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CCTV Dealers in Bangalore

Value Point Systems is one of Bangalore’s most credible and well-established CCTV dealer partners. With more than three decades of work under their belt, Value Point Systems has a lot of valuable market experience and has been the top choice of customers for a large variety of services.

In the current age, the need for technology and safety is at an all-time high. From roads to corporate organizations to schools: CCTV technology has proven extremely valuable everywhere. It helps monitor people, their comings and goings, their activities, etc.

Bangalore, being the renowned IT hub of India, offers some of the best CCTV technology the country has to see. With many infamous CCTV dealers stationed in Bangalore, you are guaranteed to not go wrong by choosing one of the dealers we recommend.

What’s more, with Value Point Systems partnering with these CCTV dealers, the service you are provided with will be nothing short of top-tier. The professionals that work here and their large portfolio of skills are sure to put your worries to ease.


Watching over a facility which is under suspicion or area to be secured

Access Control System

The system provides secured access to a facility or another system to enter or control it

Fire Alarm System

Rapidly extinguish an advancing fire and alarm tenants preceding impressive harm

Why is partnering with Value Point Systems sensible?

Value Point Systems believes in providing the best technology and service to its customers. By partnering with some of the leading CCTV dealers in Bangalore, we ensure the companies are working to their maximum potential and providing the best output possible within their capabilities.

We wish to see companies reach heights they have never done before, but we also want to ensure fulfilment and satisfaction in all our customers. Our partners see us, Value Point Systems, as a pivotal part of their operations and one that has greatly benefitted their operations.

All that we have achieved together in the past, and all that we will continue to achieve in the future, is something we value immensely. We always strive to do our very best for our partner company’s sake and our own. Together, we help our customers avail themselves of quality services they could only imagine in their dreams before.

Electronic Security and Automation

Electronic security systems such as CCTV Surveillance systems, Access Control Systems and Fire Alarm systems, prevent both external and internal theft, crime and fire.

  • Modern CCTV Surveillance systems, with advanced features like mobile monitoring, intrusion alarm, night vision and high-resolution image capture can be placed at entrances, exits, in restricted areas and in hallways.
  • Access Control systems allow employees access to specific areas but keep unauthorized people out, and make it easier to update, remove, add users and customize their access. Credentials such as encrypted cards, biometric readers, access control keypads, mobile credentials and layered security are used.
  • Fire alarm protocols include elements like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarm and sprinkler systems. For specialised needs, environmental hazard detectors like heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, or water detectors can be employed as recommended.

Electronic Security and Automation

Legendary Support

Automation systems ensure advanced threat detection of anomalies and aggregation of real-time data. Analytical reports guarantee a refined use of resources, making it easier for you to prevent or control an emergency situation. Automation of your systems is directly proportional to time and cost savings.

We accurately identify the security risks that are unique to your establishment and help you design and build a modern security and automation system specific to your current and future needs. Our advanced solutions allow you to smoothly establish security measures which are an integral part of managing your business.

CCTV Dealers in Bangalore

Value Point Systems believes that it is very important to avail the best CCTV service possible within your allotted budget. Several reputable CCTV dealers in Bangalore offer their services to those who require them. A careful study of your choices and a comparison goes a long way in helping you make the right decision.

Value Point Systems believes a decision made with careful thought and deliberation is far better than one made in haste. It is better to weigh your choices carefully before settling for a specific company. Most importantly, it is important to be knowledgeable of what CCTV technology is, some of its purposes, and the key features that should be present to qualify as good CCTV technology. Let’s examine each of these in greater depth.

What exactly is CCTV technology?

CCTV technology, also known as Closed-Circuit Television, has enjoyed a great deal of popularity in the 21st century. It was invented to reduce the number of breaches and dangerous activities that took place with no witnesses to testify against the perpetrator.

Due to the widespread presence of CCTV technology, people feel a lot safer than they used to when visiting public places such as malls, airports, banks, and more. They know they are being monitored. If the unexpected were to occur, authorities would be on the case faster than they would be without CCTV.

CCTV technology has come a long way since its inception. New advances are being made in the field regularly. The cutting-edge technology used in the newer software, alongside the flexible surveillance equipment, offers greater safety than ever.

As the name suggests, Closed-Circuit Television is a type of TV system. Instead of publicly distributing the returned signals, they are instead monitored for security purposes. To obtain the feed, you see on the television, cameras need to be installed throughout the specific location. The signals they send back are then viewed on the monitors.

In particular, the term “closed-circuit” alludes to their limited accessibility. Only those who have been authorized to view the content can do so. Value Point Systems understands the importance of CCTV technology in the current age and urges people to employ the same for their safety.

What are the main purposes of CCTV technology which CCTV dealers in Bangalore use?

There are several reasons why CCTV technology is used. Some of them include:

  • To monitor the safety of buildings and grounds.
  • Traffic monitoring is a popular usage of technology. It aids in catching defaulters, detecting locations of congestions, and making notes of road accidents.
  • Highly toxic or radioactive environments are monitored by CCTV technology as they are too hazardous for regular human beings.
  • It is also employed in prisons to observe the captives’ behaviour and take action as needed.
  • Securing the perimeter in necessary places, such as hospitals, schools, offices, and even homes.
  • High-security areas need some of the best CCTV technology. These locations include banks, airports, and casinos.
  • Lastly, many public places also use CCTV technology, such as shopping malls, restaurants, shops, factories, and places of worship, like temples, churches, and mosques.

