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Government Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore

Value Point Systems is one of the most credible and well-established Government Licensed Electrical Contractor partners in Bangalore. With more than three decades of work under their belt, Value Point Systems has a lot of valuable market experience and has been the top choice of customers for a large variety of services.

Electricity is one of the most basic needs every individual wants to be fulfilled in this day and age. Even some of the most basic activities require electricity, be it a small amount or a large one. Electrical appliances, making phone calls, or accessing the internet, are only some of its uncountable uses.

Bangalore, being the renowned IT hub of India, offers some of the best electrical technology and services the country has to see. With many infamous electrical contractors stationed in Bangalore, you are guaranteed to not go wrong by choosing one of the contractors we recommend.

What’s more, with Value Point Systems partnering with these electrical contractors, the service you are provided with will be nothing short of top-tier. The professionals that work here and their large portfolio of skills are sure to put your worries to ease.

Project Planning

The initial phase is to plan the project and the resource allocation for the total project in advance.

Resources Distribution

We make sure proper electrical resources are available at the right point of time for installation.


Post completion of the project, periodic maintenance ensures the safety of the building’s total electrical infrastructure.

Why is partnering with Value Point Systems sensible?

Value Point Systems believes in providing the best technology and service to its customers. By partnering with some of the leading Government Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore, we ensure the companies are working to their maximum potential and providing the best output possible within their capabilities.

We wish to see companies reach heights they have never done before, but we also want to ensure fulfilment and satisfaction in all our customers. Our partners see us, Value Point Systems, as a pivotal part of their operations and one that has greatly benefitted their activities.

All that we have achieved together in the past, and all that we will continue to achieve in the future, is something we value immensely. We always strive to do our very best for our partner company’s sake and our own. Together, we help our customers avail themselves of quality services they could only imagine in their dreams before.




Electrical & Power Solutions

Our exclusive electrical technical consultancy services, complete with modern technology and dedicated off site/on-site support are:

  • High Voltage Distribution
  • Captive/Standby Generation
  • HT Power Distribution
  • LT Power Distribution
  • Power Distribution within buildings
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)
  • Power Control
  • Demand Control
  • Lighting Protection and Load Rolling System
  • Energy Monitoring
  • External Low Voltage Distribution
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Earthing System


Legendary Support

Our uniquely crafted Electrical solutions position your business to confidently face the challenges of the future era.

Government Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore

Value Point Systems believes that it is very important to avail the best electrical contractor service possible within your allotted budget. Several reputable electrical contractors in Bangalore offer their services to those who require them. A careful study of your choices and a comparison goes a long way in helping you make the right decision.

Value Point Systems believes a decision made with careful thought and deliberation is far better than one made in haste. It is better to weigh your choices carefully before settling for a specific company. Most importantly, it is important to know the difference between a government-licensed electrical contractor and one with no license, features to look out for, and more. Let’s examine each of these in greater depth.

What is the difference between an Electrician and an Electrical Contractor?

Before we get started on anything else, it is important to differentiate between an Electrician and an Electrical Contractor. While the two terms may appear interchangeable, the truth is far from that.

An electrician is someone who carries out all the electrical work. They have been trained to work on electrical equipment and can carry out all electrical services required. However, they are not permitted to work freelance. An electrician must either work for an electrical company or an electrical contractor to provide their services.

On the other hand, an electrical contractor is an electrician that has trained further and given advanced exams to obtain an Electrical Contractor’s License. Unlike an electrician, electrical contractors can work by themselves and charge clients for their services. Electricians often work under electrical contractors.

In other words, you can say that an electrical contractor has a higher ranking than an electrician and possesses more technical and advanced skills. Their expertise in electrical matters makes them ideal to employ for whatever your electrical needs may be.

Value Point Systems highly recommends hiring an electrical contractor over an electrician. Not only does the former boast a more impressive skill set and resume, but their ability to be employed as freelance work gives you greater freedom as well. If you are hiring an electrician, ensure they work under an electrical company or an electrical contractor.

What is the difference between Government licensed electrical contractors in Bangalore and Non-Licensed Electrical Contractors?

Electrical contractors can either possess a government license, or they can even go without one. So, which one is the better choice?

A Government Licensed Electrical Contractor is the way to go. Value Point Systems and their experience in the market have shown that people vastly prefer electrical contractors with a government license to those without. So, why is that?

A Government Licensed Electrical Contractor has been issued to those permitted to work with higher voltage equipment. Those who wish to work at voltages equal to or higher than 11KV will mandatorily require the license. Without the license, you have to content yourselves with lower voltages.

This means that a Government Licensed Electrical Contractor has greater experience with more dangerous equipment than one without a license. They will also be more proficient in electrical installation and electrical fitting in various locations. A Non-Licensed Electrical Contractor may prove to be lacking in several aspects and not live up to your expectations.

