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Structured Cabling Companies in Bangalore

Value Point Systems is an experienced structured cabling partner with consistent performance and current innovations and has been successful among clients for over three decades.

In a world where technology is inevitable, structured cabling companies in Bangalore use a standardized technique to establish robust telecommunication lines. From telephone services in a building to sharing resources via a linked computer network, structured cabling functions as a basis for this.

Information technology, as well as the capacity to interact and communicate, is a critical component of modern society’s functioning.

Telecommunication has become the cornerstone for businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals to easily connect and share information in today’s digital economy.

A properly developed and efficient structure cabling system offers a cabling infrastructure that delivers stable performance while also being flexible enough to incorporate moves, expansions, and changes and maximizing system availability, providing redundancy and future-proofing cabling system’s usability.

To ensure secure maintenance and functioning of telecommunications, some of the best and most trusted structured cabling companies in Bangalore, like Value Point Systems, have a systematic approach and adopt quick solutions from experienced professionals.

Reduce Bulk Condensed Cabling

Structured cabling standards assist companies in integrating wiring in a way that keeps the entire wiring infrastructure orderly, preventing messy tangles.

Easier To Manage The Network

If there is a problem with the cables, structured cabling enables you to quickly replace the cables that are causing the problem.

Supports Future Upgrades

Structured cabling systems enable scalability, making updates easy to install while causing low risk to the infrastructure.

Structured Cabling Companies in Bangalore

cabling Solutions

Structured cable design is the complete infrastructure of all the cables and its related hardware.

Networks organized into easily manageable subsystems facilitate a consistent design. Its superior benefits are:

  • Increased bandwidth and faster transmission speed
  • High data security
  • Reduced design complexities
  • Quick installation and optimized scalability
  • Solid base for future expansion and growth
  • Long-term interference-free data transmission
  • Reduced downtime
  • Fewer flaws and inefficiencies
  • Time and cost savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Maximum ROI

Structured Cabling Solutions in Bangalore

Point-to-point cabling, a system which connects one switch, server or storage unit directly to another such unit, works on the principle of “install as required”. This unstructured approach is messy and results in redundant errors. Structured cabling, an organized approach to cabling infrastructure is the framework that seamlessly supports the technology you require: Wi-Fi, VoIP, DAS, audio visual systems, security cameras and IoT sensors among others. Telecommunications code standards ensure that these technologies operate as designed when connected to the system. 

At Value Point, we design, build and maintain structured cabling solutions for every area of your enterprise, ensuring that your connectivity is always intact. We transform your Local Area Networking (LAN), Electrical /UPS, Data/Voice, Wireless, Biometric/Access Control, Surveillances (CCTV), Public Addressing System and Fire Alarming System, efficiently handling installation, support, testing, documentation and certification.

Structured cabling designs are unique to each building. Our certified engineers work closely with customers, according to their requirements, to ensure that the design coincides with the architecture and the network’s purpose. They reconfigure the design to cater to the function of the equipment required and enable further expansion.

Service Steps


We have the technical expertise and industry experience to  strategize and deploy network cabling programs that meet regional and international regulatory standards.


When designing any structured cabling project, we apply a systematic approach. We also provide budgeting and project assessment services.


We specialise in implementing data centres that optimise your data and energy infrastructure for increased operating efficiency, reinforce security, and assure future progression.

Compliance Check

Every installation within the structured cabling network will be checked and verified, and when necessary, compliance will be achieved.

Structured Cabling

Legendary Support

Our uniquely crafted structured cabling solutions position your business to confidently face the challenges of the future era of telecommunications.

What Is Structured Cabling Companies in Bangalore?

Structured cabling is a telecommunications infrastructure made up of several standardized smaller pieces (hence the name) called subsystems.

Structured cabling is the development and construction of a cable system that can handle various hardware applications and is adaptable to current and future demands. Present and future requirements may be satisfied with a properly configured system, and future hardware can also be supported.

What Do Structured Cabling Companies in Bangalore Do?

To understand the functioning of these companies, it is essential to understand the subsystems of structured cabling. This essentially consists of 6 subsystems.

Entrance Facilities (EF): The cables, network demarcation point(s), linking hardware, protection devices, and other equipment that link to the access provider (AP) / private network cabling are found at the entrance facilities. It involves connections between the outside plant and the cabling within the structure.

