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Cloud Computing Companies in Bangalore

Several companies are actively fighting for the apex position on the coveted list of the best cloud computing companies in Bangalore, offering an unprecedented assortment of IT infrastructure solutions, and pumping IT iron to build muscle in the managed services space. From analysis to implementation and reporting, cloud services companies in Bangalore have carved a niche for themselves at a time—the post-COVID-19 era—when they are at the forefront of all major activity in the IT space. One of the best cloud computing companies in Bangalore, Value Point Systems has habitually been proving its delivery mettle across key customer domains for the last three decades.

Cloud offerings as a service

The “as-a-Service” solution packaging model appears to be among the most popular answers to the great technology dilemma of what the way forward should be. It mainly attracts the attention of companies that are trying hard to crawl their way out of a quicksand-like resource-strapped lockdown that lasted three quarters of a business year since March of 2020—the most relevant among these offerings being IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. As a concept, this model allows customers to concentrate on growing their core business, while a cloud solutions and services partner takes charge of managing the complexities involved in reinventing their IT environment. Of the leading cloud services companies in Bangalore, Value Point Systems makes a powerful case for why you should opt for the as-a-Service model—and offers compelling reasons for companies to make the most of their deep expertise in helping customers derive comprehensive value from a full range of as-a-Service solutions. But first, below is a quick glimpse of some of the key as-a-Service options on offer.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is an instant computing infrastructure solution that is provisioned and managed via the internet, and probably the oldest in the range of most readily available cloud services in Bangalore. IaaS scales easily in either direction (up or down), and helps you avoid the cost and complication of purchasing and running your own servers and datacenter facility. Value Point Systems owns and manages its own data center, where every component you opt for is rented or leased separately only if you need it. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provides a platform model that allows customers to develop, run, and manage applications without the complications of building and maintaining the infrastructure normally connected with business IT transformation. PaaS was originally designed to simplify the process of writing code for the customer while manning the infrastructure and operations was the responsibility of the PaaS provider.

The most popular of the cloud-based as-a-Service product line appears to be Software-as-a-Service or SaaS. The basic concept of this software delivery model is to shift actual ownership of software from a customer to a cloud services company or provider. The service provider or software vendor adopts the responsibility of managing the hardware and software (hosts the software on their own infrastructure), and allows the user to execute their tasks, which are charged based on metered units consumed. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is the latest offering in the series, triggered by the increasing return to business in the new normal—enabling users to work clutter-free without the bother of upgrades, data security, and maintenance, while also accelerating the return to business, with minimal disruption. No matter what your need is, Value Point Systems can get you all set up with the managed cloud services you need, preparing you for your next level of growth.

What are the key features of a good cloud computing company in Bangalore?

Well, for starters, you must look for cloud service companies that offer more than just those basic support services every company needs. Why look for them if they’re near all the same? The simple answer is that they are not all the same in terms of their capability and credentials, the services they provide, and their approach to ensuring value for money. Surely, an online search is likely to throw up several names of different cloud services companies in the Bangalore area, but there are bound to be variations in the results they are capable of delivering, and definite disparities in the prices they charge. A key feature of a reputed cloud services company to watch for is perhaps whether they also offer comprehensive consulting and assessment services because some service providers only offer a limited range of inspect-install-manage models. Value Point Systems offers an insight-driven, end-to-end analytics practice, closed-loop consulting services, accurate mapping of applications, users, and infrastructure, collaboration only with hand-picked OEMs of high repute, and a mandate to deploying only industry-grade best IT practices. Their range of managed service offerings is on par with the industry’s best anywhere in the world. These are some of the key characteristics of the best cloud computing companies you can find in Bangalore.

Engaging cloud services companies in Bangalore – its benefits and advantages

Some of the benefits of hiring cloud computing companies in Bangalore include the abundant variety of product, solution, and service offerings for businesses of all sizes—which can be customized to meet specific local and regional business requirements. Customers are spoilt for choice and can opt to incorporate only those technology components in units that they can afford. Engaging cloud services locally also offers customers the benefit of on-demand or on-call services at short notice and based on highly convenient, customer-friendly SLAs. Local area service agreements can create the opportunity for smaller service providers to attend to the limited needs of small businesses and encourage this segment to benefit from the physical space-saving, cost efficiencies, and security offered by the basic cloud. As far as is mutually feasible, Value Point Systems doesn’t discriminate based on customer size but caters to the cloud computing needs of companies of all sizes and across different domains.

But what are the real drivers or advantages of cloud companies in Bangalore?

Truth be told, the upsurge in cloud service companies in Bangalore can be best described as the most happening thing in the already ubiquitous IT industry today—and where better to demonstrate this exciting development than in India’s Silicon Valley! The forced shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic forced nearly all businesses to press the reset button and brace themselves for a new normal they weren’t sufficiently prepared for. Bangalore’s cloud services experts like Value Point Systems were among the first responders to arrive on the scene fully armed with solutions that were somehow pre-provisioned to help customers effectively cope with exactly this kind of situation. A keen sense of hands-on familiarity with the local ecosystem, expertise in the local business culture, high-level technology certifications, and quick and easy access to the right tools and world-class OEM technology solutions. All these strategically blend in to create a powerful and distinct advantage that Value Point Systems brings to the table.