It is always better to employ a Government Licensed Electrical Contractor. Their expertise, knowledge, experience, skillset, and proficiency allow them to perform almost every duty asked of them in the best manner possible. Value Point Systems partners itself with only Government Licensed Electrical Contractors. We believe they are significantly superior to the alternative and ensure your needs are correctly met.

Why you should choose Government Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore

Value Point Systems and their Government Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore offer some of the best services in the country. Choosing one of these companies is bound to satisfy your every need.

The Government Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore offer a plethora of services that are top of the class. The electricians working under these contractors have rich and expansive industrial knowledge of their trade. Their goal is to meet the customers’ demands in as short a period as possible, without sacrificing security and quality.

Furthermore, the technology and methodology utilized by these electricians is none other than the latest. The rates aren’t astronomically high and are quite reasonably priced for their offering. Customers are guaranteed to get the best of services.

No matter what your need may be, Value Point Systems believes you deserve the very best. Investing in one of our partners is the right choice to make.

Key Features of a good government licensed electrical contractor in Bangalore.

Certain features should be present in the Government Licensed Electrical Contractor to be worth your time and money. Value Point Systems and their certified professionals think the following features are key to picking the right contractor:

  • Cost-effective: The cost of your demands should always be within your budget and not overly high. It is important to go with an electrical contractor who understands your needs and offers the right prices, not exorbitant ones.
  • Experience: It is best to choose an electrical contractor who has had experience working with electricity in the past and isn’t a greenhorn. Furthermore, those with better qualifications and accreditation are likely to be superior.
  • License: Electricians with licenses are guaranteed to have gone through the right training and examinations to get where they are. Their services will be vastly better than those without a license.
  • References: Looking up and contacting your electrician’s past clients and learning about their experience will help you form a better idea of whether they are well-suited to you or not. It also adds credibility.
  • Communication: Finally, communication is key. No one wants to hire an electrician with a bad attitude and poor communication. In something as important as electricity, a single misstep can be fatal. Ensure you understand each other well.

What are some of the recommended Government Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore?

Value Point Systems is a reputable partner for many Government Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore and enhances their value by being in league with them. Value Point Systems recommends many Government Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore for your electrical needs.

Foremost of our recommendations is Maruthi Electrical. With over 15 years of professional experience in residential, industrial, and commercial sectors, their electricians know the ins and outs of the trade like the back of their hands. They specialize in HT and LT electrical works and hold a Government Class 1 license, i.e., the highest one.

Some of our other recommended Government Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore include:

  • Pragathi Power Solutions
  • Chandra Electrical Enterprises
  • Navyashree Engineers
  • Canara Electricals
  • Clara Electricals

These electrical contractors are recommended with good reason. Not only do they assure quality and security, but they also keep abreast of the latest developments in technology. They have developed a name for themselves through their actions and hard work.

Value Point Systems, being a company in the same vein, is proud to partner with them and recommend them as their top choice for Government Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore.

Why you should pick Value Point Systems as your government licensed electrical contractors in Bangalore

Value Point Systems puts you before everything else. To us, your safety is our topmost concern. Our professionals will assist you and be there for you every step of the way. Some of the key features we have to offer in our services include:

  • Our team is comprised of skilled and dedicated electricians.
  • The equipment used by our electrical contractor is both of great quality and ensures maximum safety.
  • We guarantee regular maintenance of installed equipment.
  • All projects, installation, and fitting will be completed on time and with precision.
  • Extended warranty and regular warranty is naturally available.
  • Our partners have several years of experience and are well-trained in the field.
  • Value Point Systems vows to meet your electrical needs and be the ideal middleman between you and the electrical contractor.

Electricity is a must wherever you go. Availing the best services for your electrical needs is only natural. You must go with the best installation and fitting to avoid any potential accidents in the future. Value Point Systems and its services are among the best that Bangalore offers in this department – and many others.

Our professionals and government licensed electrical contractors in Bangalore ensure cost-effective and quality electrical services at your chosen location. We strive to provide you with the best possible services and ease you into a life of comfort and luxury.


What does an electrical contractor do?

Electrical contractors are charged with installing and maintaining high voltage transmission lines. They receive extensive and specialized training to work in multiple different sectors.

  1. How many types of electrical contractors are there?

There are three primary electrical contractors: an inside electrician, an outside electrician, and an integrated building systems electrician. All three types perform different duties and are usually included in every project.

What is the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor?

An electrician works with electrical equipment and usually works under an electrical contractor or an electrical company. An electrical contractor is more proficient than an electrician and employs the latter in his service.

Is it necessary to have a government license to be an electrician?

No, you can be an electrician without a government license as well. However, a government license lets you work with voltages equal to or above 11KV. Without a license, you can only work with lower voltages.