnerable to attacks and threats, security cannot be compromised at all. Security elements such as integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity must be considered and tested in advance to develop secure applications. The development life cycle of any application should include all the necessary security tests to ensure that there is no data loss, proper operation, compliance with standards, and an assessment of security vulnerabilities.

With today’s security attacks growing exponentially to succeed in this threatening technology landscape, various organizations must consider security testing services that protect the application from potential vulnerabilities. Web applications generally store sensitive business and consumer data to prevent hackers from breaking into your networks, data, or applications and damaging security holes.

Value Point systems are qualified enough to protect your application or software from security breaches or inadvertent intrusions. They will also help you ensure that your application is not a victim of some common security vulnerabilities and will take a closer look at vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Any business with a mobile application, web application, API, software, or another platform that can be managed based on the coverage of the vulnerability classes identified in the 10 main categories includes the following three named areas:

  • Insecure interaction between components
  • Management of Risky Resources
  • Porous Defenses

The Value Point System in Bangalore can help you assess gaps and protect your applications by preventing data.

Future for a Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing VAPT services in Bangalore

It is recommended that you regularly review the security of your network, applications, and other parts of your IT infrastructure, monthly, quarterly, or even annually, depending on your specific needs, to take advantage of the following:

  • Meets all the basic requirements of security regulations and standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.
  • Learn about all new vulnerabilities that arise as a result of adding, changing, or removing components in your IT environment, as well as changing end-user policies.
  • You will receive up-to-date information on any security breaches in your IT environment.

The scope of each audit depends on the company, industry, compliance standards, etc.

Choosing VAPT services in Bangalore is a very difficult task

VAPT services in BangaloreThe value point system in Bangalore could be found in many cyber security firms.  The backbone of today’s IT firms is cyber security because a small fissure in the private IP space could expose the confidential data of the firm & its users to virulent attacks or hacking. This could result in a significant financial, social and personal loss for the company. This effect will also affect the livelihoods of the people associated with the company as employees or users.

Value point systems provide assuring services as well as ensures and satisfy client requirements.

To ensure ongoing security, it is first necessary to measure the website’s health, application, or system protection details. This is where ICSS comes in with its best cyber security company in Bangalore. With our careful VAPT service, we evaluate internal and external security mechanisms.

Need for VAPT services in Bangalore

Cyber-attacks and threats are a real problem on thousands of networks and websites today and are compromised daily. The need for VAPT in Bangalore services are as follows:

Customer Requirements – Today, it is common for customers to request security certifications from their partners or vendors.

 Compliance – Various industry standards and regulations have made Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) a mandatory requirement.

Techniques for authorization

Value Point Systems like other VAPT service companies in Bangalore, have readily available solutions and also use a two-step or two-factor authentication, where another detail the user has access to, be it a verification code through a mobile number, a security token, or an ATM card.

Value Point Systems helps organizations need to detect abnormal authorization in the network via constant monitoring and analytics that can help remediate problems and threats as and when they occur. This should also use DLP technology to stop users from uploading and leaking critical information to unauthorized sources or people outside the network.

VAPT services in Bangalore also use software like Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), ensuring mobile device security, web security, and wireless security with effective practices, constant monitoring, and expert experience. Value Point Systems additionally practice decryption and visibility with behaviour analytics.

Through fool-proof anti-viral software, value Point Systems offers expert service with effective coping strategies and first-response provisions to alleged threats. This can track intrusions and anomalies in your network with a full traffic analysis to identify external users, malicious attackers, and potential threats.

Preventing such harmful content requires installing anti-viral software and Intrusion Prevention Systems by VAPT services in Bangalore. The leading popularity here can be attributed to first-hand modernization in the use of newer applications and software.

Certifications for VAPT services in Bangalore

VAPT service is highly in demand in various industry sectors. There are a large number of compliance standards that require such audits to be carried out regularly. Some of the known standards are:

 ISO 27002 / ISO 27001

 SOX – SarbansOxley Act

 TRAI – Authority Indian Telecommunications Regulator

 DOT – Department of Telecommunications

 COBIT – Control specification for information technology and related technologies


VAPT services in Bangalore help you provide software applications that can cover holes and vulnerabilities in the hardware, software, and processes used to formulate the service network. This software helps protect from attackers and infiltration by encrypting the best safety standards for your application.

Privacy and security are essential priorities for online functioning or companies. Using the expert service of VAPT services in Bangalore like Value Points Systems helps prevent any infiltration, avoid potential threats and restrict malicious attackers from entering the network, overloading the traffic, and leaking or deleting important data from the server.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Of VAPT services In Bangalore

Why do I need a VAPT service in Bangalore?

 With the adoption of fast-moving technology, rapid development cycles, mobile applications, IoT, and more, networks are more vulnerable today than ever. Additionally, cyberattacks and compromises pose a real threat to most organizations. Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing help you validate your security controls against real threats, identify security risks in your environment, and understand the real impact of these issues. It also helps meet a wide variety of compliance standards and regulatory requirements that require regular VAPT activities to protect the network and applications.

Who will perform this security test in Bangalore?

At the start of an audit, we assign the project to an internal team of security consultants who, in addition to industry-standard security certifications, have relevant platform and technology experience. Our workflow-based system has various approval stages of tracking audits and ensuring internal quality standards are met.

How often should VAPT services in Bangalore be performed?

 VAPT should be performed regularly based on internal change cycles or regulatory and compliance requirements. Some organizations do the activity once a year, and others even do it daily or monthly.

Is it possible to do a single AV or PT?

 Yes, it is possible to perform a vulnerability scan or a penetration test. A vulnerability scan focuses on internal security and ensures that all your systems are patched and configured according to best practice standards. A penetration test focuses on external security and gives you a realistic picture of what a motivated external attacker could do.

Estimated time to perform VAPT services in Bangalore?

 The duration of an audit may vary depending on the size of your network and your applications. As part of our free security auditing demo, we can help you narrow down your needs and determine the approximate timeline for this activity.

What would the total cost of VAPT services in Bangalore be?

 VAPT rates generally depend on the cost estimate that was made to complete the activity. Estimated cost may vary based on the number of devices, number of servers, size of applications, number of locations, etc. As part of our free security audit demo, we can help you narrow down your requirements and determine the approximate cost of performing this activity.

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