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Networking Companies In Chennai

Networking Companies in Chennai help secure your server networks and increase their efficiency. Running the digital functions and operations of a growing business has become more difficult as technological advancements have surged the competition. Technology has been used as a facilitator for businesses and as a powerful tool for employee engagement and workplace flexibility. Given the high intensity, maintaining large networking structures in businesses and micromanagement can be overwhelming and exhausting, particularly in metropolitan cities like Chennai.

Value Points System is a leading IT integration company with over three decades of experience, and it has been at the forefront of IT integration and networking in Chennai.

Networking is an integral aspect of the IT industry and has the potential to totally transform it. Almost every sector, whether IT or not, requires networking at some point to enhance innovation and achieve long-term success.

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What is IT Networking?

In an information system, networking is the process of transferring and exchanging data between nodes through an access point. The design, implementation, management, maintenance, and operation of the network infrastructure, software, and policies are all parts of networking.

Networking companies in Chennai use a combination of several methods like LANs, WANs, Enterprise connections, etc.

Devices and endpoints can be connected to each other on a local area network (LAN) or to a larger network using computer networking on the internet or a private wide area network(WAN). Service providers, enterprises, and consumers all across the world rely on this function to share resources, use or sell services, and communicate.

Everything from phone conversations to text messaging to streaming video to the Internet of Things (IoT) is made easier with networking.

The complexity of a network is directly proportional to the level of skill necessary to operate it. For example, a major corporation may have hundreds of nodes and stringent security needs, such as end-to-end encryption, necessitating the supervision of expert network managers.

Anyone can set up and troubleshoot a home Wi-Fi network on the other end of the spectrum. Both of these scenarios are examples of IT networking.

Networking companies in Chennai can help all scales of businesses to establish proper networks with better speed and reliability. Networking companies in Chennai, such as Value Point Systems, will improve network connections and help enhance the utility of server nodes.

Value Point Systems has over 30 years of expertise in offering the best strategies and solutions to businesses to enhance their IT networking and establish a successful transfer. VPS lets you work to monitor, manage and secure your network from routes to access points.

Services provided by networking companies in Chennai

Wired Networking: The usage of a physical medium for transfer between nodes is required for wired networking. Copper-based Ethernet cabling is commonly utilized for digital communications in businesses because of its low cost and durability. An optical fiber can also be used to transfer data over longer distances and at better rates, but it comes at a cost and has more fragile components.

Wired networking tends to be more stable and faster. It usually offers more security and reliability as opposed to wireless networking. Availing the help of networking companies in Chennai like Value Point Systems helps you decrease costs while enhancing quality.

Wireless Networking: Wireless networking transmits data over the air using radio waves, allowing devices to connect to a network without the requirement of cables. The well-known and extensively used type of wireless networking is wireless LANs. Microwave, satellite, cellular connections, and Bluetooth are some of the other options.

Wireless networking generally provides the opportunity for increased flexibility, mobility, and scalability for businesses, while wired networking doesn’t offer room for change or expansion.

Value Point Systems provides businesses with an added advantage of expertise and efficiency over other Networking companies in Chennai to establish robust and extensive networking. 

With the common purpose of data exchange, the following types fulfil specific purposes of networking:

  • Local-Area Network (LAN): A local area network (LAN) is a group of linked devices in a single physical location, such as a house or business. A local area network (LAN) can be small or big, ranging from a single-user home network to a huge business network with tens of thousands of users connected to it. Both wired and wireless devices can be found on a LAN. A LAN’s unique feature, regardless of size, is that it links devices in a single, constrained region.
  • Wide-Area Network (WAN): A WAN links individual users or several LANs and several end-user devices over a vast geographical region. The internet may be termed a wide-area network (WAN) as it also helps connect large enterprises, multiple sites, employees from afar, suppliers, and data centres. This helps execute applications and access important data from anywhere, using the common network. Leased lines, cellular connections, satellite links, and other techniques can be used to provide physical connectivity in WANs.
  • Enterprise Network: A network designed for a big firm, referred to as an enterprise, must meet stringent security measures and high standards. Enterprise networks must be highly available, scalable, and robust since networking is important for the operation of any business today. Network engineers and operators should design, implement, diagnose, and repair these networks using tools. LANs and WANs can be used across any enterprise network.
  • Service-Provider Network: WANs are used by service providers to link individual consumers or businesses. They may provide a simple connection to businesses in the form of leased lines or more complex, managed services. Customers can also get internet and cellphone service through service providers.

What Do Networking Companies in Chennai Do?

Computer networks are built on specialized equipment, including switches, routers, and access points. Switches are devices that connect and help secure PCs, printers, servers, and other devices to networks in homes and businesses. Switches that connect devices to networks without the use of wires are known as access points. Networking companies in Chennai build and integrate such equipment to establish robust and secure connections.

