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LED Display Board in Bangalore

When one thinks of the most trusted and leading companies in Digital Workplace Solutions, the name instantly comes to mind is Value Point Systems. They have provided various services to their customers for the past 30 years, which means 3 DECADES, which is quite a long time!

Since multiple companies offer their services in the same domain, it becomes necessary to promote themselves using some tactics. A company can inform and educate the customers about their services through brand promotion to influence and persuade them to take their services.

For brand promotion, the supreme solution is the usage of LED Display Boards. They help in promoting a brand in a better way so that it reaches the maximum audience. The bright and radiant lights attract the audience’s attention and also make a long-lasting impact on their minds.

LED Display Boards require low maintenance and are highly durable when compared to Billboards which are also used for the same purposes and are a much older practice used by companies to promote their brands and companies.

This can be achieved through companies that provide LED Display Boards in Bangalore, for example, Value Point Systems, which offers its services in the category of Digital Workplace and transforms a simple place into a smart, flexible, secure, and efficient workplace.

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What are LED Display Boards in Bangalore?

LED Display Boards is a flat-screen used to display information by using light-emitting diodes to display videos. It has become crucial in the field of brand promotion in recent times. Their brightness and eye-catching lights allow them to be displayed in outdoor settings, where they can be visible in daylight and at night time.

The purpose of these LED Display Boards is to provide information to the consumers about their products and the company in a very clear and brief manner. In today’s time, LED Display Boards in Bangalore have become a highly significant and interactive tool for marketing.

Why do businesses need LED Display Boards in Bangalore?

If you are a business owner in Bangalore and you need to advertise your products, or you are looking for a new way to make an impact on the consumers, below are some of the advantages of using LED Display Boards in Bangalore:

  1. BRIGHT DISPLAY- LED advertising is considered the best today because of its attention-grabbing properties. Because of its bright display often consumers are more likely to get attracted and stop by.
  2. UNIQUE CONTENT OPPORTUNITIES- This allows you to display specific content for a specific time, and then you can change it. In this way, throughout the day, you can advertise multiple products by shuffling the content on the LED Display Board.
  3. REMOTE OPERATION- One of the best things about these LED Display Boards in Bangalore is that you can operate them remotely just with a presence of a wi-fi connection.
  4. COMPLETE CONTROL OVER THE MESSAGE DISPLAYED- When you own an LED Display Board, you have complete control over the content displayed on it, compared to the traditional billboards, where you can display your content only through the layout provided by the billboard owner.
  5. LOW MAINTENANCE AND HIGH DURABILITY- They do not require much maintenance and are also highly durable. It is cost-efficient and does not require light fixtures that constantly need maintenance as traditional billboards do.
  6. IMPRESSIVE TO CUSTOMERS- You can add movement, animation, designs, and many more elements to LED Display Boards which you can’t do on traditional billboards. This impresses and attracts more customers.

Value Point Systems offers good quality LED Display Boards in Bangalore. They take care of all the services regarding it, such as installing LED Display Boards and any servicing that it might need later.

Different types of LED Display Boards in Bangalore

There are different LED Display Boards in Bangalore that companies and shop owners use to promote their brand or to display their products to attract customers’ attention.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Displays- Indoor displays comparatively need moderate display brightness, as they are placed in indoor settings. At the same time, the outdoor displays require different brightness as they are placed in outdoor settings and need to be viewed correctly in the sun and at night.
  • Displays with a single colour, two primary colours, and three primary colours- The single colour displays normally use red light as it has a farther bandwidth and can be viewed from a longer distance. Though on special occasions, yellow and green colours might be used. Screens with double primary colours include red and green, while the screens with three primary colours include red, blue, and green.
  • Synchronized and Unsynchronized displays- Synchronized display needs a computer to be working with it all the time; whatever is displayed on the computer will be reflected on the LED display screen. On the other hand, an Unsynchronized display does not need a computer to be working with the screen because the sending card has a memory function that regulates the content displayed on the screen.

Also, LED Display Boards in Bangalore are of different types based on their Display Performance, such as:

  • Video Display- full-colour LED display screen.
  • Text Display- single primary LED display screen.
  • Image Display- double primary LED display screen.
  • Row Display- digital tube or single primary LED display screen.

