Data Centre & Disaster Recovery Centre | Premier Educational Institution in Mumbai

Data Centre & Disaster Recovery Centre | Premier Educational Institution in Mumbai


A premier educational institution in Mumbai intended to automate all their digital functions, thereby building a data center and a disaster recovery center on campus.

  • Requirement Understanding — Site Survey, Hardware / Infrastructure estimation and Sizing
  • Detailed Bill of Material and Specification of hardware and software required for SAP ERP solution deployment
  • Proposing Solution – High Level Architecture, Disaster Recovery Planning, Implementation Methodology, Service Delivery Approach, Scalability and Performance Requirements, High availability and Operational environment
  • Design, Supply, Install, Configure, Test and Warranty Support of End to End IT Infrastructure — Hardware & Software Components for Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Centre, Go Live Support, Post Go-Live Stabilization Support
  • Operations and Maintenance Support
  • Integrated ERP platform across various functions
  • Process standardization for unified approach and experience
  • Scalable solution to support the future growth
  • Facilitate paperless working and enable to provide decision support
  • Facilitate online approvals to reduce cycle time thereby enabling optimal utilization of manpower
  • Seamless integration of student life-cycle management excluding learning management

Platform :  SuSE Linux Enterprise Server

Virtualization : VMware ESX, KVM Hypervisor

Hardware : HPE DL360, HPE DL560, HPE SAN Storage, HPE Tape Library