Routers, on the other hand, act as dispatchers and connect networks to one another. They examine data to be delivered over a network, determine the optimal routes for it, then dispatch it. Routers connect your house and business to the rest of the world while also protecting data from outside threats.

Value Point Systems offers great networking opportunities for companies. More than connectivity, organizations are beginning a digital transformation, and their network connections are vital to facilitate that. While there are various differences between switches and routers, one important one is how they identify end devices.

Most switches nowadays have some sort of routing capability. In a network, MAC and IP addresses are used to identify devices and network connections. A MAC address is a number assigned by a device’s manufacturer to a network interface card (NIC). A network connection’s IP address is a unique number issued to identify it.

Network Architectures Used For Networking in Chennai

Value Point Systems adapts to the ever-expanding needs of networking and offers several modern infrastructures for better access and processing. These include:

Software-defined networking (SDN)

Network design is becoming more programmable, automated, and open in response to emerging requirements and surging competition in the digital era. The routing of traffic in software-defined networks is managed centrally by software-based processes. This allows the network to respond to changing conditions more rapidly without holding back server access. Value Point Systems focuses on details to entail the best service and management for all networking aspects of your business.

Intent-based networking (IBN)

Networking companies in Chennai use IBN, which is built on SDN concepts, to not only add agility but also help a network accomplish its goals by automating operations, assessing performance, highlighting problem areas, providing all-around security, and integrating other processes involved in the business.


The physical network infrastructure may be conceptually segmented to form numerous overlay networks. Each of these logical networks may be customized to satisfy specific security, quality of service (QoS), and other needs. Networking companies in Chennai provide expert solutions to strategically access several segments and ensure they’re authorized well.

Controller-based Networking

Scaling and protecting networks require network controllers. Controllers automate networking operations by converting business purposes into device settings and continually monitoring devices to guarantee performance and security. Controllers assist firms to react to changing business requirements by simplifying processes.

Multidomain integrations

For their offices, WANs, and data centers, larger companies may build different networks, also known as networking domains. Through their controllers, these networks communicate with one another. Cross-network or multi-domain integrations often entail sharing essential operating parameters to guarantee that intended business results that span network domains are realized.

Value Point Systems adapts to newer necessities and helps you stay ahead of other companies in your domain. Networking companies in Chennai also offer expert opinions on how to resolve any problems in your network.

Why Should You Work with Networking Companies in Chennai?

Setting up a computer network is a quick and secure way for a company to share information and resources. It can assist you in getting the most out of your computer systems and equipment. Here are some benefits of working with networking companies in Chennai like Value Point Systems:

Collaboration: If you store data on other linked devices, you can effortlessly share it with other users or view it remotely. Using the devices connected on the same network like printers, scanners, and copiers, or sharing software across numerous users, you could also save money.

Sharing a single internet connection saves money and can help safeguard your computers if the network is adequately protected. Site licenses are likely to be less expensive than purchasing several individual licenses. Networking companies in Chennai let you manage your network under a budget without having to compromise efficiency.

Privacy and Communication: Email and instant messaging are available to network users making communication easy. Files may be shared and made available to all users in an organization by storing them on a central node (the file server).  Users cannot see the files of other users, unlike on stand-alone PCs. Because all of the data is saved on the file server, it’s simple to back it up as well.

Reliable Problem Solving: Problem-solving is also quicker and more efficient since any issue can be resolved in less time because a complex operation is broken down into several smaller procedures, each of which is handled by all of the connected devices.

It is also more reliable since it offers the ability to back up data. When one PC’s information is compromised or inaccessible for various reasons, another copy of comparable information is accessible on another workstation for future usage, allowing for seamless functioning and handling without interruption.

Flexibility and Storage: Being extremely adaptive, it lets you investigate the fundamental aspects and customize them without compromising their utility.

Because you will be sharing data, records, and assets with others, networking lets you store information privately. With newer administration features, Value Point Systems lets you optimize storage and personalization.

Security and Authorization: Networking companies in Chennai also help handle information while ensuring security and protection. Since access to certain data or applications is limited to end-users and devices, it’s hard to breach through the server.

Value Point Systems offers great protection and unbeatable standards of security for your company network for better transfer of files and data.

Computer networking, wherein all computers are securely connected together by a shared network, is becoming one of the most successful means of exchanging information. Businesses and organizations now rely significantly on it to communicate messages and information. Networking companies in Chennai help businesses effectively with the communication of essential information on a daily basis.

Value Point systems with access to several technological advancements and trusted services help you develop your business network with an outcome-based approach.


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