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IT Facility Management Services In Bangalore

Value Point Systems has experience of 30 years in delivering amazing results through their services. They help transform a business so that their revenue and profits are increased, their customer experience becomes better, and outstanding business outcomes.

Value Point Systems provides services in various domains such as cyber security, data centre modernization, network transformation, and several others. One of their areas of service includes IT Managed Services. Through this service, they offer staff augmentation services, cost+ model, manpower-based services, and SLA-based services, etc.

Value Point Systems is a trusted company when it comes to its services and after-service. They are a name that is considered reliable through many companies involved in business with them, such as HP, Dell, Amazon, Microsoft, D-link, Logitech, Kaseya, Webroot, and many more. They have had over 15,000 satisfied clients and work in over 10 countries worldwide.

When it comes to IT Facility Management Services in Bangalore, Value Point Systems is a name that can be easily trusted considering its history with other clients over the years. They also have their headquarters in Bangalore.

What are IT Facility Management Services in Bangalore?

Many factors help run a business, an organization, or a company. Here is when Facility Management Services come into the picture. It becomes the company’s duty, provide you with facility management services to give you the assets and the physical space to be able to support the needs of your organization.

Facility Management includes services such as the functionality, safety, sustainability of buildings, infrastructure, and real estate. They cover all these services so that you can concentrate on the core motive of your organization and so that it runs smoothly. There are two basic areas of facilities management: Soft facilities management which deals with physical assets such as plumbing, wiring, heating, cooling, elevators, etc., and the other one is hard facilities management which deals with tasks performed by people such as lease accounting, security, catering, groundskeeping, custodial services, etc.

So if you want your employees to have an environment that is safe, welcoming, and efficient, want to go big on savings, and want effective space management, you should proceed to facility management services.

What is IT facility management services in Bangalore?

IT facility management services are provided to IT infrastructures or IT organizations. The IT facility management services help in the efficient management of the equipment, different types of software, gadgets, storage devices, machines, and all the other available machinery.

The IT companies are well equipped with heavy and small machinery, and they entirely depend on these machines for their work. If their machines are not in good condition or are spending loads of money on device replacements due to mismanagement, their day-to-day activities or work would be hindered. IT management services help in these situations. They help by taking care of such equipment through proper servicing and proper care to focus on its work.

What services do IT Facility Management services in Bangalore provide?

There are many services that facility management provides. Some of them are listed below:

  • SLA-based – SLA or Service Level Agreements are a critical component of any outsourcing or technology vendor contract. SLA lists the expectations of the quality and type of services to be provided and the solutions to the problems raised when these expectations are not met.
  • Manpower-based – Manpower Management is also known as human resource management. It deals with providing the right kind of people, at the right place, and in the right number for doing the right things for which they are best suited so that the organization benefits.
  • Cost Model- Managed Service Providers provide routine services such as systems monitoring and services and emergency services, including disaster recovery, which can help in cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Managed service providers have a list of price models from which a business can choose a price model that best meets its needs and suits its budget.
  • Staff Augmentation- it is a strategy adopted by various IT firms today. They hire skilled It professionals on an external basis to temporarily cover some necessary positions in their firm for a short or long period depending upon the project’s requirement.

What is Service Level Agreement?

Service Level Agreement in facility management services means an agreement or a contract between a service provider and an end-user that describes the service provider’s level of service and what will be the consequences if the service provider fails to provide the said services. The contract is written in clear, concise, and easily understandable language.

There are different types of SLA:

  • Corporate level- all the general issues within the organization are covered and are the same throughout the organization.
  • Customer level- issues specific to a customer are dealt with under these SLAs.
  • Service level- all issues relevant to a particular service concerning the customer are addressed under these SLAs.

SLAs are an integral part of IT vendor contracts. It puts together all the information regarding a service provider, the level of the service to be given, the responsibilities and expectations from the service provider, and the penalties that may be levied if the said services are not provided. 

What are Manpower Management Services?

Manpower management services are also known as Human Resource Management (HR Management). Manpower management helps with the proper utilization of one’s employees to yield maximum profit while also cutting costs. It is carried out in a set procedure:

  • Analyzation- in this step, the current number of employees is calculated along with the best work and their capabilities.
  • Planning- after analyzing the current situation, one needs to plan for the future, so how many more employees will be needed in the future and what qualities they should possess are planned out.
  • Developing Employment Programs- after deciding how many employees are needed, a company needs to start recruitment.
  • Design Training Programs- after recruiting new employees, the company needs to train them and teach them how the company functions and their objectives.

What are the pricing or cost models?

