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Data Centers in India

Modern data centre buildings in India differ from earlier ones. Physical local servers have given way to digital networks that manage workloads and applications across several clouds and physical infrastructure

Why Do Indian Businesses Need Data Centers?

Servers, routers, switches, firewalls, garage systems, and software delivery controllers make up the Indian data centre. India information centre security is essential since these components manage and keep vital commercial organization information and applications.
In the era of global IT, data centres in India like Value Point System are created to support corporate processes and applications like:

  • Email and file exchange
  • Software for increasing productivity
  • Customer relationship management
  • Database management and enterprise resource planning
  • Communication, communication services, and accumulative services are all examples of services.

These invaluable computing resources are stored in storage systems. These servers offer the computation, memory, local storage, and network connectivity that manage programs.

What do Data Centres Do?

The majority of the time, a data centre in India is proposed to ensure the smooth operation of crucial statistical middle components such as:

  • Network security tools like firewalls and intrusion detection protect the data centre.
  • Application delivery assurance: These solutions preserve application performance by providing stability and availability through intelligent failover and load balancing.

Nearly all businesses had to restart during the COVID-19 epidemic and be ready for a new normal that they weren’t fully prepared for. One of the first on the scene with certified and compliant solutions was Value Point Systems, a Bangalore-based provider of IT services.

India Data Center Infrastructure Standards

The most popular and well-known facts middle arrangement used in India’s infrastructure is ANSI/TIA942. It complies with one of India’s four classes of data facilities that are consistent with redundancy and fault tolerance and fulfil the ANSI / TIA942 certification criteria. Value Point Systems are a natural part of their business. Their daily duty is to keep their commitment to helping you develop excellent people and processes while taking advantage of their expertise with modern technologies. All of their client engagements must include technical training and education, and they are pleased with the work we have accomplished together.

Level 1 Data Center in India:

In India, Data Center companies like Value Point System look for end-to-end professional services that begin with solution design and encompass requirement gathering, IT environment assessment, and Proof-of-Value delivery. The cornerstone of the internet website is the Level 1 Data Center in India. Physical activities are available in Tier 1.

Level 2 Data Center in India:

Tier 2 infrastructure provides redundancy for website pages. It features redundant additives in addition to a single, non-redundant delivery route.

Level 3 Data Center in India:

A lot goes into developing a fantastic digital product or service in Indian Data centres. They have Infrastructure for simultaneously updating website pages. These India data centres offer redundant capability boosters, several impartial distribution ways, and protection from all physical activities. Anything may be changed or deleted without affecting the carrier to the
end user.

Level 4 Data Center in India:

Fault-tolerant website page infrastructure This Indian data centre
offers the greatest fault tolerance and redundancy. Components with redundant
capabilities and several independent distribution lines allow for simultaneous protection and
disasters throughout the plant without generating downtime.
These elements combine to create a potent and distinctive advantage for data centres in India.

Types of India data centers

A modern data centre can empower employees across your organization, keeping your business competitive and advancing you to greater success. Don’t put off updating your data centre in this era of disruptive technology.
The digital office epitomizes cutting-edge computing, enabling groups and boosting a business’s bottom line. Through a variety of engagement models, it offers cost savings and simplicity for your organization’s device, print, and mobility needs. A digital workplace may improve productivity, streamline processes, and keep costs under control for your business.
There are several data centres and service options to choose from. Their classification is decided by whether one or more companies control them, how they fit into the topology of other data centres (if they do), the computing and storage technologies employed, and even their energy efficiency.

In addition to offering the best digital workplace services in India, Value Point System and our data centres also make sure to offer cost savings and ease through several engagement models for your organization’s device, print, and mobility needs. They also guarantee increased productivity for the company.

Enterprise Data Centers in India

Companies create, own, and operate these optimized for their target audience. The majority of their time is spent on the company’s campus.

Data Centers for Managed Services in India

A third party administers these data centres on the company’s behalf (or a
managed service provider). The company leases its infrastructure and equipment rather than buying them.

Colocation Data Centers in India

In co-location data centres, a business leases space in a facility that is off-site and owned by others (“colo”). The organization implements and manages the components, which include servers, storage, and firewalls. At the same time, the infrastructure, comprising buildings, cooling, bandwidth, security, and so forth, is hosted at the co-location Data Center in India.

Data Centers in the cloud

In this kind of off-premises data centre, data and applications are hosted by a cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), IBM Cloud, or another public cloud provider.

What are the Advantages Of Data Centers in india

According to Team Value Point System, rigorous consultation, the use of cutting-edge technical breakthroughs, strategic IT modernization, and revolutionary infrastructure efficiency would help Indian firms to realize their full potential and rethink their conceptions of success and growth. In India, “data centre” refers to all the ancillary pieces required for a data centre to work properly.

Data centres in India provide IT organizations with data backup and recovery, networking, internet hosting, data management, and other services.
As certain data centres in India may be hosted on the cloud, data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) may be used as a cloud service.
A data centre in India may provide the following services:

  • Installation and care of hardware
  • Controlled distribution of power
  • Power supply backups
  • Data backup and preservation were handled through load balancing.
  • Restricted access to the internet
  • Managing emails and messaging
  • Authorization and user authentication were controlled.
  • Antivirus software
  • Delegating management
  • It handled business continuity.
  • Continuous and effective technical support

Value Point System is a dependable change agent that assists customers in redefining their objectives and succeeding at every stage of their journey.
We must continue to be dedicated to helping you build strong processes and teams while frequently taking advantage of our expertise in working with new technologies.

