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Value Point Systems is rated as the #1 DevOps Services Consultancy provider in Bangalore and specializes in enabling fast-paced application development and quicker time-to-market—the two key factors deciding the success of any modern IT company. DevOps Services are designed to support customers with their application delivery and improve their operational efficiency quicker than ever.  The IT restructuring demands of companies returning to business in the post-COVID-19 era has led to Value Point becoming the leading DevOps services consultancy provider in Bangalore. With a proven record of at least 30 years invested in shaping the future of the IT integrations domain Value Point Systems continues its domination of the DevOps services consultancy market.

The importance of DevOps Services Consultants in Bangalore

To understand if you have a need for DevOps services, first consider these questions. Is there lack of cultural balance and communication between your software Development and Operations? Does your business lack the delivery agility needed to drive software-driven innovation? Are you seeing a continued existence of silos between your Development and Operations teams? Are you observing no involvement of DBAs in release cycles, which are significantly hampering the inner circles? Is there a lack of acceptance on a holistic view of the entire value-chain for continuous software delivery? These are probably some of the main concerns for which you might need to engage the services of Value Point as your trusted DevOps services consultant in Bangalore. Understand how you can benefit from improved collaboration between your development and ops teams, besides the enhanced productivity and cost efficiencies that it offers.

Services offered by DevOps Services Consultants in Bangalore

When looking to engage with a DevOps services consultancy company, it is suggested that you engage with a provider who offers a comprehensive range of DevOps services that can help you achieve your software and application development and delivery goals, improve your productivity, and accelerate your time to market. Read on and explore the list of leading DevOps services that are designed to deliver the results you expect when you rely on DevOps services consultancy from Value Point.

Source Code Management (SCM) is a critical software development tool designed to mitigate the stress of dealing with increasing development costs offered by DevOps Services Consultants in Bangalore. It helps you track a running history of changes to a specific code base and empowers your team to resolve conflicts while merging progressive code updates from multiple developers—it involves collaborative coding and version control tools such as GitLab, GitHub, and GitBucket.

Application refactoring is a scientific process offered by DevOps Services Consultants in Bangalore for incorporating improvements and upgrades into your existing code while making it more readable, coherent, and clear—it is also an integral part of your cloud migration cycle which allows you to add new features, spot and fix bugs, and even build complex applications.

Static code analysis (SCA) is offered by DevOps Services Consultants to help with debugging your software and applications by examining your source code before running a program. It is especially useful in detecting and highlighting any issues or bugs in the early stages of development, allowing your developers to fix them quickly, thereby helping to develop a strong code base. Work with industry leading SCA tools such as SonarQube and Micro Focus Fortify and empower your team to detect and fix bugs early and accelerate the development process.

Build tools such as Ant, Gradle, and Maven enable your developers to automate the creation of executable applications from source code and is a service offered by DevOps Services Consultants in Bangalore. Build automation is the process of scripting or automating a wide variety of tasks that software developers perform every day as part of the development process. Build tools help developers resolve errors that occur in the process of compiling sophisticated software systems.

Storage of artefacts. An artifact repository is an application designed to store, version, and deploy artifacts for ongoing builds. This service offered by DevOps Services Consultants helps your developers enjoy the full benefits of working with Nexus and Artifactory—the current industry standards for storage of binary Java artifacts. This can empower your DevOps team to develop software and applications more effectively and efficiently.

Containerization and Kubernetes services provide a portable, scalable, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads—facilitating both declarative configuration and automation. Offered by DevOps Services Consultants in Bangalore, the main features of this service are Cluster IP, NodePort, and LoadBalancer, where an external load balancer connects to our NodePort and Cluster IP services.

Container orchestration services offered by DevOps Services Consultants in Bangalore, means automation of much of the operational tasks involved in running containerized workloads and services. It includes a wide range of your software team’s needs to manage a container’s lifecycle, including provisioning, deployment, scaling up or down, networking, and load balancing.

CI/CD Services. These services extend from the development process to provisioning, deployment, and management and can keep your DevOps team performance at its peak on a constant basis, raising the bar for your customer experience.

AWS DevOPs services. Cloud computing contracts are very different from regular IT outsourcing agreements. A cloud service contract sets out the legal basis upon which a customer for cloud-based services accesses and uses those services. Sign up for a specific limited activity or short-term engagement, or you can hire a DevOps Services Consultant in Bangalore for a more comprehensive scope of periodic work for say a year.

Azure DevOPs. This is a SaaS platform designed to empower your DevOps team to plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship software solutions faster than you could before. It provides an end-to-end DevOps toolchain for developing and deploying software and integrates easily with most leading tools on the market.

