Value Point is now Great Place to Work – Certified!

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace” – Douglas Conant

October, 2022  – Although we’ve always been thoroughly convinced that Value Point is the apt choice for a fulfilling career, we are nevertheless thrilled at this prestigious honour. At the onset, our Founder, Chairman and CEO, RS Shanbhag had envisioned a workplace focused on empowering people, especially women from all walks of life. His fiery passion for creating a cohesive and inclusive workforce is perfectly described by his life’s motto, “Fulfill each other’s future”. For 30 mind-blowing years, the fundamental foundation of Value Point has been its people, who have been truly instrumental in accelerating this company to phenomenal heights of success.

Great Place to Work Certification: What It Means for ValuePoint Systems

This distinguished Great Place to Work certification from the Great Place to Work Institute India has been awarded to us for achieving “outstanding employee experience” at the workplace. Globally recognized by employees and employers alike, this certification is obtained upon completing an exhaustive assessment process. The anonymous assessment based on the Great Place to Work Model analyses companies and their internal practices using the Trust Index and Culture Audit. It garners feedback of employees based on their individual experiences, centered on five essential aspects such as Credibility, Pride, Respect, Fairness and Fellowship.

Autonomous. Motivated. Innovative.

Fostering an empowerment culture within our company has resulted in the constructive development of our employees, emboldening them to contribute and take ownership of their work, resulting in greater productivity and success. The continuous guidance and tailored support of our Leadership and Business Unit Heads have enabled our teams to be autonomous, motivating them to innovate. Tools, resources and certifications on both the technology and sales front have assisted our employees in enhancing their skills and overcoming hurdles, enabling them to be accountable for the projects and initiatives they undertake.

Most of our employees have been an integral part of Value Point for more than 10 years and they unanimously agree that there are equal opportunities for growth, immediate recognition and ample appreciation of their efforts and immense focus on their wellbeing. Our holistic and positive people-centric work culture of continuous learning, team building activities, exciting brainstorming sessions, and fun events and celebrations ensure that everyone moves forward together.

ValuePoint Systems : Where Leaders Lead and Teams Succeed

This certification has elevated our stature to being an “employer of choice”, clearly establishing Value Point as a destination workplace that not only retains great talent, but attracts the best talent of the industry. It will increase our brand visibility in the fast-paced competitive marketplace and assist us in attaining more customers. As our people continue to thrive at the workplace, accordingly our company will continue to stay ahead of the curve!