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IT infrastructure services companies in India

Value Point Systems is currently the industry leader. These service centres provide a special set of highly valuable benefits, including the implementation and upkeep of an authorized, closely watched, and advanced system that serves as the first line of defense against network failures and disturbances. Technology powers almost every aspect of today’s enterprises, from an individual employee’s work to operations to goods and services. Technology may be utilized to improve communication, generate efficiency, and increase production when properly networked.

An IT infrastructure service in India that is adaptable, dependable, and secure may assist an organization in meeting its goals and providing a competitive advantage in the market. In contrast, if an IT infrastructure is not correctly built, firms may have connection, productivity, and security difficulties, such as system interruptions and breaches. Overall, having a well-integrated infrastructure may influence whether or not a firm is profitable.

What is IT infrastructure

Hardware and software comprise the two main component groups of India’s IT infrastructure, composed of interrelated aspects.
Hardware relies on software, such as an operating system, to function. An operating system similarly manages the system’s resources and hardware. Operating systems also use networking components to connect software applications and physical resources.


Hardware elements may include:
● Personal computers
● Servers
● Computer data centres
● Hubs
● Routers
● Switches
● Facilities


Software elements may include:
● Systems for managing content
● Customer service management
● Business resource planning
● Website servers
● Computer operating systems


Networking equipment, servers, and data centres are housed in facilities often known as physical plants. It also comprises network wiring in office buildings that link IT infrastructure components.


Networks are made up of switches, routers, hubs, and servers. On local area networks, switches connect network components like routers, servers, and other switches (LANs). Devices on various LANs may communicate with one another and transfer data between networks thanks to routers. Hubs connect several networking devices so they may operate together as a single entity.


Computer servers make it possible for many people to access and share resources.

Data centre/server room

Organizations have many servers in server rooms or data centres. Most networks are built around data centres.

A firm may provide a great client experience by offering uninterrupted access to its website and online store using IT infrastructure services in India, such as Value Point System, which helps:
● Rapid development and commercial introduction of solutions
● To make speedy judgments and collect data in real-time.
● Increase staff output.

Why do Indian Businesses Need IT infrastructure?

Many small firms and startups start with a small-scale infrastructure that does the job cheaply. This might include basic gear such as PCs, laptops, a phone system, and an internet router. Small organizations may also use standard apps like Microsoft 365 to handle documents, presentations, email, and cloud storage. While this type of beginning infrastructure might get the job done in the early days of a firm, it will not provide the quality service you want as your organization expands. You need gear and software to keep up with your thriving business’s demands as you expand and your needs change.
A modern, well-managed IT infrastructure service in India delivers dependable security, fast speeds and connectivity, staff support and accessibility, and a pleasing user experience for your clients. Value Point System may assist you in achieving these attributes and more.

What Is The Importance of IT infrastructure services in India?

Your company’s requirements change as it expands. All the changes you go through are supported by an efficient IT infrastructure service in India for you, your team, and your clients. Value Point System will protect your data even if your company grows in popularity and becomes a bigger target for attackers. A scalable network will adjust as new solutions are required to meet your changing demands and continue to provide support. You need a quick, dependable, and secure system in today’s digital era that can keep up with all the changes and advances the IT industry has to offer. How can you tell whether your IT system is up to par? A few instances of what unreliable IT infrastructure services in India might do for your company are as follows:

Preventative Security Measures

The biggest obligation that modern enterprises must deal with is security. Hacking efforts become more powerful and perilous as technology advances. You want a clever, complex, and controlled system that devotes the required resources to data protection. Standard firewalls and anti-virus protection might not be sufficient to stop data theft or corruption. An efficient IT infrastructure service in India goes above and beyond by offering preventative security measures like monitoring and tracking threats or spotting holes in your defences. These actions assist you in fending off assaults when they occur and avoiding intrusions in the future.

Disaster Recovery and Management

A managed IT infrastructure benefits your company every day, but in the event of a calamity, it shines even brighter. Security lapses, equipment failures, and other IT problems can have major repercussions for your company. Losses in revenue, angry customers, and even reputational harm result from data loss, system outages, and production stops. If your IT infrastructure can handle the workload, you may lessen or avoid these issues. You can always retrieve lost, damaged, or otherwise compromised data thanks to a reliable IT infrastructure service In India, such as Value Point System, which incorporates regular and extensive data backups. A swift and competent IT infrastructure management staff can also respond immediately to issues and effectively handle emergencies.

An improved user experience

Your end users are also interested in your IT infrastructure services. You can provide your customers with better products and customer service by investing in your IT infrastructure, including everything from a practical online store to comprehensive client relations management software. Additionally, by reducing downtime via comprehensive disaster management and preventative maintenance, your customers won’t ever experience impatient delays.

Supporting greater productivity from employees

Poor connectivity, sluggish processing, and annoyingly complex data storage can all affect an antiquated or overworked IT system. These issues all limit the performance of your staff members. Don’t let your team’s IT setup prevent them from producing amazing work. Employees may maximize their workdays and increase production for your company when your network provides effective and accessible apps. Additionally, regardless of an employee’s location or device of choice, an efficient IT infrastructure service in India keeps your data secure and accessible. Thanks to this, employees may work remotely safely and easily while maintaining their productivity.

