Value Point Systems, A Noventiq Company Welcomes Sudhir, Vice President-Enterprise Sales, to its Ranks

26 October, 2023 – We are thrilled to welcome a dynamic addition to our team at Value Point Systems, a Noventiq company. Meet Sudhir, an individual whose life and career journey has been nothing short of exceptional. Born in the vibrant city of Coimbatore, Sudhir’s roots are deeply embedded in the lush landscapes of Kerala. This unique blend of cultures and experiences has shaped a professional who brings an extraordinary level of adaptability, passion, and commitment to our System Integration endeavours.

A Testament to Adaptability: Sudhir’s 21-Year Professional Odyssey

Sudhir’s professional journey spans over 21 years and is a testament to adaptability and the relentless pursuit of excellence. He has had the privilege of working with both established corporates and ambitious startups. These diverse experiences have enriched his skill set, broadened horizons, and allowed him to be a part of innovative and transformative projects. In the corporate world, he imbibed the value of structure, strategy, and teamwork. On the other hand, his journey with startups was a canvas of creativity and experimentation, where the thrill of taking calculated risks resonated deeply.

The Next Chapter: Welcoming Sudhir to Value Point Systems, A Noventiq Company’s Team!

Sudhir’s journey continues as he joins Value Point Systems, a Noventiq company. He brings his wealth of experience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to the system integration landscape. We’re excited to embrace the adventures that lie ahead with the same enthusiasm and determination that have defined Sudhir’s journey thus far. His arrival adds a new layer of expertise to our team, and we look forward to the heights we’ll collectively reach.
As Sudhir often quotes, 

“Incredible things can happen simply if we are committed to making them happen.”

We’re excited to have Sudhir’s commitment and expertise on board, driving our initiatives to new heights!

R S Shanbhag, Founder & CEO at Value Point Systems, A Noventiq company, remarks,

It is exciting times at Value Point, a Noventiq company. Sudhir’s industry experience being a Wipro veteran backed by OEM working experience would be a huge value add to Value Point Systems and Noventiq besides his excellent connects at CXO level.

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