Value Point Systems recommends CCTV technology to all those who can afford it. While it may seem pointless to employ CCTV in your own home, it is one of the more necessary expenses that pays dividends in the long term. You can never be sure when tragedy may strike. Being safe and secure is always more important than being sorry.

Why you should choose CCTV dealers in Bangalore

Value Point Systems and its CCTV dealers in Bangalore offer some of the best services in the country. Choosing one of these companies is bound to satisfy your every need.

CCTV technology is always a nice addition to your preexisting technology. It will only enhance the safety of your home in addition to the locks and alarms you already employ. CCTV technology is the best investment to make when it comes to monitoring your in-home staff or your children.

The CCTV dealers in Bangalore have wonderful technology to offer. You can now have HD feed sent directly to your phone. Even if you may be miles away or in a different state, you will still be able to monitor your home’s safety. Recent advancements have even made it possible to detect the difference between humans and animals.

No matter what your need may be, Value Point Systems believes your family and your safety to be of utmost importance. Investing in one of our partners is the right choice to make.

Key Features of good CCTV dealers in Bangalore

Certain features should be present in the CCTV technology to be worthful. Value Point Systems and their certified professionals think the following features are key to good software:

  • Enhance public safety 24/7
  • Remove and reduce fear of crime from the people
  • Cost-effective to find the perpetrator of the crime
  • Identify suspicious activity within the premises
  • Employ multiple methods to identify suspects
  • Deter people from committing crimes
  • Be able to playback recorded feed

What are some of the recommended CCTV dealers in Bangalore?

Value Point Systems is a reputable partner for many CCTV dealers and enhances their value by being in league with them. Value Point Systems recommends many CCTV dealers in Bangalore for your CCTV needs.

The most recommended and reputable CCTV cameras and technology brands are well-known big-name brands. This includes Samsung, Sony, Zicom, and Hik Vision. All four of these brands offer some of the most cutting-edge technology available in the market and will surely not disappoint you, no matter what your needs may be.

Customers prefer these brands with good reason. Not only are they popular throughout the world, but they also keep abreast of the latest developments in technology. They have developed a name for themselves through their actions and hard work. Value Point Systems, being a company in the same vein, is proud to partner with them and recommend them as their top choice for CCTV dealers in Bangalore.

Why you should pick Value Point Systems as your CCTV dealers in Bangalore

CCTV technology is immensely useful and valuable for people of all kinds. Whether you need it for your company/organization or just your home, CCTV helps keep you safe. There is no competition between the pros and cons of CCTV technology – the pros will always outweigh the cons.

Value Point Systems puts you before everything else. To us, your safety is our topmost concern. Our professionals will assist you and be there for you every step of the way. Some of the key features we have to offer in our services include:

  • Our professionals will inspect the location where the cameras are to be installed and suggest the best CCTV cameras that should be set up.
  • We will guide you through the purchase process and deliver the CCTV cameras directly to your home.
  • As the installation process can be quite difficult to carry out on your lonesome, our experts will be there to facilitate the process and streamline it for you.
  • Night vision will be employed in the cameras to minimize the probability of theft.
  • Our experts will ensure your needs are met, whether they are collecting evidence of theft, preventing crime, surveying private and sensitive areas, and more.
  • We guarantee customer satisfaction to all those who avail of our services.
  • An extended warranty will also be available on all your equipment.
  • Value Point Services also offers protection against any potential false liability lawsuits.

Security is of increasing importance in the modern world. The need for it only increases with time; it does not lessen. CCTV cameras and technology are here to stay and will only grow in demand as the year’s pass. Value Point Systems and its services are among the best that Bangalore offers in this department – and many others.

Our professionals and CCTV dealers in Bangalore ensure cost-effective and advanced monitoring of your chosen location. We strive to reduce crime and theft and help ensure a safer world comes to pass.


What is the purpose of employing CCTV technology?

CCTV technology’s main purpose is monitoring a specific location for any suspicious activity, such as crime and theft. It deters people from engaging in dangerous activities and helps keep people and vehicles in the area safe.

How far can CCTV cameras see?

The distance that a CCTV camera can observe and monitor greatly depends on the type of camera used. A home security camera can see up to 70 feet depending on how good its sensor, lens, and resolution are. Certain professional cameras, like professional PTZs, can see much farther away and even up to 700 feet.

How much do CCTV cameras cost?

The cost of a CCTV camera depends on its quality, lens, sensor, and resolution. Most cameras are ranged anywhere from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 20000. Home security cameras tend to be cheaper than professional cameras. Value Point Systems offers some of the best cost-effective cameras via its CCTV dealers.

Do CCTV cameras work in the dark?

Yes, most of them do employ night vision for dark locations. The feed is black and white during the night. Certain infrared CCTV cameras can see through dark, dust, fog, and smoke. The image, still, remains clear.

Do CCTV cameras record voice?

Yes, CCTV cameras record voice alongside image and video feed. However, in certain locations, it may be disallowed to record audio. In that case, the audio recording would have to be manually switched off.