Continuous Cloud Monitoring services via NOC is offered by leading DevOps Services Consultants in Bangalore and is the key to understanding what is happening in your infrastructure, giving you full control over the impact of your decisions not only for real-time motivations, but also to analyze trends and extract BI across all cloud service platforms such as AWS, Azure, Office 35, and Google Cloud.

Other DevOps services available through DevOps Services Consultants in Bangalore include DevOps assessment and planning, creating pilot frameworks using open source and licensed tools, process implementation, process automation, and security integration services.

Value Point Systems, a leading DevOps Services Consultant in Bangalore, offers the industry’s best solutions powered by AWS DevOps and Azure DevOps—which can also be easily integrated into your infrastructure as a cloud-managed services model delivered by a team of qualified and experienced digital transformation experts. With the rapidly increasing demand for DevOps services, you are probably forced to reconsider your approach to software development and operations, but you may not currently have the full expertise to create these capabilities internally while your business tries to keep pace with your growth needs. The aim of DevOps Services is to ensure that every action carried out in the software delivery process can be tracked, measured, and mapped to predetermined SLAs. You get the full range listed in the earlier section, from which you can choose one or more in a pre-decided combination, depending on your specific business requirements.

Key features of a good DevOps services consultancy provider in Bangalore?

Chief among the attributes of a proven DevOps services consultancy provider is firstly, their tenure of having rendered these services and their depth of expertise in providing DevOps services and the variety of customer environments they have gained their experience from. Secondly, you want to evaluate your provider’s level of expertise in execution of DevOps improvements on leading licensed platforms such as AWS, Azure, O365, and GCP—any formal certifications and accreditations from these leading technology OEM partners is always a preferred advantage. Next, with these first two characteristics in place, you want your DevOps services consultancy provider to be familiar with the regional technology support culture and offer the flexibility to accommodate even the smallest requirements with the same degree of importance as they would with larger, more complex projects.

Value Point is a full-service DevOps services consultancy provider—meaning that they literally have all possibilities covered in terms of pain points and their resolution, and that’s just the kind of DevOps services consultancy provider you need. So, you can save time otherwise wasted on coping with disjointed bits and pieces of software development with makeshift “solutions” from small players, that would hamper your release cycle and impact your time-to-market workflow. What you need instead is an insight-driven, end-to-end analytics practice, closed-loop consulting services, accurate mapping of applications, users, and infrastructure, collaboration only with hand-picked OEMs of high repute, adopting the latest industry best IT practices, along with managed service offerings that are on par with the best anywhere in the world.

Are partner certifications important to DevOps services consultants in Bangalore?

The simple answer is yes, because certifications emphasize your DevOps service provider’s credibility and commitment to meeting your DevOps expectations. Value Point is a preferred technology partner to some of the world’s largest IT solution OEMs and scores a big win with over 75 technical certifications, 10 CCNA and three CCIE certifications to its credit, which reiterates its commitment to elevating every single customer’s cloud migration experience, no matter how big their businesses are. Among the leading accreditations they hold are the CCNA and CCNP Data Center certifications from CISCO, Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate, CCSP, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and more.

Consider partnering with Value Point Systems

Value Point Systems’ leadership team brings with them a staggering wealth of collective experience of at least 125 years! We believe in enabling Indian companies to develop to their full potential and rewrite their ideals of success through deep consulting, the most effective technology deployments, strategic IT modernization, and improved infrastructure efficiencies. Our role as catalysts in our customers’ business transformation cycles has helped several of our customers rethink their business goals, having gained from the differentiators we bring into every phase of their journey. Our customers consider Value Point Systems as DNA-level insiders in DevOps, and for us it vindicates our commitment to deliver on our promise of helping them achieve process excellence and benefit from business effectiveness. Technology training and upskilling is an integral part of all our customer engagements, and we are appreciated for everything we have achieved together.

Value Point Systems has received several awards and coveted trophies of valued recognition for our contributions as world-class DevOps service providers. We have to our credit also received tokens of appreciation from our customers in whose business we were able to be at our performance peak.

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ValuePoint Cloud enables us to focus on our core initiatives and has provided us an agile way to plan and execute migrations for our Applications. Our success is intrinsically linked to our partnership with ValuePoint Cloud and the support which they provide. Partnering with ValuePoint Cloud has been one of the best moves we have made.
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Partnering with ValuePoint System Cloud has been one of the best moves we could have made. Upgrading a failing in-house hosted solution to cloud was a breeze. The administrative and system controls passed down to my team accompanied by ValuePoint Systems’s technical staff, has solidified our hosted solutions for the years to come.
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