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Printer Rental Bangalore

Printers are essential in personal and professional settings, so it’s crucial to understand the advantages of renting a printer. Printers are available in a wide range of styles. Printers are critical pieces of equipment in any business, big or small. Even though businesses are increasingly becoming digital, printers will continue to be required. In the course of its existence, a small business will use a lot of printed materials. This is especially true for businesses with large printing and copying requirements.

Some printers are intended for personal or home usage and print simple documents like to-do lists, trip plans, and grocery lists. On the other hand, some printers are specifically designed for commercial use. These are larger printers that can handle a larger number of documents.

Whether you require a digital press or a workgroup laser printer, renting one can provide several advantages to your company. Let us go through why Printer Rental Bangalore is a flourishing business.

Scope of Printer Rental Bangalore

Some features of a laser printer

A laserjet printer (or digital photocopier) stands to reason for industries with greater publishing and duplication workloads and extensive workgroups. When it comes to these devices, they are available in many different configurations. Huge-end model laser printers/copiers are typically substantial in every way: they often take up a substantial amount of floor space, accommodate a diversity of print products, withstand extreme print volumes – and occasionally come with a hefty price tag to match. Equipment can cost anything from a few thousand dollars to more than ten thousand dollars.

That might be a significant portion of a person’s or a company’s budget to cut. Furthermore, the initial expenditure does not account for the continuous costs of a laser printer, such as toner refills and paper, and the unavoidable operation and maintenance.

Why is Printer Rental Bangalore required?

Cutting back expenses:

Value Point Systems firms contemplate leasing their laser printer because of the hefty cost and continuing maintenance schedules. In the realm of printing technology, leasing is sometimes referred to as “managed print services,” which encompasses a wide range of goods and services in addition to the printer itself. Therefore, leasing or renting printers might be better for such industries. It can indeed be agreed upon that Value Point Systems printer rental Bangalore goes easy on the company’s pocket in the short run.

Avoiding outdatedness or obsolescence:

Leasing equipment is a simple solution to avoid obsolescence, which is a big worry for certain businesses but not for others. Businesses that rely on standard printers and fax machines are much less prone to suffer from obsolescence than those that count on highly technical printers with unique high-tech capabilities. Leasing allows fleets to utilize their technical resources while avoiding environmental and institutional obsolescence by enabling market adaptability. When your lease with your provider expires, you will be able to switch to newer equipment or apply for a lower rental option and “sweat” the older item for an extra year or two at a reduced rental fee.


Leasing is also handy because most equipment vendors provide maintenance plans bundled into the lease or purchased separately. There is also no selling or disposal complication when a corporation leases printers. Value Point Systems with a constrained IT staff frequently prefer leasing only for maintenance concerns. It removes any need for spending hefty amounts on replacement, making it simpler to meet technical market requirements, and reducing initial costs.

Printer rental Bangalore Provides Easy Budgeting, hence promoting manageable payments

Most small to midsize companies would gain from a business class photocopier or printing machine, but the expense is out of their monthly spending. Small organizations may take advantage of the advanced technologies by leasing equipment, boosting productivity, and lowering operational expenses.

Lease agreements are customizable for enterprises; however, the typical duration is 48-63 months. Most Value Point Systems find these leasing terms more practical, as well as the regular renewal cycle that they enable is more economically efficient and cheaper.

However, there are circumstances when clients must buy rather than rent, such as when undergoing acquisition cost. Some local authorities, election campaigns, and educational institutions must spend their resources within a certain time frame due to tax or termination reasons.

Printer rental Bangalore helps in reducing repairing and updating costs

For instance, most equipment becomes antiquated within a few years, prompting you to buy a whole new copier or printer every four to six years to stay up with evolving technology. You might potentially keep using an outdated printer, but this would result in considerably increased maintenance expenses and total operating expenses attributable to discontinued components and rising cartridge or ink scarcity over time.

This improves the scope of Value Point Systems printer rental Bangalore a whole lot more.

When you rent a copier or laser, you have two benefits. To commence, leases are complemented with a maintenance and service policy that covers assistance whenever and wherever it is essential. Throughout the leasing time, you will have access to a host of qualified technicians that will respond to your necessities. If you purchase a copier or printer, it may include a relatively brief warranty. Still, these assurances are notorious for having gaps in their coverage, so you may find up covering the price in the end.

The second advantage is that your contract provides a perpetual update cycle, assuring that you can always renew your copier or printer with the most up-to-date innovation at the lowest possible cost of operation. Instead of committing thousands of dollars on a system that will only last five years, you may pay less money upfront and receive an updated unit when newer technology becomes available.

Tax Implications:

Every enterprise searches for methods to reduce their tax cost, and leasing may assist. Purchasing office supplies completely may result in administering an AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax); however, leasing your equipment would not. Also, suppose printer rental Bangalore leases their printer (or any other piece of equipment). In that case, they may exclude the payments as business expenditures after the year without figuring out how to calculate amortization.

Some Pros of supporting a printer rental Bangalore

  1. Purchasing a printer necessitates a substantial upfront cost, which many firms may not afford.
  2. Printers, like any technology, deteriorate quickly and become outdated within a few years. While you may resale it, it may be difficult if it is out of date.
  3. You are responsible for all repairs and maintenance if you own the printer and do not have a service agreement.
  4. If you make a substantial purchase, the cash flow necessary for other parts of your business operations may be impacted.
  5. Furthermore, as technology advances, it may become more difficult to trade-in or update your acquired equipment.

