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Electronic Security and Automation System

Our advanced solutions allow you to smoothly establish security measures which are an integral part of managing your business.


Watching over a facility which is under suspicion or area to be secured

Access Control System

The system provides secured access to a facility or another system to enter or control it

Fire Alarm System

Rapidly extinguish an advancing fire and alarm tenants preceding impressive harm

Electronic Security and Automation

In today’s technologically advanced world, the number of threats, attacks and unfortunate incidents is increasing and evolving. To ensure the safety and security of their employees, customers, property and assets, every business requires innovative security and automation solutions that also serve as constant monitoring systems.

Advantages of Electronic Security and Automation System:

  • Protection of sensitive business information, data and assets
  • Peaceful working environment for employees
  • Instant security alerts/updates
  • Round the clock protection of the premises
  • Conflict resolution
  • Monitoring of high-risk areas prone to vandalism, theft or intrusion
  • Automation and analytics
  • Real-time analysis means quicker turnaround in response time

Electronic Security and Automation

Electronic security systems such as CCTV Surveillance systems, Access Control Systems and Fire Alarm systems, prevent both external and internal theft, crime and fire.

  • Modern CCTV Surveillance systems, with advanced features like mobile monitoring, intrusion alarm, night vision and high-resolution image capture can be placed at entrances, exits, in restricted areas and in hallways.
  • Access Control systems allow employees access to specific areas but keep unauthorized people out, and make it easier to update, remove, add users and customize their access. Credentials such as encrypted cards, biometric readers, access control keypads, mobile credentials and layered security are used.
  • Fire alarm protocols include elements like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarm and sprinkler systems. For specialised needs, environmental hazard detectors like heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, or water detectors can be employed as recommended.

Electronic Security and Automation

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Automation systems ensure advanced threat detection of anomalies and aggregation of real-time data. Analytical reports guarantee a refined use of resources, making it easier for you to prevent or control an emergency situation. Automation of your systems is directly proportional to time and cost savings.

We accurately identify the security risks that are unique to your establishment and help you design and build a modern security and automation system specific to your current and future needs. Our advanced solutions allow you to smoothly establish security measures which are an integral part of managing your business.