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DevOps, when combined with the latest and most responsive Agile Cloud capabilities is the perfect recipe for a successful cloud transformation—compared to traditional DevOps. Leveraging seriously powerful Agile Cloud technology can drive your go-to-market cycle much faster, help reduce cloud complexity, and significantly boost the performance of your IT. Agile development incorporates a combination of virtualization, private clouds, and the public cloud at the IaaS level—it presents a best-case scenario when it comes to effective DevOps for cloud transformation in the post-Covid new normal.

With the growing demand for DevOps services in the new normal, businesses are compelled to reconsider their approach to software development and operations, but not everybody has the expertise to create these capabilities organically while keeping pace with their growing needs. The aim of DevOps as a Service is to ensure that every action carried out in the software delivery process can be tracked, measured, and mapped to SLAs.

Value Point Systems offers only the industry’s best solutions powered by  AWS DevOps and Azure DevOps—which can now also be easily integrated into your infrastructure as a cloud-managed services model provided by a team of qualified and experienced digital transformation experts.

Value Point Systems understands DevOps services extensively and offers you a wide range of proven Opensource and enterprise-grade solutions and customized managed services designed to keep your software development and operations in peak running condition. Leverage new capabilities and the industry’s latest best practices as you enable your teams to engage in software development more meaningfully and with a heightened focus on your customer experience. Meanwhile, we will enable your IT to connect with the business more meaningfully at every step of your cloud transformation journey.

Source Code Management

Source Code Management (SCM) is a critical software development tool designed to manage the strain that growing development costs exert on your business. It helps you track a running history of changes to a code base and helps resolve conflicts when merging updates from multiple contributors. SCM deploys industry-leading collaborative coding and version control tools such as GitLab, GitHub, and GitBucket, offering your developer teams full control over the coding process, especially in terms of code reviews, asset version control, collaboration and sharing.

Application Refactoring

Refactoring is the process of running your applications on the infrastructure of your cloud migration services provider—meaning that you will need to completely re-architecture your applications to suit your new cloud environment better. It is a scientific process of taking existing code and incorporating improvements and upgrades while making code more readable, coherent, and clear. Application refactoring is also part of your cloud migration cycle, where you can add new features, spot and fix bugs, and even build large applications.

Static Code Analysis

Static code analysis (SCA) is a method of debugging by examining source code before running a program. It mostly helps in detecting and highlighting any issues or bugs in the early stages of development, allowing developers to rectify them quickly and enabling them to develop a strong code base as a result. Value Point Systems offers customers’ DevOps teams the full power of working with preferred industry leading SCA tools such as SonarQube and Micro Focus Fortify, giving your team the skills to detect and fix bugs early, and to accelerate the development process.

Build Tools

Build tools automate the creation of executable applications from source code. Build automation is the task of scripting or automating a wide variety of tasks that software developers perform every day as part of the development process. Build tools help developers cope with errors that occur in the process of compiling complex software systems. Value Point Systems offers DevOps teams the benefit of working with proven industry-leading build tools such as Ant, Gradle, and Maven—giving your team the power to accelerate the development process and deliver solutions more efficiently.

Artifacts Storage

An artifact is a document, or any other form of deliverable connected with a project and is usually stored in the form of a large binary package. An artifact repository or artifacts management tool is an application designed to store, version, and deploy artifacts for ongoing builds. Value Point Systems offers customers’ DevOps teams the full benefits of working with Nexus and Artifactory, which are the current industry standards for storage of binary Java artifacts, thereby enabling your DevOps team to develop software more effectively and efficiently.


Kubernetes services provide a portable, scalable, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads—facilitating both declarative configuration and automation. Chief among the Kubernetes Services available today are: ClusterIP— exposes the service on a cluster-internal IP; NodePort—which exposes the service on each node’s IP at a static port; LoadBalancer— where the external load balancer routes to your NodePort and ClusterIP services, which are created automatically, and ExternalName, which maps the service to the contents of the ExternalName field.

Container Orchestration

Container orchestration means automation of much of the operational tasks involved in running containerized workloads and services. It includes a wide range of software teams’ requirements to manage a container’s lifecycle, including provisioning, deployment, scaling (up and down), networking, and load balancing.  more. Value Point Systems offers DevOps teams the proven advantage of working with industry leading solutions such as Kubernetes, Openshift, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, and so on—boosting your team’s capability to speed up the development process and deliver high-quality software solutions.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

AWS provides a flexible set of DevOps Partner Solutions that extends from the development process to provisioning, deployment, and management. Value Point Systems offers your team of developers the complete range of AWS DevOps partner solutions that include CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, CodeCommit, CodeArtifact, Beanstalk, Opsworks, X-Ray, and Elastic Beanstalk. These solutions can keep your DevOps team performance at its peak on a constant basis, raising the bar for your customer experience.

AWS DevOps

Cloud computing contracts are very different from regular IT outsourcing agreements. A cloud service contract sets out the legal basis upon which a customer for cloud-based services accesses and uses those services. These may be drawn up and agreed upon based on whether you engage the Managed Cloud Services Provider for a specific limited activity or short-term engagement, or if you hire their services for a more comprehensive scope of periodic work for say a year. Bases on these insights you can look for a short-term or annual contract with a trusted Value Point.

Azure DevOps

Microsoft Azure DevOps is a SaaS platform designed to empower your DevOps team to plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship software solutions faster than you could before. It provides an end-to-end DevOps toolchain for developing and deploying software and integrates easily with most leading tools on the market. Value Point Systems can provide your team of developers a complete range of Azure DevOps solutions including the full series of Azure Repository, Pipeline, Artifacts, Boards, Release Management, and Kubernetes Services. These solutions can help keep your DevOps team in peak performing condition and also elevate your customer experience.

Continuous Cloud Monitoring (AWS, Azure, O365, GCP)

Monitoring your cloud continuously through a dedicated network operations center (NOC) enables you to estimate the growth trend of your services, pre-empt your future needs, verify the resources you are working with and optimize those resources in every circumstance. Continuous Cloud Monitoring Via NOC is the key to understanding what is happening in your infrastructure, offering full control over the impact of your decisions not only for real-time motivations, but also to analyze trends and extract BI.

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ValuePoint Cloud enables us to focus on our core initiatives and has provided us an agile way to plan and execute migrations for our Applications. Our success is intrinsically linked to our partnership with ValuePoint Cloud and the support which they provide. Partnering with ValuePoint Cloud has been one of the best moves we have made.
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Partnering with ValuePoint System Cloud has been one of the best moves we could have made. Upgrading a failing in-house hosted solution to cloud was a breeze. The administrative and system controls passed down to my team accompanied by ValuePoint Systems’s technical staff, has solidified our hosted solutions for the years to come.
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