There are several pricing models that the managed service providers offer from which the company can choose based on their budget and what their company needs. Here are the common pricing models:

  1. Monitoring only pricing model- provides network monitoring and alerting services
  2. Per-user pricing model- a flat fee is allotted to each user per month and covers all the devices used by each user.
  3. All you can eat pricing model- extremely flexible; includes all the services, such as on-site support, remote support, etc., for a flat fee per month.
  4. Per-device pricing model- a flat fee is designated for each device, and the cost increases with the increase of each device. This is a very easy cost model used by many businesses.
  5. Tiered pricing model- making bundled package of services, the services are also increased with the increasing price.
  6. A la carte pricing model- this pricing model allows the customer to select and pay for the services that they need. They can create a customized package for themselves.

What is staff augmentation?

Staff Augmentation uses outside employees temporarily to make up for the missing staff for a stipulated period. It is a flexible method in which the company can choose candidates based on their requirements according to their skills and the time for which they are available. This allows the company to increase or decrease the duration of the augmented employees according to their needs.

The benefits of staff augmentation are as follows:

  • No infrastructure investment- the company does not need to make any new investments in the area of infrastructure because the augmented employees can either be told to work from home or if they are filling in for the missing employees, they can work from their desks.
  • Reduces time spent on recruitment- the companies do not have to arrange a full recruitment process, as they just need to advertise for the required qualities of an employee and hire the preferred candidates, which they can continue with or fire according to its needs.
  • Not bound by geographical limitations- the company can hire augmented employees from a remote place, provided they do not need to come to the office that they are working on.

Why do businesses need IT facility management services in Bangalore?

IT companies are often well-equipped for the equipment they need, such as computers, storage devices, software, machines, printers, etc. They might not be equipped with the management of these tools and machines. Here is when the IT facility management services come into play.

It is the facility manager’s job to understand and assess the relationship between the available assets and the facilities that are needed to keep the assets working and up-to-date. The objective of IT facility management are as follows:

  • Use the assets to their full potential by establishing a proper relationship between them and the workplace facilities.
  • Communicate with the IT staff of the company to install and service the IT assets.
  • Manage the physical environment of the IT infrastructure, and keep the workplace connected.

An IT company needs IT facility management services not just for the smooth functioning of the machines present in the company but also for creating a preferable environment to promote outstanding results. The unnecessary expenses can be cut down.

How does partnering with Value Point Systems work and benefit the IT firms?

Value Point Systems is a trusted company regarding the services they provide. They don’t only provide you with solutions; instead, they work on your problems with you together. Their service, management of the problems, and after-service are all praise-worthy.

They have worked with a global biopharmaceutical company in IT management services. They first assessed the problems or the challenges, then thought of solutions to them, and then implemented them. The results were amazing, allowing the biopharmaceutical company to focus on its core objective rather than worrying about IT management.

Just like this, you can also benefit from the IT facility management services provided by Value Point Systems.

Next Step?

To focus on the company’s core objective, to become cost-efficient, to increase productivity, to make more profits, and to benefit the most from the company, one should consider hiring Value Point Systems for all their IT facility management services in Bangalore. They are a well-trusted and reliable company with many examples to look at. They can be given any task, and they make it look easy with proper solutions to the problems of any firm. They work according to one’s budget and requirements; all the solutions are customized according to your needs, which makes it all the more special.

FAQs of IT facility management services in Bangalore

What are the main functions of facilities management?

The main functions of facilities management in any domain include:

  • Maintaining and optimization of facilities that are present in the company.
  • Making the company more efficient in all the areas.
  • Making the company environment friendly and accommodating.
  • Keeping the database up-to-date.
  • Integrating technology.

What are the skills essential for a good facility manager?

Some of the essential qualities of a good facility manager can be read as follows:

  • Good communication skills
  • Relationship-building
  • Multi-tasking capability
  • Skill of prioritizing
  • Leadership quality, along with motivational skills
  • Proactive thinking
  • Strategically minded

What makes a company a good facility management company?

A good facility management company would always think for the best of the company it is working for or with. They would provide a strategic approach that would be applicable in the long run and benefit the company in multiple ways.

What services are included in facilities management?

The services provided in facilities management are as follows:

  • Minimize risks to employees
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the company.
  • Find and adopt technological solutions
  • Create an environment with high productivity.

Happy Clients

“Value Point has provided IT support for our office for over 5 years. From keeping track of our applications for us and managing our servers to dealing with new equipment acquisitions, setup and maintenance, the Value Point team is always quick to respond, friendly and efficient – often reminding us of important updates and renewals. Highly recommended.”
- Naren Modi
VP Tech, financial institution
"Value Point helped develop robust yet cost-effective solutions which allowed for continued growth while being sensitive to the issues surrounding medical information."
-Indira reddy
executive director, healthcare industry
"Since partnering with Fully Managed, we no longer worry about technology and instead focus on delivering an innovative and valuable legal practice to our clients."
- Rahul Singh
partner, law firm

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