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Introduction to HPE and their work

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a person’s partner in today’s data-driven world. HPE provides IT investment strategies for digital data as a service to its customers as well as provides technology funding solutions for a customer’s business.
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is an IT services and IT consulting based public company situated in Houston, Texas. Over 75 years of experience and more than 10K+ employees, HPE has brought forward meaningful real-life innovations for their customers and partners worldwide.
  • They aim to help their customers use technology to provide value to their ideas and empower the customers to build industries and markets.

HPE Financial Services

HPE Financial Services help their customers find new methods for planning, acquiring, consuming, and adapting systems of technology required for transforming their business.

  • HPE Financial Services specialize in the following areas –
  • Leasing or Financing: Lease financing is an important medium- and long-term financing source. Here, the owner of an asset – known as the lessor – gives the right to another person – known as the lessee – to use that particular asset against periodical (weekly, monthly, or annual) payments – called lease rental. HPE financial services help its customers indulge in lease financing.
  • Pre-Owned Equipment: HPE financial services help its customer by providing the correct methods and issues (or facts) to be considered when buying previously owned equipment.
  • Asset Recovery Services: HPE financial services also help its customers in the process of recovering a lost asset while making sure all necessary steps and actions are taken to ensure a safe recovery and minimal loss.
  • IT Investment Strategies: The competitive environment of businesses has been dramatically reshaped by the rapid evolution of information technology (IT), making businesses these days spend a great portion of their resources and revenues on IT investments or expenditure. Since IT investment in many organizations has become the largest capital expense, decisions about IT investment, like deciding whether IT capabilities resulting from the IT expenditures are enough to meet the firm’s business, needs careful consideration. HPE Financial Services help their customers overcome this dilemma.
  • Digital Transformation: The decision of integrating digital technology into all possible areas of business requires great care and consideration. One wrong step in the digital world could lead to a potentially great loss for a business, organization or firm. HPE Financial Services oversee these areas for the benefit of their customers.
  • IT Funding: The allocation of funds for a firm’s or an organization’s IT project (or area of business) is an important decision that plays a fundamental role in the capital generation of a business. HPE Financial Services help their customers make the right decision for IT Funding.

One of the main HPE Financial Services in the field of Information Technology (IT) is FINANCING and INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS for their customers and partners.

HPE Financial Services is one of the main financing partners for SYNNEX and HPE technology. They show expertise in technology and finance as well as their solutions.

The HPE Financial Services provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise are mentioned below-

  1. Investment Solutions: Helps in providing flexibility to business and oversees asset lifecycle management focusing on business initiatives. They provide the option to extend the term as well as return or own the equipment at the end of the term.
  2. Accelerated Migration by HPE: Facilitate the conversion to financed assets from owned ones, schedule the removal of legacy systems, as well as provide an opportunity to refresh the technology cycle.
  3. Technology Refresh for Computing by HPE: They help in the bundling of hardware, software, accessories and services.
  4. Pre-provisioning by HPE: They have technology shipped, configured and ready for use on-demand, helping their clients gain additional technology quickly by avoiding long procurement cycles.
  5. Deferrals and Option to Pay as you Grow: Defer payments are made available to clients to facilitate the transition and staging periods before deployment. They also provide reduced or step-up payments to help their clients as the business grows.
  6. Providing Subscription for Servers: They provide Turnkey solutions along with hardware and software services. The subscription is offered as per the unit usage model, which can be renewed or refreshed after a certain period of the chosen term.
  7. Consolidation Services: They consolidate orders or transactions over a chosen period of term and bundle them into a single payment schedule.
  8. Asset Recovery by HPE: Services include removal of IT equipment as well as providing collection, transport, data cleansing, and resale. They manage end-of-life technology to meet stringent sustainability, security, and compliance needs.
  9. Globally Consistent Agreements: The agreements between HPE and their clients or customers are globally consistent, i.e., valid all around the globe.

Focus on some other HPE Financial Services

  • Digital Transformation: It is required to enable prevention of fraud and compliant regulation, innovation for digital banking, and automation of a process.
  • Delivery of financial services digitally: HPE Financial Services provide customers with cloud-native services such as speed, agility, and the economy, as well as at the same time maintain control over their applications and data from anywhere around the world.
  • Risk Management and Compliance: HPE Financial Services help their customers uncover value from their data through real-time solutions by analytics to help unbound data with less risk.
  • To enable the hybrid digital workplace: The shift or move towards a hybrid workplace with digital branches gives rise to requirements and risk of digital security due to the use of critical applications over private data by non-trusted devices. HPE is able to provide reliable and secure remote access from any place through the use of virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI and thus empowering information technology.
  • HPE Financial Services enhance their client and partners’ business flexibility and agility.
  • HPE Financial Services help accelerate innovation, improve agility in response to evolving needs, as well as optimize business operations.

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