Indoor and Outdoor Displays

Outdoor LED screens are used at venues or mega shows where there are many people so that the audience can watch the entire show that is performed on stage even from a larger distance. This is because outdoor LED screens provide higher resolution and full colour.

On the other hand, indoor LED screens provide high colour saturation and are better for operation in smaller indoor settings. It is ideal for short viewing distance. It is often used in retail shops or corporate lobbies, etc.

The factors which differ indoor and outdoor LED screens are as follows:                                       

  • Brightness- outdoor LED screens are power-packed with many bright LEDs in one pixel to work well and be read with ease even in bright sunlight. While indoor LED screens do not need to be viewed in the sun’s glare and hence have lower brightness with fewer LEDs in one pixel.
  • Resilience to external weather conditions- The outdoor LED screens are built with IP65 waterproof level because the outdoor screens are kept in harsh weather conditions, where even water can reach. They are made such that sun, water, dust, or anything else does not affect them easily. Indoor LED screens do not need such features as they are kept in a safer environment inside.
  • Display Resolution- outdoor LED screens need a lower resolution as they are viewed from a larger distance than indoor LED screens that need higher resolution as they are viewed from a shorter distance. Outdoor LED screens have a larger pixel pitch, and indoor LED screens have a smaller pitch. Pixel pitch refers to the density of the pixels on an LED display.

Synchronized and Unsynchronized Display Boards

Synchronous LED displays are used for the real-time display of videos, images, texts, etc., and this is achieved through an uninterrupted connection to a computer at all times. And since it is connected to a computer and has a real-time display, one can display as many things as you want. But it also has a drawback, and that is if the computer is powered off, the LED screen will not display anything. One needs to be well-versed with using computers for using these types of LED displays because it has a complex operation.

Unsynchronous LED displays content that is saved on the screen earlier with the help of a computer. Hence it is not real-time based, and as a result, even if the computer is switched off in between, it does not affect the display on the LED screens. It is a memory-based LED screen that uses the content stored on the memory card and displays it further on the screen; and hence the content choice is limited and cannot be changed frequently. It is best suited for places where the real-time requirement for content display is not high.

How does partnering with Value Point Systems provide best LED Display board in Bangalore? 

Value Point Systems is a trusted company when it comes to IT infrastructure solutions and transforming digital workplaces. They help with a company’s business transformation journey and become their partner in solving any issues that come on the way. Value Point Systems is focused on providing new, innovative, and cost-efficient solutions to large and small and mid-size companies.

Value Point Systems is considered the best in helping in the transformation of a business to improve its revenue, profits, outcomes, and experience. They have assisted companies like HP, Dell, Samsung, MI, Logitech, and many other companies in modifying their digital workplaces.

Value Point Systems have around 10 operational branches worldwide, with their head office in Bangalore, making it easier to avail their services in Bangalore. Some of their new services in the area of the digital workplace include providing LED Digital Boards in Bangalore.

For a business to grow, change is essential, and that change comes when a business decides to modify and reshape its workplace. Value Point Systems comes into play when this is needed. They are reliable when transforming your digital workplace and providing the best products and services. This can help improve employee experience, employee efficiency, and customer attraction with lower costs.

FAQs while choosing LED Display Boards in Bangalore


How much does the LED display screen cost?

LED Display Boards in Bangalore costs vary as per the board’s size and the material. So, a moving display board may cost around Rs. 3000 per square feet, while a signboard may cost around Rs. 1500 per square feet and an LED wall-mounted display board may cost around Rs. 6500 per square feet. In this way, the cost varies.

How much power does an LED Display use?

LED is an energy-efficient technology. This is why the widespread use of LED bulbs is also promoted today. The power usage of LED Display depends on its size and the type used and also the content like video or image. But an LED display uses less power and is hence cost-efficient too.

How long does an LED display last?

Many factors come into play when the life expectancy of an LED display is concerned, just like all electronic items. But with proper maintenance, a good quality LED display board can easily last for more than 10 years. It depends on the daily usage, humidity, salt content in the air, and the environment in which it is kept.

What resolution should be chosen?

The resolution that one needs depends on the viewing distance of the audience. A low resolution is used when the distance is small, and a high resolution LED display is used when the distance is large. The thumb rule that should be followed while choosing the resolution is 1mm pixel pitch for each meter of viewing distance.

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