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Ruckus Networks develops and manufactures next-generation network equipment. Ruckus networks’ multimedia router and the multimedia adapter sector have developed several technologies and allowed many third-party equipment manufacturers licenses. They provide an exceedingly extending range, increasing the throughput and eliminating dead-spots of the 802.11b/g network.

Ruckus network is a smart choice for offices or even houses, and you can choose any product depending on your need and arrangements. Their products in Bangalore are provided by Value Point Systems, which deals with highly professional technological types of equipment and services. 

It is important to handle such high-quality technology carefully and properly. To unveil such highly professional services of Ruckus Network in Bangalore, Value Point Systems is a company you can trust. Many companies, from industries or small businesses in Bangalore, can benefit from the wide range of technologically developed and rich gadgets and services provided by Ruckus Network.

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What is Ruckus Network in Bangalore?

Ruckus Network is a brand of wired and wireless networking equipment owned by CommScope, located in the United States of America. They enable multimedia distribution throughout the home over wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) technology, making it one of the first companies to do so. The Ruckus system also offers the industry’s first Wi-Fi solution, capable of transporting IPTV and other real-time video applications in any part of the house.

Ruckus Network is one of the only solutions in the current industrial market that delivers reliable multimedia transmissions simultaneously over 802.11b/g. The Ruckus multimedia router connects to the broadband gateway or router through a standard Ethernet connection.

So many households or small businesses can use the Ruckus network in Bangalore. It is simple, affordable, efficient, and easy to manage such that it is easy for anyone to deploy their reliable Wi-Fi connection. The ruckus started as a Wireless only company selling to Internet Service providers, Hotel chains, Large Public Venues, and educational institutions. Over the years, their productivity and range in manufacturing and selling products and services increased, making it easy for everyone to choose Ruckus Network for their different needs and purposes.

Ruckus systems are popular for their highly efficient gadgets and devices. Many entrepreneurs and business people in Bangalore can highly benefit from such gadgets. Value Point Systems in Bangalore provides highly professional and quality products and services of Ruckus Network systems.

Products and services of Ruckus Networks in Bangalore

Apart from just Wi-Fi, Ruckus also designs, sells, and service IT networking products, such as switches, WLAN controllers, Access points, IoT gateways, and software. Value Point Systems that deals with Ruckus Products in Bangalore can connect people to access these products and services. These products and services in detail are:


Ruckus ICX switches can manage multiple switches from a single IP address. They are efficient since they require no updates in hardware due to the Layer 2 to Layer 3 transition, and ICX products also allow stacking with other model switches for improves network interoperability. Ruckus Network offers Ruckus ZoneSwitch Switch series, which are PoE Switches for hospitality. Brocade ICX Series switches are used in the enterprise Ethernet switching portfolio.

Wireless WLAN services:

Ruckus network manufactures wireless WLANs such as MediaFlex series- wireless media transceivers within the home, MetroFlex Series series- wireless media gateway for service providers, R series- Indoor Ceiling mounted access points, T Series- Outdoor Ceiling/wall/pole mounted access points, H Series- Wallplate access points, and many more different products, each providing different uses and specialities. In 2007, Ruckus launched ZoneFlex, a centrally managed WLAN platform for enterprises and carriers.

Value Point Systems in Bangalore will allow new entrepreneurs to enable such highly qualified technology while starting their new businesses. This will help them to move faster and clearer right from the beginning.

Wireless- IoT:

Wireless IoT products and services by Ruckus Networks are IoT Dongle with i100 retrofitting Zigbee or BLE capacity on IEEE 802.11ac wave1 products. They also provide vRIoT, a part of the ‘Ruckus IoT suite’ and a controller for all IoT devices. Ruckus also provides IoT modules. Radio or radio-and-sensor devices that connect to a Ruckus IoT-ready AP enable endpoint connectivity. It is based on factors and standards such as Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, and LoRa protocols.

