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Xerox Machine in Bangalore

Value Point Systems is a solution-centric company that helps transform your digital workplace and, as a result, your workplace experience. They are a name that can be trusted as they have been in this business for 3 decades now, providing all the clients ultimate customer satisfaction and an amazing transformed workplace with all the modern equipment and tools.

Value Point Systems ensures that it is with you at all points of your transformation journey, be it installation of new devices, implementation of new techniques, or even servicing of products afterwards. They don’t leave you hanging and are a reliable company when it comes to giving digital business solutions.

They have a service in the area of Digital Workplace, which goes by the name of Managed Print Services (MPS), in which they also provide Xerox machines in Bangalore. Through this service, Value Point Systems helps you in taking control of your print environment. They provide all products for your photocopy problems, such as printers, copiers, scanners, etc.

So, if you own a company and need to cut down on your daily visits to the local copiers and instead increase employee productivity while also saving time, go for a Xerox machine provided by Value Point Systems and enjoy a user-friendly space for your business.

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What is a Xerox Machine in Bangalore?

A Xerox machine is a machine that makes multiple copies of documents as well as images onto paper. It was formerly known as a Xerox machine, though now it is known by the name of the photocopier or photocopier. Photocopying or Xerox is widely used in many sectors such as business, education, and government sectors as well, such as a bank, post office, etc.

Xerox machines make use of light, heat, chemicals, electrostatic charges, and electricity to make such copies. The most common method of copying used by modern office copiers in office settings is known as xerography. It was originally known as electrophotography.

Xerography uses heat and electrostatic charges to produce copies of all types of written, graphic, or printed material. This process of photocopying was first invented in 1938 by Chester Carlson. If you consider a business running without a Xerox machine in Bangalore today, it is next to impossible. It has now become a necessity instead of a luxury, which it previously was.

What is Xerography?

Xerography is a process of printing and photocopying that uses electrostatic charges and heat and is most widely used in office spaces. It has a 6 step process:

  1. Charge
  2. Expose
  3. Develop
  4. Transfer
  5. Fuse
  6. Clean

How do Xerox machines in Bangalore work?

Xerox machines work on the principle of “opposites attract”. After you put the paper on the glass screen of the copier and press the green button, the following steps occur:

  • Toner is a powder that is negatively charged, and so it gets attracted to the paper that is positively charged. Toner is the substance that creates the printed text and images on the paper.
  • The drum is positively charged with the use of static electricity.
  • The image of the master copy is transferred onto the drum with the help of a laser. The white areas on the paper lose their charge and become more negative, and the black areas (the text) remain positively charged.
  • Then the toner (negatively charged substance) sticks to the black areas of the drum (positively charged substance). Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are the four colours that can form several colours when combined. And for colour copies, the drum retains these colours from the toner.
  • The resulting toner on the drum is then transferred onto a paper, which consists of a more negative charge in comparison to the drum.
  • After this, the toner is melted and bonded to the paper with the usage of heat and pressure rollers.
  • Finally, the photocopied document comes out of the copier.

This is the procedure of making copies in a Xerox machine.

Why do Businesses need Xerox machine in Bangalore?

The world today is fast, and you need to be faster than others to make a mark in the market and also to sustain. For this to happen, you need to work faster and also waste minimum time. This is where Value Point Systems come into the game. They provide you with solutions for all your printing needs, such as laser printers, scanners, thermal printers, etc. They also provide Xerox machines in Bangalore. There are various ways in which getting a Xerox machine benefits your business:

  • Speed- Often, in offices and business settings, you need to make duplicate copies of documents, one for yourself and the other for the client, or maybe you need to distribute some material in the office to many people. Also, teachers may need to give out handouts or notes to the students in educational institutes. To fulfil all these needs and many others, a workplace needs to have a Xerox machine in close proximity, preferably in the campus or the premise itself, so that one doesn’t’ have to wait and copies can be made super fast.
  • Productivity- having a Xerox machine at your office can save the time of the employees who have to otherwise go to a photocopy shop to get the copies of the documents done. This way, the office can function smoothly without any interruptions.
  • Lower cost of operating- keeping a Xerox machine in the office is also cost-efficient because the photocopy shopkeepers tend to charge more than the actual cost to make a profit. And hence this can also cut down on unnecessary costs of photocopying.
  • Increases security- when you need to make copies of a sensitive document and go to a photocopy shopkeeper, you put your business at risk because that information can create problems for you if shared. Hence, when you have a Xerox machine in your office, security is no longer a problem.

