IT Services Management | Global Bio-Pharmaceutical Company

  • Operates in 100+countries, employs 50k+ people worldwide
  • Headquarter in UK.
  • IT Infrastructure is the centric backbone of Manufacturing and R&D operations
  • Dependency on IT is in the key areas of Operations, Maintenance, Innovations, Applications, Clouds and Business Process
Challenges and Points
  • Proper call logging process not in place Lack of coordination between vendors SLAs were running without proper ownership
  • Inconsistency in support window across sites
  • Asset management out of control
  • Lack of automated mechanism for monitoring and management of business process and applications
  • Unsecured data & backup on business mobile devices
  • Software deployment not following any compliance Information security policies not enforced
Solution & Changes Implemented
  • Underwent a site study and derived a comprehensive functional solution Reduced multi vendors for end point management
  • VPS become single point of contact for end user services
  • Introduced Emergency Response Team Services
  • Defined time bound support matrix for sites by Hybrid solution (onsite, on call & remote support)
  • Implemented VPS AMS (Automated Managed Services) tool
  • Proactive remote monitoring, management
Impact & Results
  • Streamlined IT Services Management
  • Clear focus on core business than on IT support.
  • Dedicated IT Service Desk & SPOC at HO Allowed seamless integration
  • Monitoring of assets irrespective of their locations Installation of software made easy