Network Management:

Network management system services by Ruckus Networks are SmartZone Network Controller, a switching and WLAN management controller. They also provide a wireless controller for Ruckus APs known as ZoneDirector Wireless Controller. The ZoneDirector is geared for smaller, single-site deployments, and SmartZone is directed at the carrier and large, multi-site enterprise deployments. SmartZone can be delivered as both a virtual and physical appliance.

These network management systems can be used by people in Bangalore with Value Point Systems. They provide original Ruckus networks and systems in Bangalore and high-quality services with professional and safe installments.

Private LTE:

Private LTE refers to non-public networks by 3GPP. A private LTE network offers performance and reliability that public LTE or Wi-Fi alone cannot match at a lower cost. It offers uninterrupted connectivity and the ability to handle heavy traffic loads, such as data coming from thousands of IoT devices.

Software products by Ruckus in Bangalore

Apart from hardware products, Ruckus also provides software products to go along with them. Some of the most efficient and popular software services are:


In 2016, Ruckus introduced RUCKUS Cloud, a Cloud-based WLAN controller that enables administrators to remotely manage distributed sites using a web UI or mobile app. In 2019, Ruckus Cloud was extended to support ICX switches based on a subscription service. Using Cloud can be extremely beneficial. To ensure that you are using high-quality, ordered software, you can work with Value Point Systems to ensure you receive the best service available.


Ruckus Unleashed is a user-friendly platform that small or medium-sized businesses can efficiently use as it is a control-less platform that includes controller functionality in all access points. This system removes the need for a spate network to manage different Wi-Fi points. Mobile App can also manage Ruckus Unleashed.

Unleashed Multi-Site Manager:

The Ruckus Multi-Site Manager Management (UMM), formerly known as FLexMaster, is a Linux-based managed service platform that can be used for configuration, audit, performance management, fault detection, and optimization of thousands of remote Smart Wi-Fi APs or Smart

Wireless LANs (WLANs) from one point. It may sound complicated to someone new to such high-tech systems. To enable such services, they can work with Value Point Systems, which will help you install and use these high-tech software systems, making it easier for them.


Cloudpath Networks was founded in 2006 in Canada. In 2-15, Ruckus acquired Cloudpath Networks for an undisclosed amount. Cloudpath invented a Wi-Fi onboarding paradigm and onboarded personal devices each year, utilizing the Automated Device Enablement. Cloudpath was used in both large and small with its self-service onboarding portal. They provide AAA services and EAP_TLS certificate-based authentication as its primary focus.

Location services:

Ruckus introduced its Location-based services and analytics business in 2013. It was named Ruckus SPoT(Smart Positioning technology). SPoT is designed to understand the analytics inbuilt WebGUI and API to integrate the external systems.

Ruckus Mobile applications:

Ruckus Wireless has mobile applications (apps). Some of them are:

  • Rucks SpeedFlex
  • Ruckus ZD remote control
  • Ruckus Cloud
  • Ruckus Unleashed
  • Ruckus SPoT mobile calibration tool
  • Ruckus SWIPE
  • Ruckus XclaimWireless Access points
  • Harmony- a division of Ruckus XclaimWireless Access points

These apps are used for different services and purposes and can be downloaded depending on your device. You can find access to these services and products by the Ruckus network in Bangalore by Value Point Systems.

Ruckus Network in different industries in Bangalore

Different industries can use ruckus networks for it’s an extremely popular and well-trusted brand for networks and services. They manufacture high-quality products with efficient service purposes, making them one of the leading brands in-network companies. All industries can work with Ruckus Network in Bangalore since they offer different products and services, each unique for different perspectives and fields.

Large Industries:

Large industries, especially Enterprises, work a lot with Ruckus Networks. Ruckus relies heavily on enterprises, with about two-thirds of their revenue covered by enterprise sales. Many enterprise companies choose Ruckus Networks because of its various multimedia operational services and easily manageable networks. Large and high-scale business companies/industries can highly benefit from Ruckus networks Bangalore with their quality product and organized network management services. 

