Value Point Hybrid IT Managed Services – The Smart Way To Grow Your Business

As your business grows, your IT requirements will change rapidly. Value Point Hybrid IT Managed Services provides the perfect way for you to attain complete control over your IT operations without having to build a large in-house team of IT experts.
  • Our Hybrid IT Managed Services team can provide support to your onsite IT engineers, but our specialists are also adept at managing tasks on their own.
  • The post pandemic era has resulted in 80% of companies preferring their employees to work from home to balance productivity with rising costs. Our team can efficiently execute your requirements especially when there are no onsite engineers to understand your specific needs or resolve issues.
  • We presently take care of the complete IT requirements of organisations who don’t have an IT team or onsite engineers in India, thus replacing such a need.
  • Many organisations have been utilizing our services as they either have no access to engineers or don’t have engineers physically present in their preferred locations. By entrusting us with their operations, they have been receiving faster, more efficient solutions and services.
  • Our proficient engineers meticulously document every single task they handle and subsequently provide detailed notes and explanations to customers, thus ensuring total transparency and providing knowledgeable information.
There are many benefits to our Hybrid IT Managed Services approach:
  • Optimizing Resources cost: Eliminate the need for added costs. Excessive onsite technical resources become an unnecessary expense for your company. Rather, optimize onsite resources to your specific requirements. All L2+ service support can be leveraged through us.
  • 8×5 to 24×7: Get constant support. Employees usually work for 8-9 hours but our team of experts can manage your requirements 24/7, providing you with round the clock support that is essential in today’s fast-paced environment.
  • People to Process driven: Nobody can do it all. Companies often create dependency on one onsite technical resource whose unavailability can seriously impact productivity. Through us, access a bench of experts who can eradicate this issue by implementing proven policies, procedures & ITSM Tools.
  • Reactive to Proactive Support: Prevent problems before they occur. Reactive IT focuses on repair. A user reports an issue and then an onsite technical engineer fixes it. Proactive IT focuses on prevention. By implementing industry proven ITSM/ RMM Tools, we proactively resolve issues in advance by proactive monitoring and management.
  • Scalability: Scale up or scale down resources on demand. Scalability is critical to supporting business growth and development. We guarantee that you won’t need to hire or retain onsite engineers for specific tasks. We only charge you for the support and services that you utilize.
  • Cost $$$ to $: Decrease operational costs and lower IT expenses. By acquiring only necessary onsite resources and by leveraging our services, you reduce costs from 3X to 1X.
  • CapEx to OpEx: Steer clear of hiring top-notch talent and avoid non-essential infrastructure. Permanent employees are a fixed direct cost and equipment can become a liability. We provide fixed monthly charges. You can discontinue our services at any time by issuing a notice as per mutually agreed contract terms.