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Wi-Fi and wireless solutions

Cloud virtual resources enable you to integrate and deliver wireless solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. We offer a comprehensive range of wireless products and solutions, including:

  • Secure VPN connectivity for remote users working away from the office, allowing them to connect securely and efficiently with their corporate network.
  • Easy installation of network devices, including wireless APs, cabling, and other accessories.
  • Reduction of operating costs through the automation of various tasks related to your wireless network.


A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a networking solution that provides fast, secure, and flexible connectivity between your branches. It enables you to create a WAN infrastructure that uses the internet instead of MPLS lines for network connection.

This can reduce costs by up to 80% compared with traditional wide area networks (WANs), while still providing optimal performance for business-critical applications.

Network Infrastructure


Switching is a valuable asset in computer networking in all dimensions especially if your company has employees working remotely. It determines the best path for data between your businesses and Branches. It helps ensure reliable communication in your LAN and WAN.

Our team can help you find the best way to communicate between all your offices, whether that’s through MPLS IPVPN, Ethernet, or wireless.  We offer switching and routing services where the Packet fusion assesses the switches in your LAN ensuring that unified communication is enabled for seamless productivity. We at Value Point systems ensures that your wireless system has all it takes to serve and protect clients, organisation and the employees.

Managed Firewall

A Managed firewall is a type of firewall that protects your network from attacks and unwanted traffic, making sure only safe access is allowed. Managed Firewall has many benefits for any business, including:

  • Protection against data leaks
  • Improved productivity by allowing staff to access only approved applications and websites.

Routing services

Our team can also provide routing and VPN services to support the entire business. They will create a secure connection between your office and all your branch networks – with support for MPLS IPVPN, Ethernet, and wireless – no matter where they are located.

Network security needs to be strong but not intrusive, as any unnecessary services and access points into your network can create vulnerabilities. Our team will check your needs to ensure you have a secure and user-friendly solution.

Meeting room and conferencing solutions

Our team can provide a managed meeting room and conferencing solutions that are set up according to your requirements.

We use video-conference technology for meetings, which can be an effective business tool. For example, it brings people together at the same time without the restrictions of location or travel arrangements. Our experts will configure a solution that meets all your business needs.

IoT Services

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network infrastructure that connects physical objects and software systems, allowing interaction among the various devices.

IoT will become an integral part of digital transformation as it becomes increasingly adopted by businesses, supporting cost savings, heightened productivity, and improved customer service. At the same time, it can also create numerous opportunities for cyber-criminals to launch attacks on your business.

Network monitoring services

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) is staffed with trained, experienced engineers who monitor your connectivity at all times. They act swiftly to ensure that you can continue carrying out business activities without any disruption.

We use state-of-the-art technology and tools to analyze network traffic across multiple sites, allowing us to pinpoint the source of potential problems.

Managed Network Security services

We can help you strengthen the cyber security of all your business networks by offering customized managed network security services that are tailored to meet your needs. Some of the benefits from this include:

  • Protection against the latest cyber threats
  • Fast detection of breaches preventing further damage to your business
  • 24/7 managed security that is fully scalable for businesses of any size

Network assessment and consulting services

All sizes of businesses can benefit from our network consulting and assessment services. Our services in network assessment and consulting will bring a lot of benefits to your business, including:

  • An in-depth analysis of your current network design and infrastructure
  • Detailed reports on all areas of your business, which will help you monitor the performance of various networks across different sites
  • A detailed recommendation of how best to improve your networking setup using cost-effective technologies

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