Carrier business comprises over one-third of Ruckus’ business sales. Ruckus networks initially started by working with carrier companies, and they are still an important part of their business. Their customers include Telecom, Verizon, China Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, and Time Warner Cable.

They primarily focused on the hospitality industry by working with vertical-focused products for Guest Wi-Fi and switching. Other examples include IPTV connectivity, Wall switches, In-room APs, and switching products lining with PoE and fibre ports. They also introduced several integrations with Hospitality software and services. In 2018, Ruckus introduced an IoT suite focused on the Hospitality business. These services are provided by Value Point Systems who are dealing with Ruckus Networks Bangalore.

Small industries:

Just like large industry companies, small-scale industries and businesses can also efficiently benefit from the services and products from Ruckus Networks. Small businesses can use Ruckus networks in Bangalore and work with high-quality products and services. 

Xclaim Wireless was launched in May 2015 by Ruckus Networks, especially for small businesses and home office setups. Xclaim Wireless provides Cloud-based products designed with enterprise-class features for low prices. The company also provides CloudManagerm, a free-to-use Cloud-based access point configuration manager. Xclaim introduces a ‘Harmony’ mobile app to manage intranet without CloudManger. Ruckus Ended the sale of the Xclaimwireless portfolio, favoring its Unleashed Controller-less and Ruckus Cloud Platforms in 2018.

Bangalore is the base for so many new and developing businesses. These business owners can highly benefit from exclusive network types of equipment offered by Ruckus Networks Bangalore. It is necessary to use high-quality products to ensure efficiency, durability, capability, and easy management. 

Value Point Systems and Ruckus Networks Bangalore

The Value Point Systems in Bangalore deals with selling Ruckus Network in Bangalore. They sell high-quality Ruckus network products in Bangalore with professional service. Once the installation process is done, it will be easy for the owner to access all networks because of how simple it is to manage Ruckus networks.

Ruckus provides strong Wi-Fi signals since it has directional antenna technology, and it automatically adjusts to changes in the Radio Frequency environment providing stronger signals. Ruckus ICX switches offer Campus Fabric technology in the Fastlron Operation system across all switches, making it simple to manage and standard network automation.

Value Point Systems is one of the most trusted companies in Bangalore that works with network types of equipment and cloud-based features. It offers the best Ruckus Networks products in Bangalore, and one need not be sceptical about the service quality. With years of experience, Value Point Systems is best for Ruckus Networks  Bangalore. 

Using high-quality network types of equipment is important to run a business to maintain smooth functionality. The Ruckus network in Bangalore provides every business owner with efficient equipment and professional service by Value Point Systems. Ruckus networks manufacture their designs and sell their products worldwide, making them one of the world’s best companies for network services.


How are the Ruckus products connected to a home network?

The Ruckus multimedia router connects to the broadband gateway/router via a standard Ethernet connection. The Ruckus multimedia adapter connects to an Ethernet-equipped set-top box or similar Ethernet-equipped video receiver. Ruckus develops and manufactures the next generation of home network equipment that, for the first time, enables multimedia distribution throughout the home over common Wi-Fi technology.

What are the performance characteristics of the Ruckus system?

For data applications, test results showed that the Ruckus AP delivers an average throughput of 20Mbps to 30Mbps within 30 feet (10m), with 0 to 2 interior walls in between the client station and the AP.

Do I need both the Ruckus adapter and Ruckus AP to get the performance benefits?

Not necessarily. The Ruckus AP enables all standard 802.11b/g attached stations to communicate over farther distances, at higher speeds, with fewer errors and retransmissions. For typical data applications such as Web surfing and file copying, the Ruckus AP optimizes wireless performance by itself.

What is unique about the Ruckus Networks multimedia system?

It’s the only solution on the market that delivers reliable multimedia transmissions simultaneously over standard 802.11 Wi-Fi. This is the reason why many enterprise companies chose to work with Ruckus Network products. Those in Bangalore can buy these products from Value Point


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