What are the different types of Xerox machine in Bangalore?

There are different types of Xerox machines or photocopiers, which fulfill different needs and requirements. They are:

  1. Mono Photocopiers– These are also known as monochrome or black-and-white photocopiers. And as it is clear from their name, they use only one toner colour, which is black. They are usually used in offices.
  2. Colour Photocopiers– These have four drums and use four cartridges: magenta, yellow, cyan, and black. Using these four colours, they can produce a number of colours and hence are used to make colour photocopies of documents. They are also known as the CMYK spectrum.
  3. Analog Photocopiers– These are old-school photocopiers and use lights, lenses, and mirrors to reflect the image on the photoreceptor. They are not in much use anymore because of their mechanical failures.
  4. Desktop Photocopiers– They can work with only A4 size paper. And they are smaller in size, as the name suggests they can fit easily on a desktop.
  5. A3 Photocopiers– They work with A3 size paper. Posters, spreadsheets, and other marketing materials are printed on A3 printers.
  6. Network Photocopiers– In an office or a school, many devices are connected to one photocopier via a network so that everyone can print and scan from the comfort of their desks.
  7. Digital or Multifunction Photocopiers– All the photocopiers as mentioned above, except for analogue photocopiers, are multifunction photocopiers. This name knows them because, besides photocopying, they can also scan print and fax documents. They are also referred to as All-In-One printers. They are network-connected, making it easier to scan from email, USB, folder, or other places.
  8. Office Photocopiers– Exactly opposite to the desktop photocopiers are Office Photocopiers. They are larger in size and stand on the floor. They have a high printing speed. They also have some other advanced options such as sorting documents, stapling them, punching, and binding the documents.

Benefits of buying a xerox machine in Bangalore with Value Point Systems

Value Point Systems is known to be a beneficial company to one’s business. This is because it is a complete package for the transformation journey of a workplace or providing solutions regarding any addition to your digital workplace. Similarly, they are currently the best provider of Xerox machines in Bangalore.

Value Point Systems have provided managed print solutions (MPS) to a leading Indian pharma company and a leading Indian e-commerce company. By installing high-quality printers to both these businesses, they have improved work quality, employee productivity, security of documents, and ease of printing, along with proving it to be a cost-efficient method.

There are many examples of the projects handled by Value Point Systems in several domains, and excelling in each one. You can rely on them for solutions to your problems and provide proper service after installing devices.

To make more profits and increase productivity, one should consider reshaping and remodelling their digital workplace with the addition of a Xerox machine in their office, and that too from Value Point Systems. They are a trusted company that has shown results in the past and has worked with every type of business, whether small, mid-size, or large. Suppose you need a Xerox machine in Bangalore that meets all your needs and requirements regarding printing and is within your budget, without compromising the product quality. In that case, you should go ahead with Value Point Systems.

FAQs of Xerox Machine in Bangalore

What is the difference between a printer and a Xerox machine?

A printer is a machine that produces a copy of the digital data presented on the computer screen. It can only be used when connected to a computer or laptop. It can be connected to various devices at a time.

On the other hand, a Xerox machine is a device that does not need to be connected to any device and can make multiple photocopies of documents. It uses xerography technology to do the same. The modern Xerox machines, or copiers as they are called now, are multifunctional and can print, fax, and scan documents.

What is the best type of Xerox machine for small businesses?

For small businesses requiring much work to be done on A4 papers, one can purchase a desktop copier, or if coloured copies are a requirement, then colour copiers.

What to consider before buying a Xerox machine?

There are some things that you need to question yourself before buying a Xerox machine. Some of these questions are-

  • Do you need a copier with a high capacity to produce copies or low?
  • Which type of copier do you need based on the quality of scanning and printing?
  • Is the Fax feature a necessity?
  • Do you need a copier to protect the sensitive information of your company?
  • Does your company need a remote-working copier?

These are some of the questions you need to consider keeping in mind the size and requirement of your office.

What is the price of a Xerox machine?

The price of a Xerox machine in Bangalore depends on the type and size of the Xerox machine you need. But generally, the price of a Xerox machine ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 3.5 lakhs.

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