Certifications of cloud computing companies in Bangalore

If you’re wondering what certifications mean in digital transformation services, they help generate faith in potential customers, assuring them that you’re placing the industry’s most competent talent at their disposal and that you’re genuinely excited about addressing their cloud computing needs. Simple. Having said that, it is also noteworthy that the leading cloud services companies in Bangalore all boast an impressively qualified workforce of experts that can support your most critical business IT needs, wherever you may be in your journey of cloud transformation. There are a variety of certifications in cloud computing, depending on what component of the cloud infrastructure one wishes to specialize in. Among the leading ones today are the CCNA and CCNP Data Center certifications from CISCO, Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate, CCSP, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and more. On this front, Value Point Systems scores big with over 75 technical certifications, 10 CCNA and three CCIE certifications to its credit, which reiterates its commitment to elevating every single customer’s cloud transformation experience.

So, what are Bangalore’s top cloud computing companies engaged in?

India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore, is home to some of the country’s leading names in IT modernization, digital transformation, and cloud services. These include the world’s biggest names such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, SAP, IBM Cloud, Oracle, VMWare and so on—to homegrown Tier 2 leading names such as Value Point Systems, with an impressive list of ongoing client engagements and several more in the pipeline.

Helping customers succeed in their respective IT modernization and cloud transformation journeys is what is keeping all IT services professionals on their toes today.  Most businesses are still occupied with finding ways and means to survive and succeed in the post-pandemic new normal. Most of the leading cloud services companies in Bangalore are, with almost no exception, very sharply focused on helping their customers strategize and execute their respective digital transformation plans. On taking a closer look at the overall scenario, we also realize that with the upsurge in work-from-home demands and the high risks involved with remote working, cybersecurity has become an unprecedentedly high priority on everybody’s IT agenda. So, becoming a preferred partner in cloud transformation doesn’t come easily to everybody—it takes a tremendous amount of clarity of purpose, acute sensitivity to customer needs, extensive experience in delivering top IT infrastructure outcomes, and the ability to show maximum resilience in the face of extreme technology emergencies. These are just a few of the attributes that have enabled Value Point Systems over the last 30 years to emerge as one of the best cloud services companies in Bangalore and among the Top 50 companies engaged in IT modernization, in the country.

Cloud computing companies in Bangalore also engage in helping other businesses optimize their current infrastructure and people in an advisory capacity, as a starting point in the direction of future modernization and growth. IT domain experts and technology thought leaders share their knowledge online in the form of webinars, vlogs, and blogs to a wider audience to help create awareness and generate interest in emerging tech trends that will go on to eventually shape the future of business. This co-curricular activity is fast gaining ground as more and more certified IT transformational professionals involve themselves in creating content for public consumption—prompting university students to stay abreast with current trends and aspire for exciting career opportunities in some of the leading cloud services companies in Bangalore and other key cities in India and across the world.

Why partnering with Value Point Systems makes sense

As mentioned earlier, Value Point Systems draws on a list of special strengths it has developed over the last 30 years, making it one of the most powerful companies in the cloud transformation business in Bangalore. The leadership team alone brings with them a staggering wealth of collective experience of close to 125 years! Team VPS believes in enabling erstwhile “local” Indian companies to evolve to their full potential and redefine their ideas of success and growth through deep consulting, the most effective technology deployments, strategic IT modernization, and improved infrastructure efficiencies. Our role as a proven catalyst through the entire duration of our customers’ business transformation cycles has helped several of our customers rethink their business goals, having experienced real results at every phase of their journeys. We have been able to easily and seamlessly integrate into our customer’s businesses to the extent that they consider Value Point Systems as DNA-level insiders in their operations, and for us, it is a daily commitment to deliver on our promise of helping them achieve process and people excellence and benefit from significant business effectiveness. Technology training and upskilling are an integral part of all our customer engagements, and we are appreciated for everything we have achieved together.

The Value Point Systems success story is marked by several awards and coveted trophies of valued recognition our industry has graciously bestowed on us. We have to our credit also received tokens of appreciation from our customers in whose business we were able to be at our partnering best.


Success Stories of Cloud Computing Companies in Bangalore

ValuePoint Cloud enables us to focus on our core initiatives and has provided us an agile way to plan and execute migrations for our Applications. Our success is intrinsically linked to our partnership with ValuePoint Cloud and the support which they provide. Partnering with ValuePoint Cloud has been one of the best moves we have made.
Global Product Lifecycle Management Company
Director Technology
Partnering with ValuePoint System Cloud has been one of the best moves we could have made. Upgrading a failing in-house hosted solution to cloud was a breeze. The administrative and system controls passed down to my team accompanied by ValuePoint Systems’s technical staff, has solidified our hosted solutions for the years to come.
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