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A West Coast MSP successfully implemented large and complex projects for clients in partnership with Value Point Systems

This engagement brought in Value Point’s experience, expertise, reference architecture, continuity of manpower, skillsets, and best practices

About the MSP

A small-time west coast-based MSP now confidently takes up projects for medium and large enterprises, across verticals and ensures successful completion well within the deadline. This was made possible after it became a channel partner of Bangalore-based Value Point Systems where the latter provided required expertise on different technologies as well as vendors. Many of these projects were one-time setup activities for clients. Value Point, on the MSP’s behalf, provided one-time implementation, migration, and configuration support to the end customers.

Challenges encountered by the MSP

Being small in size the organization lacked highly talented professionals and experts. The cost of hiring would go up exponentially if they had to be hired for limited time periods. Signing up short-term projects was not financially viable for the MSP, despite a number of business opportunities in the US market. Moreover, even if they took up a small project, in such a situation, working on tight timelines and budgets without extending the execution timeline seemed a big challenge. Furthermore, the organization had to invest additional time, money, and manpower for even standard IT processes, policies, and documentation besides best practices, without which the business suffered, taking a hit on the revenues and growth.

Viable Solution provided by Value Point Systems

Being a Master MSP with highly talented professionals, Value Point could immediately provide access to human resources, infrastructure, and technologies for the MSP to leverage. Based in Bangalore, India, and housing experts with domain expertise in Microsoft, virtualization, network, storage, mail solutions, database, security among others, Value Point provided flexible pricing options to suit the MSP’s budget challenges.

Like icing on the cake, Value Point provided the MSP the services on a business model that was OPEX-based delivery, with a shorter lead time. This significantly reduced the delivery cost for the MSP which then became competitive in the market. Experienced manpower of Value Point ensured quality delivery from day 1, with no requirement for redesigning or reworking of the systems and processes. SMEs were available 24X7X365, across 2 shifts and provided the much-scheduled delivery of projects, thereby improving speed to market for the end customer. As and when the business demanded, Value Point had the flexibility of scaling up resources or scaling them down. SMEs who were already on the payroll of Value Point could easily be deployed as per the requirement of the project with no onboarding cost involved.

Benefits and business outcomes

The MSP enjoyed the gains by partnering with Value Point for a far less cost than hiring someone locally. The flexible pricing options – on a monthly and hourly basis gave the opportunity to the MSP to control the cost of the project. The benefits of not having to invest in CapEx and OPEX for the MSP were tremendous, as they could now pay to the technical and professional manpower on the go. This also resulted in better wallet share from the customer.
Leveraging on the time-zone advantage with Value Point based in India, the MSP could be made available 24X7 to customers. Value Point could provide 24X7 IT Infrastructure monitoring, technical support, troubleshooting, and analysis in addition to being predictive and proactive.

Key differentiators of Value Point

The MSP could expand to a 24X7 service window with better ROI and SLAs for all undertaken projects by partnering with Value Point