Equipment Room (ER): Telecommunications equipment is frequently housed in an environmentally controlled centralized facility that is more complicated than just a telecommunications room (TR) as well as a telecommunications enclosure (TE). It generally contains the primary cross-connect, intermediate and lateral cross-connects, or both.

Backbone Cabling: Connectivity between telecommunications spaces, equipment rooms, access provider (AP) spaces, and entry facilities is provided by the backbone cabling, divided into two subsystems. Structured cabling companies in Bangalore recognize every component along the way.

Telecommunications Room (TR): A TR is where horizontal or backbone cables are terminated to connected hardware, along with any jumpers or patch cords. It may also include the IC or MC for various backbone cabling system components. It also provides a stable environment in which telecommunications equipment, connecting gear, and splice closures for a building segment may be housed.

Horizontal Cabling: The horizontal cabling system extends from the telecommunications information outlet in the work area to the telecommunications room (TR) or telecommunications enclosure (TE). Horizontal cable, mechanical terminations, jumpers, and patch cords are all situated in the TR, and multiuser telecommunications outlet assemblies (MUTOAs) and consolidation points (CPs) may be included.

Work Area: Work area (WA) components go from the horizontal cabling system’s telecommunications outlet/connector to the WA equipment. Each work area must have a minimum of 2 telecommunications outlets (permanent connectivity).

Why Do Businesses in Bangalore Need Structured Cabling?

Certified structured cabling companies in Bangalore have seen an increase in demand and competition, bringing the advantage of the best service to the table for businesses.

Value Point Systems offer a unique set of much-essential advantages, from implementing and maintaining a well-authorized, constantly monitored, and advanced telecommunications. Using such services of structured cabling companies in Bangalore offers several benefits.

Features and Advantages Of Structured Cabling Companies in Bangalore

A structured cabling architecture provides a complete and well-organized communications infrastructure enabling enterprises, organizations, and government institutions to send data, audio, alarm, video, or signals through this network. This is simply because a structured cable network is far more secure and reliable than alternative wireless networks.

Operation and Organization

Structured cabling companies in Bangalore install a system that is easy to operate and maintain, and it’s also a one-time investment that pays off for your business for years to come. They’re well-organized, simple to use, and effective!

These systems can handle extremely high and precise bandwidth. It can completely support all of your present tasks with minimal downtime, plus there’s potential for future features and functionality!

Time and Cost Effectiveness

Amongst the most cost-effective yet timely choices you can make for your company, investing in a fully engineered and well-installed structured cabling system is a must.

Any organization will benefit from increased productivity, faster deployment of important enterprise apps, and more effective troubleshooting features and functions. This cuts down on the amount of time it takes to solve things and the amount of work it takes and can be provided by structured cabling companies in Bangalore.

Flexibility and Scalability

Moves, additions, and adjustments that used to take a long time will now be simple and quick. Modern structured cabling systems are highly expandable and flexible to a company’s changing demands. New devices and technology can be quickly and affordably integrated.

The technology of a structured cabling system provides a high level of flexibility since it can readily and quickly accept new modifications, additions, or moves. Structured cabling companies in Bangalore assure that your company’s performance is better and of high quality, resulting in increased business growth. It offers a large bandwidth, making it more suitable for supporting your company’s expansion.

Maintenance and Security

When you choose a structured design, you’re ensuring that the cabling system can adapt to any changes in the corporate environment. Structured cabling systems support security camera systems. With a surveillance cabling structure in order, you’ll be able to watch your company’s various operations from any location.

Systems may be readily compromised with improved technology and diverted to other tasks. In a structured cabling system, such events will never occur.

Structured cabling companies in Bangalore enhance your communication networks thanks to commercial phone systems. Companies can interact without having to invest a lot of money. The use of structured cables allows wiring to be hidden. A structured cabling network seems nice and ordered even while hidden so that if you need to access a set of cables for repair or replacement, it is simple to recognize and reach.

What Types of Businesses Can Use Structured Cable Services

Value Point Systems can get you started with the best-structured cabling for your business and move from there by effectively managing and updating your network.

