The CRN Channel Leadership Summit: ValuePoint’s CEO Exclusive

July, 2022  – The CRN-Channel Leadership Summit, India’s most influential network of technology partners and vendors, launched its two-day CLS Summit in Pune at the Hyatt Regency Pune on 22nd, 23rd & 24th July.

ValuePoint’s Keynote Speaker: R S Shanbhag, CMD spoke on the company’s success Story

The physical edition of CLS, themed “Unlocking new strategies to rise faster and scale bigger’,” attracted keen participants to discuss novel approaches to understanding the complex digital value chain. 

Accelerating Revenue Growth

His keynote presentation about tripling the last 30 years of growth within the next three years was caught in the session highlights.
The presentation emphasised Valuepoint’s recent three-year consolidation of its main focus areas.

He addressed that the state of businesses expanding irrespective of their location due to the to the pandemic and the GST phenomenon plays a considerable role in the ValuePoint’s growth.

Leading ValuePoint from the frontlines, R S Shanbhag spoke at the CRNCLS 2022

The key to tripling revenue in 3 years is to focus on the company’s strengths, and not try to be everything for everyone. Achieving target-based digital marketing revenue and carving out a niche for ourselves in the market is advised in this address with the CRN community. 

About ValuePoint CEO: R S Shanbhag

Taking the road less travelled as a “first-generation” entrepreneur who rose from humble beginnings, founding Value Point Systems in 1991, he realised the company’s vision of becoming a leading and empowering Digital Transformation Catalyst. His resonating passion for creativity and innovation established Value Point as a leading IT infrastructure services company.

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