Data centres in India, which are actual buildings where (open) data may be kept and processed, will play a bigger role in the future of the digital economy. People and businesses want timely information as the globe migrates to the Internet more. Data centres operate better when a company is closer to them.

Dispersed data centres offer more secure data storage. New “digital” criteria are straightforward because of India’s dispersed data centres. Data transit speeds are faster in dispersed data centres. dispersed data centres in India decreased geopolitical risks Cut back on transaction costs. An Indian data centre is a physical facility where businesses store critical information and software in its most basic form. The India Data Center’s design is based on a network of computing and storage resources that ease the transfer of shared data and applications.

What are the Data Centers in India up to right now?

Some of the most well-known names in IT modernization, digital transformation, and cloud services are based in India. Global behemoths like Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, Google, Oracle, IBM Cloud, and others are among them, as are domestic leaders like Value Point Systems, which has 30 years of experience in the sector and an excellent record of ongoing client engagements with several more on the way.
The accomplishments of their clients in the Data Center Modernization and Digital Workplace initiatives keep IT integration service providers busy. Businesses are worried about thriving in the post-pandemic new normal and surviving. India’s top data centres concentrate on helping their clients recognize the benefit of maximizing their digital transformation programs. It takes dedication, enhanced awareness of client demands, and a desire to help customers thrive by offering top-notch services before one can become a trusted Datacenter in India.

Value Points System provides IT solutions like storage assessment and data management, as well as database migrations, virtual data centres, orchestration, and IT support. The establishment of disaster recovery policies, actual disaster recovery, backup and replication services, and load balancing are all offered by Value Point System to lessen susceptibility and improve performance.

Using data centres in India and cloud solutions that match infrastructure with strategic objectives enhance operational efficiencies, security, and user experience.

Data Centers in India look for end-to-end professional services that cover requirement collecting, evaluating the IT infrastructure, and delivering Proof-of-Value. Last but not least, our implementation partner offers platform operationalization, stability, and installation services.

Modern companies need to prepare for disaster recovery contingency to maintain operations in the case of an emergency. Being ready means, we cover all of our bases in case of a network, device, storage, or location failure. To lessen susceptibility and improve performance, Value Point System offers the establishment of disaster recovery policies, actual disaster recovery, backup and replication services, and load balancing.


What are the Data Center Modernization And Digital Workplace Certifications in India?

To help customers realize the vision of a hybrid workplace for all types of workers, from general collaboration to specialized knowledge and skilled fieldwork, HPE (One of our partner companies) brings together a broad range of skills and technology. Learn how to provide secure, frictionless, and safe collaboration across physical locations and remote offices, to increase employee productivity and organizational resilience.

What Are The Real Drivers Of Data Centers In India?

Value Points System offers IT solutions such as storage evaluation, data management, database migrations, virtual data centres, orchestration, and IT support. The establishment of disaster recovery policies, actual disaster recovery, backup and replication services, and services that decrease vulnerability and optimize performance with load balancing is provided by Value Point System.

What are the Benefits of Working With Value Point Systems?

Value Point Systems, one of the most potent organizations in India’s cloud transformation market, leans on various unique qualities it has developed over the last 30 years. Several of our customers have rethought their business goals thanks to our role as a proven catalyst throughout their business transformation cycles since they have seen tangible outcomes at every stage of their travels. We have easily and seamlessly integrated into our customers’ businesses to the point where they view Value Point Systems as DNA-level insiders in their operations. For us, fulfilling our promise to assist them in achieving process and people excellence and gaining significant business effectiveness is a daily commitment.

Value Point Systems catalyzes digital transformation, guiding clients through the business transformation to increase customer success and improve revenue, profitability, and company results. Value Point Systems have been incorporated into our customers’ businesses so flawlessly that they are now seen as an organic component of those operations.

Value Point Systems has established several basic beliefs to demonstrate how seriously we take our role in providing customers with IT solutions. Among Our Core Values are:

● Consistency
● One Group
● Integrity & Honesty
● Joy & Happiness
● Integrity

How do I determine the right Data centre in India for my company?

You should constantly look for a good Data centre in India that can install cutting-edge, disruptive technologies, giving your company access to an agile data centre. Solutions for data centres and the cloud that links infrastructure to business objectives also boost productivity, security, and user satisfaction.

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Simple solutions for complex issues

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

A modern solution that is smarter, simpler, smaller – and more efficient than ever before!

Software Defined Storage

A storage architecture that decouples storage software from its hardware, giving you greater flexibility

High Performance Blades

Resource-saving architecture with high performance, density and efficiency and high processing power to serve complex computing needs

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

A technology that is used to host desktop environments on a centralized server on-premises or on cloud

All Flash Storage

all-flash storage servers combine next-generation to deliver predictable high performance

Remote Applications Access

On the remote desktop server, publish or distribute the remote application for end users to access the application remotely

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We design and deploy high availability backup, archiving disaster recovery solutions for our public and private cloud hosting services

Kubernetes & Containers

Kubernetes is an open-source container management platform that unifies a cluster of machines into a single pool of compute resources

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A built-in flexible, and secure solution that delivers the benefits of public cloud, safe behind your firewall, and customized for your business needs


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Our end-to-end professional services begin with an IT environment assessment. We then establish Proof-of-Value through our custom data center solution. Next, we develop the supporting architecture and deployment plans. Lastly, we launch your data center and keep it operational and stable, even when disaster strikes.