Structured cabling solutions aren’t only for office buildings; they can be utilized in practically any business. They’re particularly beneficial in industry, education, and medicine. Structured cabling is a must-have solution for every expanding organization since it is designed to manage all of your information and media.

Structured cabling companies in Bangalore can install systems that can assist your distributed antenna system in disseminating your signal across your property if you operate a hotel and want to provide free Wi-Fi. With the aid of structured cabling infrastructure, colleges and schools may broadcast live events. Structured cabling systems may help emergency agencies and first responders transfer critical data.

Structured cabling will help you regulate and manage energy utilization in your company site in addition to supporting regular media demands. Because the Internet of Things (IoT) helps connect all of your devices, data can be sent and received from your lighting, temperature, and even security cameras.

Structured cabling may help you become green by supporting smart lighting that turns off when you leave the workplace for the day or central air schedules, which are timed with your working hours. Manufacturing industries, for example, may utilize IoT to gather data to reduce costs and increase safety. Structured cabling companies in Bangalore offer an excellent alternative for company owners because of these features. It’s adaptable, scalable, and dependable.

Value Point Systems pays attention to the many layers for ensuring security in your whole organization to all parts of the cable network.

Components Used By Structured Cabling Companies in Bangalore


Value Point Systems is one of the certified Structured Cabling Companies in Bangalore that uses a combination of cables, components, and techniques for structured cabling. Among several reasons, Structured Cabling Companies in Bangalore have the upper hand due to scalable, reliable, and secure global architecture and infrastructure benefits.

Types of Structure Cables Used in Bangalore

  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Twisted Pair Cable
  • Coaxial Cable

Structured Cabling Components

  • Patch Panels
  • Switches
  • Trunk Cables

Why is Value Point Systems Preferred For Structured Cabling in Bangalore?

Value Point Systems is a reliable and skilled network cabling company when you’re looking for one. You’ll want to engage with a firm that can assess your present needs, forecast future needs, and collaborate with you to find the best solutions. You should seek a business with the proper certificates and qualifications for installation and the correct tools for the task. Value Point Systems satisfies that among Structured Cabling Companies in Bangalore.

Value Point Systems is aware of the requirements that must be adhered to when installing your structured cabling systems. Because the fundamental benefit of a structured cable is an organization, items like cord labeling are critical. Maintaining and adhering to these standards is just what makes structured cabling highly successful in the first place!

Structured Cabling Companies in Bangalore install your systems beyond the regular business hours or over the weekend to ensure that your operation is not disrupted. After installation, experienced and skilled experts at Value Point Systems will be able to supply you with the necessary documentation, so you know precisely where everything is.

You’ll have quicker connection speeds, more bandwidth, and much more capabilities than ever before after the structured cabling systems are correctly implemented with Value Point Systems.

What Next?

Structured Cabling Companies in Bangalore use a set of innovative, robust, and strategic methods to ensure that telecommunications are seamless, effective, and cost and time-effective. Because being a certified partner like Value Point Systems here takes a lot of service insight, analytical decision making, and accurate mapping.

Value Point Systems offers expert service with effective coping strategies and has over 70 technical certifications that help maintain reliability and flexibility.

FAQs of Structured Cabling Companies in Bangalore

What are structured cabling services?

Structured cabling is a network composed of smaller, standardized components. Structured cabling companies in Bangalore help install such systems in a building or throughout a campus. This type of network cabling can support all of the continuously evolving technologies in the office.

Why do I need structured cabling?

Structured cabling solutions can handle the wide range of media that organizations require daily. Furthermore, organized cabling simplifies the resolution of issues such as connection and offers several other advantages.

Will I have less downtime with structured cabling?

Yes! IT specialists can spot and resolve faults in your network much more easily with structured cabling, reducing downtime. It is highly advised to do so in organizations and company buildings.

Why should I prefer professional structured cabling companies in Bangalore?

A structured cabling provider will be able to build and maintain a structured cabling system at your organization and give you training on how to use it. They’ll be able to examine your present network and advise you on your current structured cabling system after surveying your facility.

Will structured cabling help me with videos?

A structured cabling infrastructure may handle video, audio, and even the energy systems in your facility. Structured cabling can handle a lot of data and provide a lot of bandwidth, so you can utilize things like video conferencing, streaming, and phone covers.