WFH with Windows Virtual Desktop in times of Covid-19

WFH with Windows Virtual desktop in times of covid-19 With the onset of the second wave of Covid-19 ravaging our lives, working from home or remotely has become a part of our lives. While for many IT folks, this is easy and also familiar to them, for most non-IT businesses, this is becoming more difficult … Read more

Microsoft Cloud Champions Award Winner

Microsoft Cloud Champions Award Winner Pavan Bharadwaj Vice President Cloud Transformation Awarded as Microsoft Cloud industry leader, Cloud Champions !!! A Big Thank You. To all our Customers & the Microsoft team who trusted in partnering with us in Cloud Transformation Journey.

A to Z of Cloud Computing

Cloud Terminologies A to Z of cloud computing Free Consultation Whether you’re completely new to the world of  Cloud Computing, or you simply need to refresh your knowledge, we’ve got your back with the definitions for the most well-known buzzwords listed below. This is an interesting read, so don’t hesitate to add the A to Z … Read more