Types of Printer Rental Bangalore options are available for you to choose from

  1. Fair Market Value Printer Lease (FMV)

The current valuation of a commodity, or what something would trade for on the international market, is referenced as its fair market value (FMV) in the Value Point Systems.

  • Fair Market Value leasing, widely described as an operational lease, provides end clients with multiple financing options.
  • Typical FMV lease durations range from 12 to 60 months.
  • FMV leasing provides end-users with availability to equipment assets while preserving ownership independence through measures such as extending the lease term, owning the equipment at a fair market price, or restoring or modernizing it at the final result of the lease.
  • The FMV lease seems to have had the lowest monthly payment, is the most flexible renting form, and could provide tax benefits to end-users.
  • FMV leases assist in reducing the cost of continual updates and eliminate inefficiencies and maintenance vulnerabilities associated with old and obsolete technological equipment.
  • Consumers essentially pay a predetermined monthly fee in conformity with their contractual relationship and receive interim gear ownership.
  • To be qualified for an FMV lease, the applicant must have a credit score that is typically acceptable and nonproblematic.


Most firms favour these because they all have lower payments than capital leases. When Value Point Systems buys an operational lease for a copier or printer, it is merely renting the hardware, and the commodity is never included in the lessee’s balance sheet. When the contract ends, the renter has the option to acquire the copier. Still, the lessor will establish the acquisition cost based on the circumstances of the lease, degradation, abrasive wear, technological advances, and competitive pressures. In general, operational leases make perfect sense for firms that don’t want the burden of owning a copier or printer and therefore want to lease new versions regularly.

  1. $1 buyout leases

A $1 Buyout Lease is identical to an FMV lease; other than that, the lessee makes a larger monthly payment. The lessee receives the opportunity to acquire the equipment for $1 after the lease period. Businesses frequently use this sort of lease when they expect to keep the equipment for a specified period when the lease is issued. Capital contracts are a less popular option for businesses. When Value Point Systems owns a capital lease for a piece of machinery or equipment, it is more like a mortgage on the money than a rental on the equipment. So the interest and principal pension contributions go toward the cost of the copier, which can be seen on the lessee’s accounting records.

Here are some features of Capital leases:

  • Buyout of $1 Leases is frequently utilized for equipment that holds its worth over time, such as construction equipment, automobile repair equipment, material handling equipment, tools, cleaning equipment, and pressure washers.
  • Buyout of $1 Leases has a predetermined lease period.
  • Monthly payments that are fixed
  • Equipment ownership is frequently transferred to the lessee, and the equipment is shown as a corporate asset on the balance sheet.
  • There are tax advantages to leasing the equipment with a $1 buyout rather than owning it.
  • The lessee purchases the equipment for $1 after the lease period.

Because it is very similar to taking out a loan on a piece of equipment, this sort of lease is frequently employed when a company intends to keep the equipment for an extended time or when equipment obsolescence isn’t an issue.

Key tips for choosing the perfect Printer Rental Bangalore that suits you

Define your requirements

The first and most crucial thing you must do is identify your needs. If your beginning business necessitates high-volume duplicating or printing regularly, a wide range of machines is available to meet your demands. Perhaps your company concentrates on low-volume photo-type colour printing, for example. Once you’ve determined your requirements, you may begin making your selection.


Once you’ve completed your needs, the next step is to conduct some research and/or visit your provider (if they’re local…always call first). A reputable local firm with a solid reputation has the expertise and follows excellent business procedures. As a result, they would be the greatest spot to advise you on what kinds of equipment would best fit your demands, as well as fill you in on relative rates and costs.

Consider all downgrades of Printer Rental Bangalore.

Some downsides involved in leasing a printer are:

  1. It is less cost-efficient in the long run.
  2. A Lease binds you: If you buy a piece of office equipment and then find you don’t utilize it, you can always sell it and lose some money. You must pay the monthly payment for the entire two years if you sign a two-year contract for a printer, regardless of whether you use the equipment.
  3. Credit Checks and Documentation: Taking out a lease necessitates paperwork and, in many cases, a credit check. Although this isn’t normally a problem, it does take time.
  4. Dependency on the company: A leased printer is the lessor’s property, which often means that the lessee is not contractually permitted to do any sort of maintenance. When something breaks, the lessee is at the mercy of the lessor.

Services a good Printer Rental Bangalore should provide you

  • Having an individualized and flexible plan of leasing.
  • Providing an option to choose between short-term hire, long-term leases, or owning by rent.
  • Immediate responses by technicians whenever receiving a service call.
  • Offering options between the rental pricing programs.
  • Proving none or a reasonable minimum rental charge.
  • Willing to upgrade your hardware whenever you request.
  • Providing same-day, or at least next-day delivery of the copiers that have been chosen.
  • Allowing leasing, only for a day for any event or seminars.
  • Providing options to choose between colour printers, B/W, A3, A4, or multifunction printing machines.

When it comes to leasing and purchasing printers and copiers, it is critical to select the Value Point Systems option for your business when determining whether to lease or purchase your new MFPs. We hope you make the decision that helps your business flourish! The Printer Rental Bangalore, with good research, can help you and your business in everything good, like being cost-effective and economically as well as environmentally sustainable. Happy Printing!

FAQs of Printer Rental Bangalore

How long can you rent a printer for?

Printer leasing starts with a minimum of 6 months generally; however, there is no maximum limit.

What does the leasing package include?

Most packages include unlimited ink refill, periodic maintenance, replacement in case of sudden breakdown, assistance.

What is the average starting cost of printer rental?

Packages start from as low as RS. 7500. However, it completely depends on the type of printer you want, the duration, the packages, and the service provider in question.

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