Flexibility and Scalability

For Your Changing Business, You Need Flexibility and Scalability
Will your current, dependable IT infrastructure still be useful to you in the future? The secret to running a successful business is planning. A scalable IT infrastructure can modify and adapt to your company’s changing demands. Will you require extra storage space or new instances as you expand? Will your network’s speeds and the gear you have now be sufficient for the job your company does?
Experts like the team at Value Point System can assist you in optimizing your environment when you pick managed IT infrastructure solutions to best serve your company. You’ll be able to increase your capabilities, buy new software and equipment, and keep up with the latest upgrades and apps as your demands develop and evolve. These steps build a flexible IT infrastructure service in India, such as Value Point System, that evolves with you and offers practical solutions for the duration of your company.

Maintaining Safety and Expectations

Standards of safety, transparency and security have become crucial in the rapidly evolving world of information and technology. Your company is subject to industry rules as well as state and federal legislation. If you cannot adhere to these criteria, you risk suffering dire repercussions like losing clients or being subjected to crippling litigation. As a result, your company needs to give compliance regulations and standards first importance. You may achieve and surpass these criteria with a solid IT infrastructure when you can distinguish your company from rivals and draw in new customers by claiming top-notch security and integrity. Additionally, managed IT infrastructure services in India enable you to always remain on top of compliance rules so that you never disappoint your clients.

Value Point System has established itself in digital transformation with roughly 10 operating branches in 3 countries and a workforce of about 1,200.

The network operations centre is one of the most important IT functional teams. Both internal and external clients utilize your IT infrastructure services daily in India. The whole digital experience of your customers must be maintained, SLAs (service level agreements) must be honoured, and critical business productivity must be enabled.
It is crucial to have services that can reduce downtime for all IT systems and stop catastrophic breakdowns. Even though many businesses have their infrastructure, even with the best staff, automation, and training, it may be challenging to manage. For businesses struggling to maintain a functioning IT infrastructure, third-party service providers—often referred to as managed service providers—may be more effective.


What are the advantages of IT infrastructure services in India?

● High-performance storage systems store and back up data and incorporate a disaster recovery mechanism.
● Low-latency networks employ enterprise-level infrastructure components to decrease data flow delay.
● Systems that manage information access and data availability are included in secure infrastructures. It may also protect a company from breaches and hacks wherever the data is stored, preserving consumer confidence.
● WANs manage the network by prioritizing traffic and allocating more or less bandwidth to certain applications as needed.
● Virtualization allows quicker server deployment, uptime, disaster recovery, and energy savings.
● Zero downtime strives to prevent business interruptions and eliminate system downtime to keep costs low and earnings high.

What are the types of IT infrastructure?

Traditional and cloud infrastructure are India’s two main forms of IT infrastructure services.

Traditional Infrastructure:

A traditional IT infrastructure’s typical physical and software elements include buildings, data centres, servers, networking hardware, desktop PCs, and corporate application software solutions. This infrastructure configuration often demands more resources, such as power and space, than other forms of infrastructure. For private or company-only use, a conventional infrastructure is often established on-site.

Cloud Infrastructure:

A cloud computing environment Traditional infrastructure is akin to IT infrastructure. End users, on the other hand, may access the infrastructure over the internet and consume computer resources without installing on-premises, thanks to virtualization. Virtualization joins physical servers hosted by a service provider in one or more locations. Then it splits and abstracts resources, like storage, to make them available to users practically everywhere there is an internet connection. Because cloud infrastructure is frequently made available to the public, it is commonly referred to as a public cloud.

What are the Benefits of Working With Value Point Systems?

Value Point Systems, one of the most potent organizations in India’s cloud transformation market, leans on various unique qualities it has developed over the last 30 years. Several of our customers have rethought their business goals thanks to our role as a proven catalyst throughout their business transformation cycles since they have seen tangible outcomes at every stage of their travels. We have easily and seamlessly integrated into our customers’ businesses to the point where they view Value Point Systems as DNA-level insiders in their operations. For us, fulfilling our promise to assist them in achieving process and people excellence and gaining significant business effectiveness is a daily commitment.

How do I determine the right IT infrastructure service for my company?

With several IT infrastructure services in India to pick from, establish your needs based on your business and consider industry insight and reputation. Check the staff’s experience and verify sure the fee is acceptable for the service given.

Happy Clients

“Value Point has provided IT support for our office for over 5 years. From keeping track of our applications for us and managing our servers to dealing with new equipment acquisitions, setup and maintenance, the Value Point team is always quick to respond, friendly and efficient – often reminding us of important updates and renewals. Highly recommended.”
- Naren Modi
VP Tech, financial institution
"Value Point helped develop robust yet cost-effective solutions which allowed for continued growth while being sensitive to the issues surrounding medical information."
-Indira reddy
executive director, healthcare industry
"Since partnering with Fully Managed, we no longer worry about technology and instead focus on delivering an innovative and valuable legal practice to our clients."
- Rahul Singh
partner, law firm

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